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  1. tibby

    Gastric Ulcers......advice/help please.

    As the " nervous " previous owner of said orange horse, when I owned him he had ad lib soaked hay and two feeds a day of Mollichaff Calmer, which is a high fibre feed, I fed no short feed, I added garlic and Equine America Glucosamine, and Naf Liquid Pro Feet, and grated carrots. He was...
  2. tibby

    What time are your horses turned out?

    04.45 on work mornings in at 14.30 otherwise it is 06.00 in at 15.30, wish it would stop raining field resembles a paddy field!!
  3. tibby

    Yay, FINALLY I have a new horse

    I am really pleased that you are both getting on, will be interesting to see some of the comments on here!! Like the pictures and videos, I told you it would be worth trying him!
  4. tibby

    Heritage Comfort Bridles off Ebay

    Hi Matt, Made to measure saddle brilliant, should have done it a long time ago would have saved a fortune, girth and stirrup leathers still good as new. I purchased a "so-called" Heritage bridle years ago from ebay, wished I hadn't! Still you live and learn.
  5. tibby

    Eeeek ....... it must be proper winter because

    During three months last winter I had 37 rats drowned in my horse's water bucket, they only ever went in Jake's water the other two horses never had any in! My father in law stores ground barley and wheat in the barn behind the stables, no amount of poison has any effect, at the moment my sons...
  6. tibby

    Second hand cob saddles?

    Have PM'd you
  7. tibby

    4 slot buckle guards help please!

    Have tried ebay there are plenty of two and three slots but no fours, thanks for all your suggestions.
  8. tibby

    Where are all the so called safe cobs?

    I think cobs are the " Baldrick " of the horse world they always seem to have a cunning plan to do something different each day to test you. Cobs are VERY bright that is why they appear to be thick, they are not stupid, there is no such thing as a 100 percent safe horse of any type, after all...
  9. tibby

    4 slot buckle guards help please!

    Unfortunately they seem few and far between nowadays, I did ask the saddle supplier but he did not have any, I will have to keep trying,
  10. tibby

    4 slot buckle guards help please!

    I have just purchased a new saddle that has point and balance straps, unfortunately it was supplied with three slot buckle guards, can anyone tell me where I can get 4 slotted ones from as the balance strap is a nuisance as it slips about, many thanks.
  11. tibby

    saddles for barrel shaped cobs?

    Hi, I have had the same problem, after trying several different saddles, I bit the bullet and sent a template and several photos to Matt Marlow ( had seen good comments on here) I now have a custom made working hunter saddle which fits him like a glove, is excellent quality, has a variety of...
  12. tibby

    Liverpool Wood Pellets good/bad experiences please :)

    I orderred my LWP last Wednesday they were deliverred on Friday, I live in Norfolk, I think that is brilliant service. I have been using them for about two years, to damp I put a bag of pellets in a tub trug then add a bucket of water I leave them about an hour while I do the other stables by...
  13. tibby

    Olympic tickets - what did you get??

    I applied on the last day for two xc tickets, I was really surprised when I got them, I have now booked my seat on the coach to get there, sorted!
  14. tibby

    The best non- stretch leathers?

    I bought some non stretch leathers from Matt Marlow they were mid price range, they have not stretched at all, my treadstone and shires leathers did.
  15. tibby

    over 40's- what sort of horse do you ride?

    I am 50 in a couple of months, I have now found my ideal horse, he is a rotund black cob from the ILPH, we have had him for 4 years for my teenage son to hack, but boys being boys, work and girls have intervened. I started hacking Jake last summer, the first time he had hacked out on his own, he...
  16. tibby

    TRUSTED saddler in Norfolk

    I use Bob from Juddpurs in Halesworth, if you tell them when you book that you have limited budget he will know what saddles to bring out. I have never been talked into spending more than I could afford and he is very thorough in his fitting, I cannot recommend him highly enough.
  17. tibby

    Where have the Olympic XC tickets gone??!!

    I only applied for two xc tickets, the money went from my account on May 31st, therefore I must have got my tickets.
  18. tibby

    What is worse Buying or Selling?

    Selling, is definately worse than buying, I have advertised my horse HONESTLY and have had no interest, not one call, my friends and family have told me that I am too honest. At the moment I am at a loss as how to sell him.
  19. tibby

    Has anyone had money taken for Olympics tickets?

    I am really chuffed got my two x country tickets, now who do I take?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. tibby

    Is anyone else having any luck selling?

    I've had no interest in mine, I was too honest with my advert!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. tibby

    Selling Horses, can you be too honest?

    Thanks for all your comments,
  22. tibby

    Selling Horses, can you be too honest?

    I am trying to sell my horse, I have advertised him locally and online but have no interest in any of my ads, my OH and family have told me that I have been too honest in my advert. My answer to this is that I would rather know that I have described him honestly, rather than waste peoples time...
  23. tibby

    have you ever reported a bridlepath

    I have a yearly problem with my local bridlepath, every year the landowner ploughs and drills closer to the hedge, this reduces the width to about 4ft instead of the 3metres it is supposed to be. I have contacted the bridleways officer at the council on several occasions, he told me to ride on...
  24. tibby

    Horses at weddings

    My old pony " Willow Jeni " attended two weddings, she went to my aunt's wedding with her horse, I have some photos somewhere of me on Jeni and my aunt on " Honey Lam " this was in the early 70's then in 1991 I got married, I called at the farm on the way back from the hairdressers to see Jeni...
  25. tibby

    Where you began riding? Me, Whiteleaf...

    Hi I began riding at my aunt's riding school, " Willow Farm " in Ormesby St Margaret near Gt Yarmouth in Norfolk, I was three at the time we wore scratchy cavalry twill jods and lace up shoes, this was nearly 47 years ago, my aunt is still teaching youngsters to ride, she did, and still does...
  26. tibby

    H&H delivery problems - message for subscribers

    Mine was on time this week, I bought it from Tescos!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cancelled my subscription.
  27. tibby

    H&H not arriving on time

    Cancelled my subscription yesterday, I received last weeks mag yesterday, I live in Norfolk and have had no significant snow fall. The local supermarket has this weeks mag so I bought mine there, H & H are blaming Royal Mail but this is the first year I have had a problem at Christmas. I asked...
  28. tibby

    H&H not arriving on time

    My NR postcode is not on the list, got last weeks mag on Tuesday, this weeks has not arrived so got one from Tescos. I have to agree that the content has gone down hill, it always does at this time of the year.I think I will be cancelling my subscription.
  29. tibby

    Adults buying ponies - socially acceptable?

    I have a 16 hand 10 year old gelding, my son is now riding him , I have had enough of being bounced around when he is having a moment, I am now riding my sons 14 hand mini cob that we have on loan from the ILPH, I am 5ft 3in not a light weight and nearly 50, after 4 years I am now enjoying my...
  30. tibby

    Hores Rugs 4U Problems?

    They have put their catalogues in with this months Y Horse Magazine, I was just looking at it!!!