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    Our lap of honour was the best

    Nice and neat and nice matching horses too!!
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    there are no words to describe my anger

    Disgusting. I am also quite shocked how the 2 people arrested have been allowed bail.
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    Plane crash on A1M - anyone know anything?
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    Mini Horse needs urgent operation...

    I have just seen this on West Country today. I too thought that the best option is surely to put the pony down. I felt so sorry for it watching it try and hobble around. :mad:
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    Free entry to Cheltenham tomorrow!!!!

    No fair! Are they going to require passport to verify it or just the Aussie twang?!
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    Bless him! Awww! Bless him! Hope he ends up in a nice loving home. :)
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    loose horse in Cheltenham Glad to hear it was caught ok. Hope the owners have been found.
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    Science versus Old Wives Tales?

    Impaction can be caused by a lack of water and dehydration. In order for things to move through the gut they need to be soft and contain a certain amount of water.
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    Sympathies to the person who's horse died.

    RIP to the horse. Was awful to see, a very obviously broken back leg. Did wonder who it was as I wasn't paying attention at the time.
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    Donkeys still looking for winter homes

    We had a beach donkey one winter! We just had the one and kept it with our 3 ponies! It was so cute! Dad used to bring it for walks when I hacked my pony out! Would follow quite happily but wouldn't go infront and couldn't be dragged anywhere but could be driven from behind!!
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    Months trial

    Thanks guys. I did have doubts and have been umming and ahhing about it but thought maybe i was being unreasonable. But the fact that you guys have said you wouldn't let your horse out on trial or wouldn't ask for a trial if you were buying kinda suggests i'm not being unreasonable. Think i'll...
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    Months trial

    They've been to try the horse, and i said they woud be welcome to come back again if they wanted to but they asked for a months trial. I said i wasn't sure so i am going to see where he will be kept first. A lot of people have asked me about "loan with view to buy" which i have said no to as i...
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    Months trial

    Don't think he'd be used as a PC camp horse as i'm only selling him as a hacker as he's not done much over last few years and they're not a PC family. But it does worry me they'll just have a horse free for a month, or of course the horror stories of horses being out on loan and being sold on...
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    Months trial

    Anything i should consider before letting my horse go for a months trial pre-sale? I'm guessing i'll have to give them the passport? I'll obviously photocopy it and keep copies myself. Should i ask for a deposit? Also if you were selling a horse would you let it go out on a months trial? Just a...
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    Natasha Richardson Has Died

    How tragic. Was just checking my emails at work and when i logged off noticed the headline on MSN.
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    Summer abroad working with horses?

    If you also like kids then i would recommend camp america or BUNAC. Working on a kids summer camp teaching kids to ride and horse care is so much fun! but also be prepared for hard work! Flights there and back were paid for with a wage which isn't great but is enough to do some traveling with after!
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    Why is there nothing on the news?

    The picture of Mary stood looking at Cavvy is being used for an article in the telegraph:
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    Flowers post 2

    Were flowers also sent to the owners and grooms? Or just to Mary in the end??
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    OMG Geograph

    [ QUOTE ] to me.... That caption is far to imformative, tells you where the farm is, and from that the "criminal" could see; the barn is behind the boxes, i may be seen entering from that angle, there seems to be an office at the far right of the image, i...
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    Driving age!

    I think the idea of a log book and being signed off for competency is a good idea. For example someone could learn over the summer and may never have to drive at night or in the rain then suddenly they pass their test and have completely different conditions to drive in that they don't know how...
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    tips please

    Where abouts in the country are you?? I found i got quite a few calls from an advert on horse mart, and i also got a lot of calls from a regional paper.
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    Thanks for all your responses. He's 14. Like i said for over 2yrs he's had an easy life as i was doing a MSc and was very busy so he was a happy hacker and often only occaisional light hacking. He always seemed ok doing this, though my trimmer (he's barefoot) had noticed some uneven wear on the...
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    My horse has been in very light work for a couple of years due to me studying. I have recently been bringing him back into work and doing more schooling with him. He has felt not quite right, espcially in the school so i decided to get him checked over by a physio. She says he has a low grade...
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    Rescue people didn't like us

    Have you tried the dogs trust (there's one in evesham). When we were looking for a dog our local rescue centre turned us down because we lived in a flat. They just wouldn't listen to us as we tried to explain but there will nearly always be someone there as i work nights so am there all day and...
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    How much??

    Thanks guys! Doesn't seem i'm asking too much then! Forgot to say he has done some PC and RC including a PC camp a few years ago.
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    How much??

    My first how much so please forgive me!! Just wondering how much for the following type of horse: 16hh TBx 14yo Gelding Has done unaff SJ, XC/HT, fun rides. Hacks out alone and in company. Snaffle mouthed. Good to catch, shoe, box. Lovely to handle. Good in and around the stable. So how much...
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    what a star drever is did you watch it three times winner

    I wanna know where drever's groom gets her energy from?! She ran up the hill to greet him nearly as fast as he did! Then she was jumping up and down a lot!! Bet she's knackered when the adrenalin wear's off!! But yes it was a good win! And a good days racing overall! Was quite tiring 10 races...
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    CHELTENHAM CANCELLED!!!! 13/03/08 10 races on thursday and friday!! They're gonna be long days!!! My feet are gonna hurt! Feel sorry for people who have tickets just for today as they're gonna miss their days racing though they will get a refund.
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    Cheltenham starts tomorrow

    [ QUOTE ] Me and my mate are going on Thursday, we cant wait, we have never been before. Just got the general admission ticket. We are travelling up from Gwent South Wales, can you give us some pointers like what is the traffic like, getting in and out (bad I should imagine) best places to...
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    Cheltenham starts tomorrow

    I can't wait and am going all 4 days!!! Just hope the weather picks up!!