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    Looking for unaffiliated one day events in the South

    Struggling to find many! Does anyone know of any coming up over the summer/autumn? I'm based in Surrey but will travel a reasonable distance. Thanks.
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    Irish draft feet

    I've recently bought an young mare who has a lot of Irish Draft in her. Her feet had been very neglected when I got her and were really overgrown and splayed out. 5 months later after regular trims they're a lot better than they were but are still quite flat underneath and wide, a bit like...
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    Saddles to fit a flat backed wide horse with low withers?

    As title! My horse has no curve to her back so most saddles tip. Need something designed for a flat back with low withers, she is currently in a riser but it's not ideal. She is also quite wide as has a lot of irish draft in her. Thanks
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    Worm egg counts, which company to use?

    As title really! I'd like to get my horses tested, there seem to be a lot of different places that do it so just wondering who everyone uses and how good they are? Thanks
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    What to look for in young sport horses

    I am currently looking for a young horse to bring on to do both eventing and dressage. I want one that's unbroken as I love to back them and bring them on myself, I do it a lot for other people but then have to give the horses back once they're established, now I want one I can keep! It is...
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    Sport horse studs

    Hi I am looking to buy a young horse soon, ideally want one that's unbroken so am thinking of buying direct from a breeder. Does anyone know of any good sport horse studs? Ideally in South East England though I will travel a bit for the right one. Just want a nice unspoilt youngster to bring...
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    I think my horse has had a mental breakdown

    Basically has anyone experienced this? Long story short my horse was very ill several weeks ago, she had to go to the vets for emergency treatment, she went into shock and nearly died. She was put into isolation as they didn't know what was wrong with her and thought it might be infectious...
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    Global herbs supplements, are they good?

    I have a horse with articular ringbone and his long term prognosis doesn't look great :( He's on danilon which helps though he is still a bit lame. He's been off work since last summer, he probably thinks he's retired and to be honest probably is but I'm still hoping for a miracle cure! I...
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    Eventing, how often do you do it?

    I took my young mare eventing for the first time yesterday and we both absolutely loved it! She made a few green errors, was very excitable, our dressage test got several 'explosive' in the comments, warming up for showjumping was a bit scary as she did fling herself around a lot, there were...
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    Ringbone, is there any hope? :(

    My horse was diagnosed with articular ringbone back at the beginning of October having been not quite right for a while. Vet x-rayed and found quite clear bone deposits on the front of both his coffin and fetlock joint. He advised three months off then re-check, he's just come out to dot he...
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    Exercises/tips to help canter to trot transition?

    My young (ish) horse struggles in the transition downwards from canter to trot, she does it, not necessarily when asked and generally just sort of falls into an unbalanced trot, on the forehand, not taking any weight behind etc. She has quite a big canter anyway, it is gradually getting more...
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    Getting the desired canter lead after a jump?

    Can anyone help with this as my horse and I struggle sometimes, he tends to land on the right lead even if we are going left. Someone did teach me a really good method a while ago but I've forgotten it! Thanks.
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    Horse has sticky wee

    My old horse has this and I am wondering if it is something to worry about as haven't seen it in any other horses (after he's gone the shavings all stick together, wee sticks to itself etc). He has lost a bit of weight lately and also has very loose droppings at the moment. I am getting the...
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    Horrid midges!

    No doubt this has been done before but our yard is suffering horribly from midges at the moment particularly in the evenings. Does anyone know any good ways to stop them pestering the horses constantly? My fly spray seems to have very little effect, anyone know any that work on midges...
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    Platelet rich plasma injections

    Anyone have any experience of this? The vet has suggested giving my horse injections of it as he has some damaged cartilage in a joint, I don't really know much about ti so wondered if anyone had any experiences?
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    Hard wearing horse clippers

    My clippers are sadly dying on me so I need to get some new ones. I do quite a lot of clipping as also clip for other people and some of my clients horses are thick-haired cobs so I need some tough clippers! Currently have Lister stars which although fine on most horses don't cope well with...
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    Indoor XC and SJ, what to wear?

