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  1. siennamiller

    Gaye Harwood killed.

    Found out today that Gaye Harwood who ran Coombelands in Pulborough was killed in a car accident on Monday. She had a little girl, so sad.
  2. siennamiller

    >>Superstar in the making >>>>>

    Am I missing something, £25000, sweet looking mare but...
  3. siennamiller

    Hacking near Aberdovey.

    Can anyone recommend somewhere for pony trekking in aberdovey please. Can only find Bwylch gym, but I’m sure there’s one in aberdovey. Thanks
  4. siennamiller

    Anyone tried Dublin Cherwell boots?

    They look nice, and they are a bit cheaper, anyone tried them? I’ve always had ariat, but they don’t seem to last.
  5. siennamiller

    Can anyone recommend insurance

    We’re with pet plan, but they are very expensive. Anyone recommend any others please?
  6. siennamiller

    Smelly dog!

    Can anyone give me any advice on how to stop my dog smelling? He’s a fox red labradoodle (3/4 lab), 4 year old neutered male. He has a chunk or raw chicken in the morning, and complete raw dog food in the evening (nature’s menu). He’s full of beans, not overweight at all (after a diet to...
  7. siennamiller

    Havard stables/croswell horse agency?

    Anyone have any experience. I'm thinking of taking my boys hacking while we're in wales. Thanks :).
  8. siennamiller

    Havard stables/Croswell horse agency in Wales?

    Anyone know either of these two places, they're both in the preseli hills in wales. I'm thinking of taking my two boys for a hack while we're camping in Wales Thanks
  9. siennamiller

    Update on Huntley (neutered dog)

    I took him to the vets today, as I noticed a tiny lump which produced pus when I squeezed it. They weren't worried, and told me to bathe in salt water twice a day. On the bright side he seems to getting back to his normal self, getting more bouncy and energetic 😀
  10. siennamiller

    After neutering?

    Huntley was neutered almost 3 weeks ago, he is fine in himself, he's eating and drinking well. My question is, he seems to have lost his spark? He used to bomb along, really athletically. I know he will be calmer, but he seems a bit well, dim?! He has also got a bit frightened of other dogs. He...
  11. siennamiller

    Dog not drinking

    Huntley was castrated yesterday, I picked him up at 330 and he hasn't drunk anything since. I've syringed water into the side of his mouth so he has drunk, and he's wolfed some breakfast down this morning. Is this normal? Thanks
  12. siennamiller

    Mud grips for walking

    Evening all, Does anyone have any recommendations for something I can put on my wellies to help my grip. I am bored of sliding everywhere when walking Huntley! Thanks
  13. siennamiller

    Ballyphilip lass/zaina

    I'm just trying to trace my old horse, I just want to know she is happy and being well cared for. Hoping someone knows where she is. Thanks
  14. siennamiller

    To sell saddle or not?

    So, I don't have a horse. I do have a Albion saddle, which is less than 2 years old (I bought it new). I don't plan to have a horse for a while, and probably not unless I can afford one more comfortably ( last one went because it was too much pressure financially, and time wise). I do have...
  15. siennamiller

    Cleaning box out when you change yards?

    So, I as reading another thread on here, about filling your box when you are still within the notice period, and a few livery owners said about digging out the box when the livery has left. I'm just curious, do people not clean their own box out when they leave? I've always removed all bedding...
  16. siennamiller

    To neuter, or not?

    Hi, We have a 2 yr old labradoodle. He is a really fabulous dog. Very handsome, well behaved, and amazing with my boys (6 and 9). [/URL] So, apart from an adolescent stage where he was a bit agressive with other dogs ( never biting, just growling), he's really great. Unfortunately, we have...
  17. siennamiller

    Gel in or get out (Acavallo)

    As title really. I need to get a gel pad, as I'm suffering with my lower back, and hip. He's not naughty or big moving, although he is a bit bouncy. I showjump and hack, and may do lower level be next year. Does anyone know the advantage of the gel in over the gel out?
  18. siennamiller

    Answer to whether getting a schoolmaster helps.

