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  1. mavandkaz

    Counter canter help

    As mentioned in the weekend plans thread....since bringing my boy back into work, we have completely lost one of our counter canters. To be fair, we did struggle before he had time off, but it's much worse now. So, with a left lead, we are fine. Can come across the diagonal or half circle and...
  2. mavandkaz

    Hoof boots or shoes - help me decide

    Need some help making a decision as keep going around in circles. Just when I make my mind up something happens to change it. Bit of background - horse turned away in October 2019 (shoes off) with chronic suspensory problems and a few other issues, not expected to return to work. June 2020...
  3. mavandkaz

    Eye removal on old pony

    I know this should be in vets, but more traffic here and will need to make decision fairly quickly. So pony is a 35yr old Shetland. Last week she had a swollen and gummy eye. Vet saw her on Friday and said there was mild conjunctivitis, but also found two small ulcers. She was more concerned...
  4. mavandkaz

    Shopping help - fly mask

    Hoping the HHO collective can help me find an appropriate fly mask, before I waste hours searching the internet. I need a fly mask for my mini Shetland. She is usually fine but can suffer from weepy eyes every now and again. Usually not a problem but yesterday the flies really went for her...
  5. mavandkaz

    Talk to me about highlands

    I have always loved them as a breed, but don't really know much about them/haven't really come across them. I am keeping an eye out for potential next horse, but not sure how suitable a highland would be. So, tell me about your Highlands. In particular their height compared to rider height...
  6. mavandkaz

    Dressage cobs and schooling ideas

    Sorry if this gets a bit long, but looking for inspiration and ideas. I currently have a little cob on loan whilst my boy is turned away due to injury. The longer I have her the more I like her, and there maybe the option to buy her. Originally I had no intention of buying her as my main focus...
  7. mavandkaz

    Feed for healthy skin

    Over the last couple of weeks my loan cob has begun to show some areas where her hair has been rubbed off (she is clipped). I'm used to this as I used to have a sensitive TB. However, on a closer look it's not just hair that has rubbed away, her skin seems rather dry and is very scurffy. It's...
  8. mavandkaz

    Showing Possible show cob?

    I currently have on loan my friend's cob. I know nothing about showing and was wondering if it would be worth us having a go at showing - just local level. (We will be doing some low level dressage too) And also, what would we be expected to do? And how should we be turned out? Oh and she is...
  9. mavandkaz

    Grass livery - expectations

    Will try to keep this short. Took the decision to turn my lad away for 9-12 months in the hope Dr Green and time off would bring him right. Looked around a few yards for full grass livery/retirement livery where he could live out in a herd. Settled on a place that seemed to meet our needs, it's...
  10. mavandkaz

    Talk to me about tildren

    So long story short.. horse has been diagnosed with a whole host of problems, including issues to all 4 suspensories, changes to the vertebrae in the base of his neck and in his back. (All thought to be chronic) Original vet was at a loss and so we tried rehab (8 weeks walking in hand, then...
  11. mavandkaz

    Experiences of suspensory injuries please

    Sorry, this is going to be a long one, but I have no previous experience of this and it's all been a bit of a shock. So background: I have owned Shambles for 3yrs. He is a 10yr old TB, and although bred from racing stock never raced or went into training (as far as I know). I bought from a...
  12. mavandkaz

    Report - TB Championship

    So have never written one of these as presumed no-one would be interested, but thought I would give it a go! So quick background....bought my boy 'Shambles' just over 2yrs ago. The thing that did it for me was he was so chilled out and a real dude to hack. After a serious confidence crises...
  13. mavandkaz

    novice 30 question

    am off to have my first bash at affiliated dressage - well 'my quest' - this weekend, and my second attempt at a Novice test. was running through the test yesterday with my instructor and noticed that there appears to be a walk to canter transition, which I thought was a bit harsh for Novice...
  14. mavandkaz

    tips to get a horse moving forward when jumping

    am having a few issues with my horse jumping, and am looking for some tips and exercises that might help. on the flat he is very balanced and we can change the pace within canter fairly easily - working canter, medium canter and have begun to play with/introduce collected canter. however our...
  15. mavandkaz

    any supplements - options please

    so have had my new horse for 6 weeks now, he is a 16HH 7yr old TB, in work about 6 days a week. Unfortunately he has started headshaking since moving here so am presuming he has a pollen allergy. Because of this I started him on Pollenex and magnesium which is mixed into a small amount of...
  16. mavandkaz