    I have entered one of these tomorrow, indoor showjumping round followed immediately by round of indoor cross country jumps (I assume it will be similar to the jump and style courses BE does as the venue also does these?) I've not done one before and can't find any info on what you're meant to...
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    Does anyone hack around the Frensham/Tilford area?

    I am hoping to go over there soon for a ride but don't know the area that well so am unsure where to park, a lot of the car parks near me have height barriers on them that mean I can't get in with a trailer, is this the case over there? Don't want to drive all the way over there then find...
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    Has anyone set up their own arena lighting?

    The yard I'm at currently has no lights in the school, which is depressing now winter's here! The owner always rides in the day so doesn't need lights and isn't prepared to run a mains cable to the school as it's a bit of a distance away. I was wondering if I could set something up using solar...
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    A rare event report from me (with pics!) plus advice needed

    Warning: very, very long, please grab a drink or some food in order to sustain you until the end of this post! (In my defence I am a wannabe novelist so can't write anything that isn't long!) Haven't done a report on here for a while if ever so thought it was about time I did! Took my...
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    Any tips for making the time cross country?

    I never seem to manage it, am always too slow. I think partly it is because I waste a little time steadying my horse before some fences so we can get the line right (eg. for narrow or corner type fences) and partly because once he has cleared them I give him lots of pats and tell him how...
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    How should you jump this fence? (xc)

    I'm doing a one day event this weekend, just walked the course and am feeling slightly worried about one fence in particular. It is on a 90cm course (round an affiliated venue so basically run under BE rules), it is a big brush on top of a roll top (110cm at lowest point I would say), with...
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    Feeling quite upset and not sure what to do

    Struggling to write what I want to say in this post as am feeling pretty devastated/in shock so will try to keep it short and just ask for advice. My horse was x-rayed yesterday following months of lack-lustre performance on the flat which I was sure must be due to some pain somewhere. He has...
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    Old horse not travelling well in trailer, any ideas?

    My old gelding (24, although he doesn't act it!) has recently become really reluctant to load, he will go on eventually but I think the reason is because the last few times I've taken him out he has not travelled very well, I can hear/feel him moving around, I have to be very carefull to stop...
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    Are there any ODEs left this year in the south east?

    Desperately trying to find one last one day event to take my horse to before the end of the season (as I love them so much and can't wait until next spring!). The only one I can find is Pachesham at the end of this month which sadly I can't go to as have to work that day :( Does anyone know of...
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    Horse really reluctant to engage, could it be due to hind suspensories?

    I have a 13 year old warmblood gelding who is working at ele/medium level, well intheory he is! I have real problems getting him to engage behind and work truely through up into a contact, some days he'll do it easily and work beautifully, sometimes he'll do it after trying out every evasion he...
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    Eventing dressage scores

    Just wondering, I had always assumed that when you get your mark for dressage in eventing (say 33) it is the opposite of a percentage, eg. the percentage you didn't get so if you were doing pure dressage it would be 67% in this example. Is this right? In the olympic eventing the commentators...
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    Do you have to wear white gloves for unnaffiliated dressage?

    I am doing some tomorrow and have managed to loose one white glove, no idea how but I am like that! I have some black ones I can wear, are these allowed? I know that for affiliated you have to wear white gloves but don't know if it's the same for unnaffill or not, I guess it probably depends...
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    Mattingley unaffill 90cm, is it a nice course? (Plus disastrous comp report!)

    I entered this recently as my horse had been going really well in his schooling , he jumped clear in a 2'9'' hunter trial at Tweseldown then xc schooled there beautifully the week after including going over some of the bigger fences. Then last weekend we had a disater, I took him to Munstead to...
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    Cross country schooling at Tweseldown (lots of pics!)

    On saturday I went for a day out to do some schooling at Tweseldown with my lovely coloured horse Luca, and my friend came along too on my old horse Roscoe and even managed to persuade her boyfriend (who very helpfully happens to be a photographer!) to come along as well and take some pictures...