    So, a while ago, I posted a question, asking whether, if you get a schoolmaster, whether your results would magically improve, or maybe I was just rubbish, and can't ride for toffee, and could therefore ride a Grand Prix horse and still get 4 faults. I got a variety of answers, but then, my...
  19. siennamiller

    Borrowing clippers?

    So, a friend has offered to lend me her clippers, but said that the blades on it are for a thicker coat ( has a hairy cob), so it might leave mine a bit stripey, as he has a finer coat. I'll be honest, I didn't know you could get different blades for different coats? Will it leave him stripey? Tia
  20. siennamiller

    Best country boots?

    Looking at ariat Trent or windermere at the moment, as Have found them both for between £125-160 Any recommendations please
  21. siennamiller

    Best colour for brown horse

    I need to get a new numnah ( and maybe some ears), but can't decide on best colour for plain brown horse. Don't like bright colours, thinking grey, navy, burgundy? Anyone got any pics of their brown ponies please
  22. siennamiller

    Scurfy elbows?

    So, I have got my new boy on loan, he's absolutely lovely, really sweet natured and uncomplicated. We went out and were 3rd in the .80 at Pyecombe at first show, got time faults in .90 at felbridge last weekend, but I am still getting used to him, only had him 16 days! But, my question is, he...
  23. siennamiller

    Loaning an 18 yr old-insurance

    So, hopefully I am getting a really lovely gelding on loan to showjump. He's a lovely chilled out boy, has jumped up to 1.20, and has been placed at hickstead, and she's happy for me to jump up to 1.15 with him( well, as I'm jumping .90/1m, I think we'll be ok with that-lol) Anyway, I have...
  24. siennamiller

    Getting a competition horse on loan

    So, have decided to rehome z, and have found what sounds like a lovely home as a nanny to stone foals, which she will be great at. Have started looking, still haven't decided on free OTTB, or loan horse, leaning more towards loan horse, so can get back on competing. So, question is, does...
  25. siennamiller

    Advice on stifle injury

    So, some of you may have seen. Z fell off the ramp and hurt her stifle. The vet came this morning, and thinks that she has either fractured her patella, or torn her ligament badly. Does anyone have any experience of horses having the tear in a ligament the, with a recovery. My concerns are...
  26. siennamiller

    Aaargh! Why did she have an accident 10 days into new insurance!

    So, changed z's insurance last month, having never had to have a vet out to her. Showjumped on Saturday, then on Sunday she fell off the trailer ramp, slipped off sideways, and is lame, v sore. Vet wants to X-ray and scan, but insurance are saying they might not cover it as it is in the first...
  27. siennamiller

    Blingy breeches

    So, feel a little ashamed, but I've decided to get some competition breeches with a little bit of diamanté on the back ( I jump BS, I feel I need to fit in-lol). Can anyone recommend some that won't break the bank, that are not too blingy, just maybe a bit on the back pockets? Thanks
  28. siennamiller

    Buying an expensive horse-how much difference?

    So, I was debating with someone, say I bought a new horse, spent e.g.10000 on a cracking horse with BS experience and potential, what if I was to still go out, and ride like a numpty and have a fence down! My mare was cheap, because she was a bit of a wreck, and has come so far with me, but...
  29. siennamiller

    Anyone fed cayenne?

    I was advised to feed cayenne pepper, I really thought she would not eat it, but she does. 1/2 teaspoon in each (relatively small) feed. Apparently it's good for intestinal issues. No advice needed, just wondered if anyone has fed this?
  30. siennamiller

    Horse + kids + bikes

    [/URL] So, it worked well, lots of trotting keeping up with my boys (5 and 8) on their bikes, except when they got tired at the end and I had to keep stopping and waiting for them., It's a good plan for getting them all exercised :)