    Transporters around Hants/Berks border

    I need to take my horse to the vet but have no transport. Anyone know of any transporters in the Newbury area?
  17. mavandkaz

    chronic liver failure

    Back in feb i was given a 20+ yr old shetland (i already have her mum). Since she started losing her winter coat i noticed she is in poor condition with very little coverage. She is also wobbly on her feet. Had bloods taken and they have come back showing liver failure. What small things can i...
  18. mavandkaz

    advice please - new pony and possible cushings?

    right i will try to keep this short, but looking for general ideas as to what could be wrong - if anything. will obviously speak to vet as well if no improvement. so a new little shetland arrived last saturday to join by horse and other shettie. she is the daughter of original shetland and...
  19. mavandkaz

    have you ever bought/sold a horse 'from the field'?

    just wanted to here from anyone who has bought a horse straight from the field. what do you look for in a horse? what do you expect to see it do (if anything)? what do you look for? what would put you off? or alternatively have you ever sold a horse from the field? how did you go about this...
  20. mavandkaz

    farrier recommendation please (hants/berks)

    i have recently moved my horse to Kingsclere, between Basingstoke and Newbury. my farrier, who is brilliant, was supposed to continue shoeing my boy but he didn't show for his appointment and i can not get hold of him. ( a little worrying as he is normally excellent) so i need to find soemone...
  21. mavandkaz

    DIY livery around basingstoke

    as title really - anyone know of DIY or assissted DIY livery in or around Basingstoke? Would like a school and good turnout. Small or large yards, not fussed. any ideas?
  22. mavandkaz

    wormer question - advice needed

    the yard i livery at has a worming program so that all the horses are wormed at once. sounds good so far BUT we have just been given the wormer to give to our horses and its Equest Pramox. correct me if i'm wrong but i thought this was given in autumn and spring. with 'normal' equest in summer...
  23. mavandkaz

    TarrSteps - PMs

    empty please!
  24. mavandkaz

    competing and vaccinations

    What are the rules on competing and up to date vaccinations. have had to start a new course with the new horse - has had his first, then the next within 3 months etc. i would only be doing local unaff stuff but will i have to wait till he's completed the course and is on annuals. hope that makes...
  25. mavandkaz

    prelim 7 and 10

    i have my first dressage comp next week where can i get a copy of prelim 7 and 10? could someone pm them to me?
  26. mavandkaz

    introducing myself and my new horse

    Hi! i have been lurking on here for a while and made a few posts but never formally introduced myself so.... I'm Karen, live in basingstoke. 6 weeks ago i bought a new horse (had a 4yr old before that but it didn't work out and my confidence took a battering). his name is maverick and has just...
  27. mavandkaz

    reacting to vaccination?

    my new boy had is vaccination yesterday lunch time - have had to start a new course as have no vaccination records. have just been today to bring in and ride. he was dozing in the field in the sun (this is first) brought him in and tacked up as normal. was his normal grumpy self but quite quiet...
  28. mavandkaz

    vets in north hants/berkshire

    need to register my horse with a vet. he is stabled in tadley, can anyone recommend a good vet practice?
  29. mavandkaz

    saddle fitters north hampshire/berkshire borders

    can anyone recomend a saddle fitter in the basingstoke/aldermaston area? i have a new horse and need a saddle but also have an albion k2 that i think will be too big so would ideally like it to be taken in part exchange. any ideas?
  30. mavandkaz

    hiring horse boxes

    can anyone recommend anywhere that does horsebox hire based in hampshire or surrey. i need to box my boy from basingstoke to esher as a one off. he is 17hh so needs to big enough and must be a box as i don't have a towing vehicle. boyfriend is fully licensed so size isn't an issue. any ideas?