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  1. Kenzo

    I love my horse!!!!!!!

    What a lovely post, it is nice change to read something upbeat and someone 'sharing the love' of their horse, she's a lovely looking lady.
  2. Kenzo

    Speechless.... Poor horse

    Oh dear, another idiotic woman let loose with a piece of rope and someone's horse. Where do they find these people?!
  3. Kenzo

    Horses PTS After Floods

    It may seem drastic to you but imagine how desperate this lady must have been to make the decission, after having her yard and fields flooded not once but twice and the costs involved, the livery costs on top of the debt she already has, the poor lady must be heart broken, please take a...
  4. Kenzo

    Do magic brushes work?

    They are light weight and easy to use in your hand, they seem to brush through dried on mud effortlesly, without any elbow grease or tugging of the coat , a quick tap on hard surface and the dust and grease falls out, there cheap as chips so yes, worth the money and I think every tack box should...
  5. Kenzo

    when did you know it was time to sell?

    From what you have detailed on your post, I'd give it a bit more thought before making any decissions, making a few little changes here and there first to see if things improve, after all TB's can be sensitive little creatures so finding the right diet, environment and routine can really help...
  6. Kenzo

    Sold horse new owner trouble

    Any young horse can develop behaviour problems at that age if pushed or just depending on the horse/it's breeding etc it's just part and parcel of growing up, really depends if the buyer was prepared to take on a young horse that at times will test the boundaries. Given the fact that the...
  7. Kenzo

    What kind of dogs do horsey people have???

    I have Pugglets too...
  8. Kenzo

    sore around girth after hunting - girth recommendation?

    Girth galls by the sounds of it, specially after a recent clip, some horses are more sensitive than others, it may not of broken the skin and come out in a sore as such but it will be just as sore for the horse, better to rest the area for a few weeks then use a good thick quality sheep skin...
  9. Kenzo

    Anyone used horse first relax me.

    Yes, I found it worked well.
  10. Kenzo

    has anyone every experienced a major blow up on a horse???

    Has he been confirmed a rig by the vets? Try him on Mollichaff Calmer instead if the current chop, if you can't afford a supplement and only give him one carrot/apple as a treat (carrot stretches) when you come back from a ride.
  11. Kenzo

    Massive day for me today!!! First time Hunter Trialing in 15 yrs

    We'll done, no doubt the first of many more to come. He's a pretty boy so you do really need to get out there and show him off!
  12. Kenzo

    Schooling the ginger boy! (and popping some little fences!) :D

    You're back in the saddle, thats a start, so good on ya lass. Love the siggy btw.
  13. Kenzo

    How many horses did you view?

    Just him, I knew I wanted him from seeing him within the first 30 seconds, god knows why, he wasn't exactly appealing as he grizzled his way to the gate shifting another youngster that was older and bigger than him.
  14. Kenzo

    Horse left to suffer by small animal vets

    I appreciate what you are saying, I'd just presumed or should I say I wrongly expected any practice would have at least one vet that is able to assist with a firearm given an emergency situation if certain areas don't have large animal practices near by, certainly food for thought, specially...
  15. Kenzo

    Horse left to suffer by small animal vets

    Very interesting topic, I would have thought even at a small animal practice there would be a vet that could use the gun in such emergency situations if a larger animal required it? seems quite worrying if not.
  16. Kenzo

    No real control.

    lol.... just lol!
  17. Kenzo

    I am SOOO Angry- WARNING

    Makes you sick doesn't it, I can still remember how fuming I was when both my saddles were stolen, nothing quite gets under your skin than a cowardly theft!
  18. Kenzo

    Dales Pony loose on the beach!

    Fabulous photos! Thank you for sharing them.
  19. Kenzo

    Has anyone used a copper pastern band?

    Not on horses but my mother used to wear one on her wrist all the time, she had bad arthritis and it really helped, I could see the difference when she didn't wear it. Certainly worth trying.
  20. Kenzo

    Suggetions/ advice please.

    Sorry to hear this firstly. Providing it's just the hocks, which i appreciate you are no doubt in total limbo as to whether it is just that, but it can take up to 18 months for the hocks to settle, if both hinds were effected and at different stages then firstly it will take quite a while for...
  21. Kenzo

    show shine - any recommendations?

    Total Groom by Lincoln, not expensive, repels dust, gives a nice sheen without that slippery texture that transfers onto your hands. Use it a few days before a show after you've bathed or use as you groom instead of bathing, or a good spray over the coat ( if you lift the hair by brushing...
  22. Kenzo

    Feeling very frightened

  23. Kenzo

    Miserable, cantankerous horse for sale!

    Amusing yet honest ad, I hope he finds a nice home that will be equally fond of him just the way he is, he looks an interesting chap.
  24. Kenzo

    Tight hamstrings - also in competition

    My mare was given some gentle stretching exercises, bring the hind leg forward underneath the belly (like a farrier does) keeping the toe level and the leg straight (as in not pulled out or slightly under) and do circular clock/anti clockwise movements, but always warm the muscles first ( ie a...
  25. Kenzo

    Pessoa Rugs

    Apart from my faves (weatherbeta and Amigo) just wondered what Pessoa rugs are like, saw a reasonably priced one but I couldn't quite commit, just in case it. How do they come up in size (for an IDxWB) do they stay pretty shower proof after long spells? Thanks
  26. Kenzo

    Downsides of barefoot (slipping/thrush/cut frogs?) & what else?

    My original reply was to the OP, my opinion based on experiences where I ride, which could be much differnt to where you ride. I agree, I don't expect people to stop what they are doing either, never have done but accidents can happen. Sometimes people do have loose dogs on the country...
  27. Kenzo

    Downsides of barefoot (slipping/thrush/cut frogs?) & what else?

    I'm aware riders have voices. But if don't see them or a potential situation,you wouldnt know to shout out (in some instances). I'm not against BF horses, I've got one myself, I was simply saying it could be a downside at times because you can't hear them on the roads as much as shod...
  28. Kenzo

    Downsides of barefoot (slipping/thrush/cut frogs?) & what else?

    I think there are instances when riding on the roads where it's handy (for safey)that people hear them coming that's all.
  29. Kenzo

    Downsides of barefoot (slipping/thrush/cut frogs?) & what else?

    Well yes, but I wouldnt say it's as easily heard as with a shod horse that's all.
  30. Kenzo

    Downsides of barefoot (slipping/thrush/cut frogs?) & what else?

    People can't hear you coming down the road as there is no clip clop of shoes, sometimes this is a downside.