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  1. freckles22uk

    Turnout rugs without leg straps

    ive bought a few from her, they are good quality and a good weight to hold the rug in please when windy. Much better than leg straps
  2. freckles22uk

    Galvanised feed bins

    Thank you. How much do they hold?
  3. freckles22uk

    Galvanised feed bins

    We have a rat problem at the field to the point they have chewed through the wooden floor of the shipping container and have chewed the feed bins. So I’m going to buy metal galvanised bins feeds. I’m not sure wether to go for round dustbins or the square’ish feed containers. If you have the...
  4. freckles22uk

    Are Bates saddles really all that bad?

    I used to have a bates for my mare, fitted her well and I loved it, sadly it didn’t fit her son when he needed a saddle and I was gutted to sell it as she had passed away.
  5. freckles22uk

    Has anyone bought a house with land and then relationship with partner not worked out?

    It could be worth asking the admin of horse groups on fb in the areas you are looking to post an anonymous post for you. That way friends won’t know it’s for you. Me and my daughter run a couple of groups on there and often post anonymous posts and tell the person who it’s for to keep an eye on...
  6. freckles22uk

    Talk to me about....appaloosas

    I’ve had Appaloosas over 20 years now. Though I only own one now a home bred gelding, I kept him as a stallion until he was 10 (when I moved back to the UK from Spain) and he’s always been a big softy. His mum was very opinionated but intelligent and lovely natured. But I’ll sadly lost her as...
  7. freckles22uk

    Car sick dog

    My sheltie is dreadfully travel sick which is unfortunate as I take them to the horses 3-4 times a week. (I used to live in Spain and hoped the 24 hour drive back to the Uk would kill or cure it) I’ve tried windows open, closed, air con on/off. Ginger biscuits, short journeys, pet rescue spray...
  8. freckles22uk

    Is field shelter necessary?

    Mine didn’t have one and his field is very open to the wind and there is no natural shelter. He was ok in winter as I rugged accordingly. Summer on the hot and sunny days I would put him in with my daughters so he could share their shelter. But before this winter just gone, my partner...
  9. freckles22uk

    Best Battery Powered Electric Fence Energisers

    You need one with a joules output of over 1.00. A lot of the cheaper ones have a lower output and don’t give off such a good shock
  10. freckles22uk

    What is a 'normal' age to lose a horse?

    32.... melanomas 20..... going blind 4..... traffic accident
  11. freckles22uk

    Body Protector recommendations

    Another vote for racesafe. I came off mine 15 months ago and broke my ribs. OH insisted I got a body protector (wrong side of 55 and no long Bounce) have to say I love it, moulds to my body, light and I dont know I’m wearing it.
  12. freckles22uk

    Help - pop up ad

    I kept getting a “Google - you have won a phone” scam pop up. I cleared my history, blocked pop up’s and turned of Java. In the safari settings (iPhone) seems to have done the trick
  13. freckles22uk

    What do you do for a living?

    I make horse hair and pet keepsakes (and human ones) I did fund the horses by just painting pet portraits for years, But added keepsakes to wha to do. Keeps me busy all week and earns a decent living
  14. freckles22uk

    Hand hold needed

    Sorry for your loss
  15. freckles22uk

    Are there things your horse just won't do?

    Freckles (sadly no longer with us) would not have a rosette put on her bridle, she would absolutely freak out. And solo combs or anything trying to pull her mane. Big no no Her son Harley he doesn’t really care about anything.
  16. freckles22uk

    Mystery Nightmare Hacker *PLS READ EVERYTHING*

    She sounds how my daughters 18 year old 14.2 pony was last year, She ended up having her ovaries out. Different pony now.
  17. freckles22uk

    Flexi stirrup recommendations

    Thank you everyone. My daughters are the MDC ones. So I shall Be looking for either those or the sprenger one.
  18. freckles22uk

    Flexi stirrup recommendations

    Hi I’m looking to buy some new stirrups. And as I’m now the wrong side of 50 where everything is starting to ache and creak I’m thinking Flexi stirrups, I tried some my daughter has at the weekend and really liked them. (I think they were stubborn ones) Ive looked at the sprenger bow ones but...
  19. freckles22uk

    Tough day

    Sorry for your loss, alway sad no matter what age they are
  20. freckles22uk

    How to stop biting

    When ours as colts went through the biting/nibbling stage, we have them a swift kick on the coronet band. They then associated biting with a pain on the hoof, very quickly stopped them. And 14 years old they still don’t nibble. One was gelded at 2 and the other at 10 years old.
  21. freckles22uk

    Poo picking...

    Mine lives out so he’s in the field while I pick, sometimes he will come over for a scratch other times ignore me, I take the dogs also and kick the tennis ball while I pick so they get extra exercise also
  22. freckles22uk

    Old boy is going in the morning

    Sad news. But sounds like it’s the best decision
  23. freckles22uk

    Plastic quad trailer?

    I used to have one, it was a decent size and tipped. Absolutely brilliant. Used it for carry muck, hay, fencing pretty much anything. I did buy it from the Uk and took it to Spain but sold it with the quad when I returned back to the Uk 12 years later. Great investment
  24. freckles22uk

    Staying home as much as possible over Easter?

    Easter is the same as the rest of the Lock down for me, out to walk the dogs and out to do the horses. Shopping once a fortnight. I work from home anyway so my routine has not really changed
  25. freckles22uk

    Water trapped inside rug

    Happened to me also. I just made a very small hole in the lining for it to come out
  26. freckles22uk

    Working from Home

    I work from home (horse hair jewellery and keepsakes) I’ve found having my own studio to work in helps. No temptation to stick the tv on. I get up, walk the dogs and then “go to work” I do have to go out at 2pm to either walk the dogs again or if it’s my turn to do the horses, go to the...
  27. freckles22uk

    Facebook or Instagram?

    I advertise on Facebook, instagram and Pinterest. I get most work from Facebook, I do put a link to my own website in all of them. But if I’m looking for a product/service I go to google
  28. freckles22uk

    Anyone else’s horse moulting?

    Yes mines started. Tiny white hair everywhere
  29. freckles22uk

    Horse hair remembrance jewelry

    Thank you for the recommendation
  30. freckles22uk

    Milton with Caroline Bradley

    Absolutely loved him