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  1. rara007

    How do you decide what to buy…!?

    Slightly urgent thread from DK…! I’m in the very fortunate position of looking for a second, younger horse. My first horse I was looking for something very niche. I got very lucky with him and he’s already in 3 seasons more than proved his value, which felt massive at the time. I really like...
  2. rara007

    In how much work to ‘tread water’.

    Feeling guilty about another day the horses have done nothing. They’re out approx 12 hours a day in company so not ‘nothing’ but no work. One is the 3yo whos having a winter of being led out and the odd sit on to prove we still can so that I can cope with. The other is my HDT horse who’s having...
  3. rara007

    Buying direct from German stud

    Anyone done it? How did it go? Is there any form of ‘protection’ do you know?
  4. rara007

    The hunt continues- new spec horse hunt..!

    400 miles and 12 hours later plus countless hours searching the web and calling contacts and I’ve concluded I’m not going to be able to find what I want broken, and even if I can I won’t be able to afford it by some margin. So mission build your own is going to start! It’s a bit of a risk...
  5. rara007

    Have you got enough energy for another (tricky!) horse for sale hunt... Broken to drive....

    The big but tricky thing- broken to drive, doesn’t need to be ‘schooled’ at it and totally green would be better than worked at Blackpool but must be happy in shafts. Happy to break in to ride myself but don’t want anything that drives as it’s bonkers ridden as that’s a bit of a red flag as to...
  6. rara007

    Sleep Tight old boy

    I put to sleep our old lab this afternoon :( He was over 14 and a big dog lab so pretty good going. He was never ill bar one hotspot as a young dog, a vestibular episode 18 months ago and a tooth root abscess about 6 months ago and his only surgery was his castration! Lived the life of Riley...
  7. rara007

    Travelling with a mirror...?

    Anyone tried it?!? New horse is used to doing things with companions. So far (after first journey!) I've been humouring him and taking a companion. He's fine there working, nice and focused etc. and so far we've not stayed away to see how long it'd take him to settle without 'his' companion but...
  8. rara007

    When it all comes together!

    I'd like the add that Trevor is not and never will be a working gundog :p I have 0 interest in taking him 'actual' shooting. I don't know the full reasons he came into my hands but ultimately he 'failed' for a reason! He already knew all about self rewarding for sure and his prey drive is...
  9. rara007

    Sandringham CAI 2*

    We made it! More of a photo report as I'm too tired for words! Basically he was cute throughout, we were never going to trouble the leaders but he did the best he could. Trot up, dressage and cones photos that are clearly not from my phone thanks to LizzieJ, XC photos thanks to Ester and Amy...
  10. rara007

    Endurance/fitness people- Heart rate monitoring?

    I have a very specific task I'm training C for (driving but fitness is fitness!). He trots at around 16km/hr naturally (he's 13hh...) but I need him to make 14km/hr average for 7km, rest, then just slightly slower but with exciting hazards for a further 8km. So che's going to have to do approx...
  11. rara007

    Ashfields National HDT- Cheeris 3 day debut

    Thankfully the rain stopped about 2 weeks ago, allowing Ashfields national to go ahead. It's been a bit of a scrappy start to the season- initially I was planning on running a pair this year, but the training camp and event (at the same venue) was rained off, so the younger of the pair really...
  12. rara007

    3rd time lucky

    After being snowed off (twice) we finally managed to set off to Cheeries third indoor HDT. Another new venue to us as simply staying within 100miles on days I am free! Lack of cafe issue diverted thanks to Ester bringing last min supplies. First up dressage which was officially a personal worst...
  13. rara007

    Vet for PPE- West Holland/German borders- near the Rhine

    Anyone got any experience this area?
  14. rara007

    Cheerios 2nd day a big school- Merrist Wood indoor HDT

    Thankfully the day was saved by Ester being able to come and groom as a slight mishap on the dates left me a bit depleted of helpers! Indoors follows the same 3 phases as outdoors with slight differences. First up is dressage- indoors called precision and paces- you have 2 judges, one judging...
  15. rara007

    Dealers near Essex

    For safe little hairy cob show/hack/dressage sort? That would take one on sales livery! Or buy to sell...Have my one to sell but no time to sell myself. Ta!
  16. rara007

    Dog drying coats and coats for keeping dry!

