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    Hypothetical situation

    Question for you all If a YM moves a horse into an area or field that the owner doesn’t agree with or want to happens without the owners consent and the horse is injured in the process then who is liable for that? YM wants to move a liveries horse into a new herd just because they believe...
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    One sex only yards?

    So YM has stated to someone that there will be no more geldings on the yard once the current crop go either by way of leaving or pop their clogs. Now unless I move home I would prefer to stay on my yard as it suits my needs. At present we have four geldings on the yard, all in separate fields...
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    Benefits of a riding club membership?

    I am hoping in the not too distant future to have my own transport again for myself and my horse. Just wondering about joining a riding club, now my horse and I don't do much really, he has a few issues so we don't really jump or compete anymore. He is capable of a dressage test and some jumping...
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    Suggestions please re feeds

    I'm looking for a soaked feed that I can feed to give my horse his supplements. He is very picky, he is basically on a barefoot diet so I'm very wary of mixes and anything with a higher than 15% starch content. He has eaten the soaked feed he is for the whole winter but has decided he won't...
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    I have a horse on a livery yard and the yard manager keeps changing the herd dynamics constantly and now my horse has been kicked. The herd was stable all winter then they took the mares out to graze another paddock despite mine needing grass as well and left the two geldings in the winter...