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    Bless him! Awww! Bless him! Hope he ends up in a nice loving home. :)
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    loose horse in Cheltenham Glad to hear it was caught ok. Hope the owners have been found.
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    Months trial

    Anything i should consider before letting my horse go for a months trial pre-sale? I'm guessing i'll have to give them the passport? I'll obviously photocopy it and keep copies myself. Should i ask for a deposit? Also if you were selling a horse would you let it go out on a months trial? Just a...
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    My horse has been in very light work for a couple of years due to me studying. I have recently been bringing him back into work and doing more schooling with him. He has felt not quite right, espcially in the school so i decided to get him checked over by a physio. She says he has a low grade...
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    How much??

    My first how much so please forgive me!! Just wondering how much for the following type of horse: 16hh TBx 14yo Gelding Has done unaff SJ, XC/HT, fun rides. Hacks out alone and in company. Snaffle mouthed. Good to catch, shoe, box. Lovely to handle. Good in and around the stable. So how much...
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    I'm having a look at other insurance companies as i'm with the company that isn't considered very relaible (though to be fair, when i made a claim a few years ago they paid) and my policy is up for renewel. So does anyone have any experience of Shearwater and/or KBIS as i have recieved...
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    RIP Daisy

    So sad, I've just heard that a friends dog died the other day. It choked on a ball. She let it out into the garden, as she always does, at night to go for a wee before bed. She went upstairs to get ready for bed. She heard daisy come in and start to come up stairs, again nothing unusual, then...
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    Groom - how much??

    How much would you be willing to pay someone to say turn-out, change rugs, feed, muck out your horse? If they were coming to do a few things with 2-3 horses (for example feed, groom, muck out and turn out) what hourly rate do you think would be reasonable? Or if they were just coming to turn out...
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    Dog trodden on

    My little jack russel terrier got under my horses feet today and managed to get one of her front legs trodden on. She obviously squeled very loudly then ran and went submissive. To start with she was very squely when you tried to touch but after she'd calmed down after a few minutes she didn't...
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    Horses Vs. Life

    I was just wondering what effect horses had on your life? Have you put something off because you have a horse and that makes it difficult or have you had to give up horses due to wanting to do something else with your life?? I'm asking because i'm having a bit of a dilema. I've always had a...
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    Opinions on this horse for sale please! GOOD HUNTER / ALLROUNDER 16hh Brown gelding, 12 years old Good conformation, movement and lovely temperament Good to ride, shoe, box, catch and in traffic Hunts, show jumps, cross country, fun rides and schools well on the flat A good allrounder...
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    Horses Wanted!

    I am a student and need some horses for my dissertation. So i was wondering if anyone on here would be able to hepl me out?! I need 10-12 horses that are mainly stabled during most of the day (for a minimum of 5 hours). I would need to be able to alter the forage they get but their concentrate...