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  1. TallulahBright

    Anyone Else Lacking Motivation?

    Another one here who had lesson in immense heat yesterday, my girl is coming on sooo well! We're on leg yield, last week it was all very confusing, yesterday she just got it. Instructor v pleased, week's 6.30am work worth it!!! I love my girlie! :D
  2. TallulahBright

    What drink would your horse order at the pub?

    Champers and Bolly at that....
  3. TallulahBright

    Does this sound hormonal behaviour?

    Another one here whose mare needs regumate through the summer. Sudden onset of symptoms including putting her back up when ridden, striking out, generally angry and uncomfortable to be groomed,etc etc. Regumate=happy Lula. :)
  4. TallulahBright

    today i made that call we dread

    Not pointless at all. You love your beastie and it's what we all hate the thought of but know we must do when the time comes. Much love. X
  5. TallulahBright

    Rider nerves- any tips?

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I end up hating myself and thinking that I don't deserve to be riding my horse- she's five and shows great promise when I ride her properly. Spoke to a friend last night who admitted to taking a glut of port before a test so may give that a go!:D
  6. TallulahBright

    Rider nerves- any tips?

    As title, really. In lessons and at home I ride well and my horse goes brilliantly. On Saturday I rode the test and actually rode it, so she was great (and I'm only talking Prelim). On Sunday in the warm up she was great so clearly I rode ok. As soon as I got into the ring I was obsessed with...
  7. TallulahBright

    A Very Sad Update but a Great Big 'Thank you' to all HHO'ers

    So sorry. RIP Ginger Ninja xxx
  8. TallulahBright

    Introducing a new (huge) horse to a (mini) herd

    My 16.2 forms inappropriate attachments to any small tiny things she encounters ;)
  9. TallulahBright

    Sore back when Mare in Season

    Mine is on Regumate for the whole summer as she was last year. She gets v sore ovaries which presents as sore back. The vet said the ligaments also run close to the kidneys so potentially pain there too. Hope you get it sorted and good luck at the weekend!
  10. TallulahBright

    ****Weekend Plans****

    My plans have just been scuppered as my van has just broken down. Sooooo unfair!!
  11. TallulahBright

    So who has had a fear of jumping?

    A gap of twenty years and then riding my newly backed youngster= brown trousers style fear about jumping!! Got myself a great instructor who really understands me and the baby horse. Initially it was tiny jumps, her words- "It's not jumping, Rachel, it's flat work with bumps!" and "Will you get...
  12. TallulahBright

    Horse buying... how / when did you know you were bringing that one home?

    Was riding past local stud and saw the most beautiful coloured newby filly foal- never been a big fan of coloureds but went home and told hubby I'd just seen my future horse! Five years on and we've been on the most amazing (and expensive and frustrating) journey together. She's the best and I'm...
  13. TallulahBright

    I lose my boy today

    Lots of love. X
  14. TallulahBright

    What should I do?!

    Do you have a friend who could do what the professional did? If I had been the only one involved in loading training there's no way Lula would load now. I needed someone to tell me to ****** off and stop fussing when she danced around. SSSOOOO hard!!! However, now I have a horse I can load alone...
  15. TallulahBright

    What is your horse of a lifetime?

    Lula, in my avatar. Amazing beastie.
  16. TallulahBright

    Confidence issues and hypnotherapy

    Get a decent instructor! My confidence has grown hugely since getting one. Hypnotherapy..... Hasn't stopped me smoking.:(
  17. TallulahBright

    strange request?

    When I was searching for someone to restart my girl I spoke to some recommended ones (people had heard of, used etc etc) and then if I liked what they said on the phone I went to visit and took trusted friend then went on what I saw, heard and gut feeling. Made absolutely the right decision and...
  18. TallulahBright

    I have the best OH

    Lucky girlie!!! Enjoy!
  19. TallulahBright

    You just know when you've been hacking for too long by yourself......

    Lula knows all the words to Take That songs because that's what I sing when hacking alone. I alarmed a local farmer a while back, he actually popped out of the gateway to get a good luck at the care in the community case!!
  20. TallulahBright

    lost my princess

    Another with tears reading this. Look after yourself. Run free, Princess. She will be waiting for you....
  21. TallulahBright

    plaited coloured sports horse type - showing tack question

    I showed mine in hand at Devon County last year in a plain hunter ish in hand bridle, plaited mane and tail and came third.
  22. TallulahBright

    RIP my beautiful boy... how quickly things can change

    You poor thing, so sorry x
  23. TallulahBright

    trailer insurance

    My trailer is insured on my horse and rider policy with NFU and I have trailer and horse recovery through the RAC. It's called Trailer Assist.
  24. TallulahBright

    Does anybody feel physically sick before they compete...

    Went xc schooling today for the first time in twenty years (me) and first time ever (Lula)!! Felt sick as a pig, she was unwilling even to canter near the fences to start with... Cue more nerves. Soon got going though and both loved it! As the instructor said, she can jump and I can ride so...
  25. TallulahBright

    Broken collar bone?

    I went to see a McTimony chiropractor after falling down the stairs and dislocating the collar bone/ sternum joint. This was a year after a ditching where shoulder was dislocated so really inflamed the whole area again. Amazing results! Been twice and so much better.
  26. TallulahBright

    dreadful news .....

    Lots of love and all crossed xxx
  27. TallulahBright

    Improving jumping technique: lazy with front legs

    When mine struggles it's my fault for being in front of her. When I'm doing my bit right she soars!
  28. TallulahBright

    BS, ALW and Eland reports!

    She's stunning.. Mine is by Lostock Huntsman out of a point to point mare. V similar to look at and v similar look in the eye!!! Enjoy her...
  29. TallulahBright

    BS, ALW and Eland reports!

    Blimey, I hope we are doing as well this time next year! Well done! In the video it seems as though she is fighting you going in to fences but managing to jump brilliantly despite. She is gorgeous- mine's a coloured mare, too. How is she bred?:D