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    Chicken help

    I’ve kept chickens for more years than I care to remember. More recently ex batts but decided to run the flock down (not replace when they died), wanted new coop and then to buy some fancy breeds And another cockerel.Anyway bird flu hit so that plan on hold. Right at the beginning of Defra...
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    Bareback footwear

    Hi all, I fancy a pair of short riding boots- usually prefer tall boots but recent heat has made me reconsider (no doubt as soon as I purchase weather will break). I usually have Ariat boots but have seen a pair of bareback boots (Kentucky storm?) I like. I have a pair of bareback fashion...
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    Castrating cockerels?!

    Just watching Mickey Flanagan in France. He”s on a chicken farm and owner has just told him the male chickens are castrated. Never heard of this before, anyone else?
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    Lamb scabby mouth

    One of my lambs seems to have developed scabby mouth. I’ve read every article I can find and pretty sure it fits the bill. All articles state not to bother calling a vet and no treatment but to let it run its course. Is this the case? Should I call the vet? I’ll probably do an advice call...
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    Rabbits wars! Help please!

    Had two baby bunnies about this time last year, both boys, both neutered as soon as I was able. They live in my stable block, three stables, and walk way. They had one fight this time last year and were neutered shortly afterwards. The plan this year was to re-do my chicken housing and also move...
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    I’ve acquired a lamb- it was two days old when he arrived,now four days old. Currently bottle feeding five times a day. Feed merchant is going to band tail and bits when delivers feed on Friday. I’m on the lookout for a friend for him. Took him for a walk in the garden three times today, to...
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    Help me understand!

    Acquired a second dog in late June, neglected, all bones sticking out and had been mainly kept in a cupboard prior to coming to us (rspca had visited the previous owner twice). Has turned into a smashing dog. However, came home tonight (after almost three hours out) and dog has wee’d on my side...
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    Horsey experiences!

    Any recommendations for horsey experiences? Live in the midlands so preferably travelling distance of up to two hours, but could go further for something really good! Have tried carriage driving, polo, regularly watch eventing, leased a share in a (winning) racehorse. Can anyone suggest...
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    Preparation for riding holiday?

    I MAY have the opportunity of a riding holiday in 2020, possibly two weeks in Chile/Argentina. It may not happen but I want to prepare like it will! Question is I currently share a horse and ride three to four times a week for up to an hour max, more like 45mins. The proposed holiday would...
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    pony painting parties - discuss?!

    So doing the rounds on fb is a petition to ban pony painting parties for children. H&H has article in support. What are people’s views? I don’t have a strong view either way- perplexed as to how it became a ‘thing’. I wouldn’t do it with one of mine but then I’m an adult with no children!
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    Where are people advertising these days?

    H&H obvs but where else? Has anyone had any success with ‘Right Horse, Right Home’?
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    Would you? Sorry long!

    Currently have a15.3h, 7yr old, Hannovarian x mare. She was successfully treated for ulcers last year and had psd op on both hinds in December 17 - ulcers likely to have been caused by pain of psd- has been given all clear by vets and currently up to 45 mins work - hacking and schooling...
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    Rabbit care? Help pls!

    I’ve accquired three rabbits. Dumped in a lay by. I’m not set up for rabbits but agreed to take them. They are currently in a stable. Have straw on the floor and a private area - upside down hay bar. They have water and rabbit food and a whole bale of hay. I’ve looked up what veg to feed but...
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    Hind suspensories - surgery.

    My 6yr old, treated successfully for ulcers in the summer. Bucking in canter continued, got worse. Ok on hard surfaces, intermittent lameness on soft ground, v subtle. Diagnosed with hind suspensory issues, operation needed. Thought to be caused by conformation - straight through the hocks...
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    rug shopping - help pls!

    Looking for weatherbeeta 200g turn out in 6’6”. Anyone care to help me find a sale bargain? Seemed to have trawled loads of sites but when I click to buy my size not in stock! Hate shopping, so any help appreciated!
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    Chicken life expectancy?!

