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    Happy Retirement Chilli

    Well, I posted on here when I first got Chilli so it seems fitting to make this post too. For the past few months I've been pretty inactive here, figuring out the path forward in my life! I've started studying at uni this September. I'm commuting due to covid, but still wouldn't have the time or...
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    Go on then, what do we think of the lace show jacket?

    I'm speaking, of course, about this: I'm sure we'll all have varying opinions! Personally, I wouldn't wear it myself but think it looks fantastic on Dani. At the end of the day, if we can...
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    Pictures First hunter trial-didn't die!

    I've already posted this on the weekend plans thread, but thought I would make it its own thread since I'm waiting around till 10am to go out and procrastinating doing the things I'm supposed to be doing... Last Sunday Chill and I headed off for our first hunter trial together. I decided to...
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    Thorowgood T8-Opinions?

    This has probably been done to death! Anyway, I've just booked the saddler to come and try to fit either a GP or jump saddle to Chilli so that I can be a bit comfier out hacking and because there's a part of me that wants to get back into a little bit of jumping! She's recommended TGs as while I...
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    Video Some sunny beach photos and go pro vids!

    We took Chilli and a pal to the beach on Saturday... Wheeeee! Though she couldn't be bothered to get up to go... Once we got there she loved it!
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    Those clear zip up saddle pad/rug bags...

    Where do people get them from?! I think I must be being stupid because I can't find them online anywhere. In need of new ones as the bags my rugs came in have all split.
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    LeMieux polo shirt sizing.

    Thinking of buying a lemieux polo shirt to have as part of mine and chilli's new quest outfit for summer since we don't have to wear jackets! (Do wish they'd allow sleeveless tops as i think they're smarter...) I'm a small size 10 on top, and the size guide lists that as a Small though some...
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    BD-what does the 's' next to the class on the schedule mean?

    Possibly the most stupid question i've posted to the forum yet:p What does the 'S' mean, next to the class? For context, I want to enter the prelim 13 in the bronze section. Thank you!
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    How soon can I start making entries after renewing my BD membership?

    Probably quite a silly question but, for context, I just now renewed my club membership after it lapsed in march 2018 and have upgraded chilli from the free membership to the club one you have to have now. Done both online and paid for via paypal. Thank you oh mighty HHOers
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    Show jackets that aren't bum skimmers?

    My jacket, while lovely, has always been a little bit sort on me and is more of a bum-skimmer style. It looked fine when I had my stirrups short to jump but now we just dressage, it looks very short. I've also put on a bit of weight in the last two years so it's a bit tight! So, basically I'm...
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    Remind me how to ride a progressive transition again please!

    I haven't competed since May and can't remember the last test I did that had a progressive trans from trot to halt in it. There's one in one of my tests this coming weekend and I want to nail it. Remind me what the judges are looking for!! Is it progressive in the sense that there may be a...
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    Pictures Serious Brownie Points...

    Go to my other half! He took some photos of Chilli for me yesterday and these are the ones I have sorted so far... Sorry if the images are giant, by the way! He isn't horsey but enjoys taking photos and is clever with Photoshop. Here's his edit with some more leaves added to make it super...
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    New Ifor Williams Designs-What Do We Think? :)

    Have a look at this! From the most shallow perspective possible, I think they're pretty ugly! BUT the features look cool and in all it looks like a really bright and airy trailer. I also find it interesting how in the main...
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    What size number plate do I need to get for our trailer?

    We're picking up mum's new car next week from vw (gone for a tiguan allspace) and it has just hit me that I should probably order a reg plate for the trailer! So, it's an ifor 511-what size plate do I need as there are quite a few options. Any help appreciated :D
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    If I was to show my horse, what type would she be?

    Please excuse my ignorance, for I really do not have any knowledge about showing! I've been thinking that as soon as I'm back on my feet (without crutches!) I want to start Chills with some outings to do some showing in hand. However, I've no idea what classes I'd enter beyond the obvious...
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    Mark Tomlinson's 'concerns' about girls playing polo...