    I've got the buying disease :p I just love dog shopping now the ponies have everything. So I want a jacket to put on Trev in the mornings while he drys off- he gets walked first thing then goes into his crate to dry off as despite being short haired (for a spaniel) he gets pretty damp- family...
  17. rara007

    Feeding for more energy?

    Pony is currently on blue chip 'normal' at his recommended rate for his size with grass unmollased chaff with a bit of honeychop. His body condition is ideal but his workload is ramping up so I don't mind a bit of weight gain. He's not lazy but a bit more 'fire in the belly' and also the...
  18. rara007

    Royal International Horse Show report- got that photo!

    And what a fantastic day we had with it too! Trundled (quite literally with the hairy ones cob stomp trot) off to RIHS for the small native /trad class (along with 40 others) with no prospect of anything but a nice photo, some expensive cheesy chips and to be able to say- we have been to RIHS...
  19. rara007

    Pseudo research- weight % and horse 'happiness' and soundness.

    A quick poll, obviously some of these are more directly related to the topic than others but I think all will be interesting! 1: rider weight (in riding kit ideally) to horse weight (in ideal BCS) percentage. Is this based on horses weight on a scales, weight tape or estimate. If the horse...
  20. rara007

    Three Counties Report

    Bit of a late one- busy week! After the week I've had I don't care that some think we're not matched, i just want to remember the good weekend that was last! Went trucking up Thursday night after work (best part of 5 hours), a bright walk to the stable and 2 hours later he was crashed out...
  21. rara007

    Three Counties- Who's going?

    Was just wondering who (if anyone) is going and taking what and on what day :) I'm just taking the little one and he's doing his M+M flat and workers on the Friday and then the pally classes on Sunday. Also have 7 chickens coming for their bit! Will be staying and stabling throughout :)
  22. rara007

    RoFlex fencing

    In particular the 'Profi'. Anyone use it either at home or for camping?
  23. rara007

    Terrific Thame!

    First 'proper' event of the year. It's Pips second season of scurry and also the first year he's come out fit since I am now employed so have a very nice girl to work him for me in the week! First drama was the saga of the non loading pony... never really been an issue, until this week... He...
  24. rara007

    Back to pony club!

    And I mean juniors! Cs jumping debut (WH a few months ago) though successful (as in clear) resulted in some quite... large... jumps over comparatively small fences. To try to combat this we went to our local PC arena eventing (in the broadest sense of 'eventing'... ). It was a really well run...
  25. rara007

    Old dog old tricks!

    Last weekend report as I was waiting for pictures! September 2012 Pip was reserve open pony national champion- since then he has really been on the wind down as he was never going to make an advanced pony the season after is when Contrast came, he went on loan for a bit, came back and then...
  26. rara007

    First national championship! P(UK) winters.

    First time trucking (I passed my HGV last summer but so far have continued to use the trailer for long journeys!)= success- packing is so much easier...., and first time in a 'proper' championship class- the ponies(UK) confined novice winter championship. We also did 2x RI amateur rider classes...
  27. rara007

    TREC'ing for life skills!

    Paired up with my dad and his cob last weekend for some indoor TREC that was on locally for a bit of fun. Fair to say, as usual C impressed! We were 5th in the pairs with C having strong individual scores. Only 1x 0 for the rein back (we learnt it the day before, and it was responsive and polite...
  28. rara007

    Rolling! Kottas, Driving and TSR clinic

    First up we had the honour of taking part in an Arthur Kottas clinic. Worked on 10m circles and leg yeild/shoulder in mixing sitting trot with rising. It was a fantastic day- the next 'smallest' was a 16hh! We were totally out of place but loved it! It really was a special experience. The few...
  29. rara007

    Up up up and away! First WHP!

    And first course, first affiliated, first clear and first placing! I had planned on doing the training stakes at Keysoe in the week but as that class clashed we missed it :( Undeterred we prioritised the workers today for the Novice BSPS class which was slightly bigger but still well within his...
  30. rara007

    Playing with the big boys! First away show.

    Well I call it an away show, we stabled and stayed locally, but we were infact the only people to do so! Pre-show we got to play bridle fitting- as one non horsey friend pointed out he does have a very small head and a very big body :p Native pony bridles to the rescue and everything was in...