    Hi all, I have a rooster, about five years old, beautiful bird and lovely personality too. After the late summer moult he just hasn’t come back looking as good- family and friends say he looks fine but I know him and he just doesn’t look as good as he once did. Been feeding tonics to try and...
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    Eating poop??!

    Little mare is being treated for ulcers. Scoped six weeks ago, starved for 12 hrs prior, took bed out etc, left in bare stable- stomach perfectly clear of food and diagnosed with grade three ulcers, bleeding. Booked in to scope again this week, followed exactly the same procedure, noticed not...
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    Best sites to sell...

    ...a young,green horse! Is right horse, right home worth a shot? Will I get any interest from H&H, Horsemart, Horse quest? Really need a good home, more important than price but don't want to attract the 'wrong' kind of enquiries!!
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    Opinions please! Am I making progress?!

    I suffer with anxiety - sometimes it can be crippling. Just feeling a bit of a failure currently, not looking for sympathy but some honest opinions from strangers on the internet. I have lovely, supportive friends who are encouraging but interested to know what the wider population thinks...
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    Recently came up in conversation that an acquaintance does not vaccinate her pony. I've always vaccinated (all of my animals) religiously. Really surprised that responsible owners wouldn't bother, tetanus is particularly nasty and preventable. My previous yard used to insist all horses up...
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    PSSM - what is it?

    Keep reading threads/comments on here relating to PSSM. Googled it and still not sure what it's all about, anyone care to enlighten me? It's only something I've read about on here, never heard of it in real life (mine!), have lots of horsey friends and acquaintances and it's never come up...
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    Fab horse holiday!

    Just spent an amazing four days on holiday with my horse (and various friends of the human and equine variety!), near Chapel St Leonard's. Amazing beach riding, huge, wide, quiet beach, fab facilities for horse and rider, huge indoor sand and outdoor jumping (set up with a course)schools...
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    Hound question

    Just sat down with H&H and noticed pic of hounds. Four of the hounds are clipped together in pairs (metal loop joining both of their collars). Only noticed this on two couples, all the rest are singles! Could anyone please explain why they would be clipped together?
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    Watching Carl Hester and Nip Tuck dressage. Husband refuses to watch; he thinks seeing horses running and jumping (eventing/racing) is building on what horses would do naturally but thinks dressage is akin to "getting killer whales to jump through hoops"! We've had this discussion for years...
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    Top tips/young horse

    Recently(read yesterday!) acquired a 5yr old warmblood. Bit smaller than I'd like (15.2) and bit younger than I'd like but something about her I really like. I've always ridden older horses; 8yrs plus so have no real experience with youngsters. She was backed at four, turned away, bought back...
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    Another, how big??

    Hi folks, 15.2hh WB just turned five, is she likely to grow much bigger? I'm aware wb's don't mature fully until seven but what is the real likelihood of her growing another inch or two?!
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    Chicken horror- help!!

    Had ex battery hen since last October - since I've had her she's failed to thrive, other one looks fab. Her feathers have always been sparse with bald patches, she's thin but looks loads better then when I had her. I did have a problem with mites last year but thought I got on top of it...
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    H Tobago PTS

    Just had chance to read last weeks H&H magazine and the sad news that Tobago has been put to sleep. I'm sure I remember some years ago that his owner used to post about him and his offspring on the forum. How sad a beautiful horse and only 12.
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    Vole Dogs on countryfile

    Apparently they are wearing boots to protect them from stinging nettles - not heard of this before. Anyone else? Seems a bit odd as no nettles in evidence but they are still wearing boots. Never occurred to me to boot a dog......
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    Riding once a week

    Just a question for all the riders out there, who ride once a week. My own horse and now my share horse is ridden five times a week as a minimum. Like to keep the horse fit, so ready if we want to go out jumping or on a long hack, cross country schooling or to the gallops! When ever horse...