    Here's the article I stumbled across this morning. Not entirely sure how I feel about this one!
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    10 Thank yous and a goodbye

    As posted on my Facebook... "Sadly today we said goodbye to Trapper (aka Mr Whiley/Mr Cadbury) after an issue with the leg he injured before. He went in the sunshine, high as a kite on pain relief after eating the grass as happy as he could be. Instead of thinking about that sad part, here...
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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ****EVENT RIDER AVAILABLE FOR LESSONS AND TRAINING**** ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ So excited to say that I am coming out of eventing retirement and offering lessons as well as training. I...
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    Two years...

    Two years today since this Thoroughbred fool came into my care. Poor ******! Endless thanks to her owner for letting me have pretty much a free rein. So long as Chills is happy, she's happy. It only seems appropriate to share a few pics from the last two years. Most of which plenty of you will...
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    How very, very handsome!

    Trapper is a bit gorgeous, he got a new bridle, it was a sunny day, I whipped out my camera and that is all I have to say!
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    Your favourite ever dressage freestyles?

    Pretty much what the title says! As I can't school Chilli properly at the mo, I'm watching a whole load of videos for inspiration and have stumbled again across some of my favourite dressage freestyles. I'm wondering what everyone else's are?! And because we're all so individual I think it'll be...
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    Chilli's Leg Thread-Do not open if you don't like blood!

    Fair warning there in the title! Yesterday evening I was hand grazing Chilli down the lane leading to the yard. Completely freak accident happened. She heard something and lifted her head at speed which flicked the rope up over her ears which spooked her. She threw her head up and started...
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    Chilli was... Silly!

    Chilli and I headed out for our first competition outdoors in quite some time yesterday. We headed to Port Royal for some unaffiliated dressage. Chilli decided that loading alone was over rated on the way there :o She loads perfectly if someone else goes on first to test that there are so sharks...
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    Gorgeous Golden Oldies

    This is Sprite. He is in his 30s and my firm favourite work pony! Today I took some portraits of all our school ponies for the website update and just wanted to share this one as he looks beautiful. The usual policy is that ponies spend a few years with us and then get sold onto loving one to...
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    If your horse was a famous person, who would they be?

    Inspired by the comp CDJ has just posted on her FB. I might need a few minutes to think of mine but tell me yours-additional pictures preferred!!:D
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    Christmas came early!

    Some of you may remember the thread I posted asking for advice on a DR saddle to suit my high withered TB mare. The fitter came out this morning and brought plenty of options to look at. We narrowed it down to a few: -PDS Carl Hester thingy (can't remember the name!) -Stübben Juventus...
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    New dressage saddle for a TB. 2k budget. Help!!

    Anybody have any recommendations? I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could find many threads about this on the forum but I also want to include some photos of her. She is 16hh, in a MW, 17" atm. :) ETA: I will of course be getting a saddler out, but looking for recommendations so I can have a...
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    The newest member of our family... Merry Christmas, Mum!!

    So, some of you may remember the post I made about my mum's first ride in ten years. She rode the gorgeous and lovely Trapper, a horse who was part of the riding school I work for. He was the perfect all rounder and gent; game for a laugh but with a practically unflappable attitude! Mum fell in...
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    Winner Winner, Potter Trotter!

    This part of the forum has been lacking in reports lately, so I thought I would make a post about today. Chilli and I haven't competed since June, where we earned our best novice score to date of 74.75%. This also meant I hadn't plaited since June, so I had a little practise the other night...
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    I decked it and am feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning!

    Took Chilli for a quick spin around the fields last night. Couldn't be bothered getting my boots out of their box and individual bags; yes, I'm a saddo, I know. So decided to ride in my dubarrys. On our way out of the yard I thought to myself 'hey, Harriet, if you fall off your foot will...