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    Setting up electric fencing

    Hi, a friend and i have just managed to secure a perfect 5 acre field. We want to divide it so theres a summer 1/2 and a winter 1/2. Having always had post rail fencing which has been maintained by yard owners i am a bit out of my depth with what we need, so am appealing for help, tips and...
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    Spare room in Crawley if your flooded.

    The weather down here is awful, and i have a spare furnished double room if anyone is flooded or without power. We do have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and no space for horses :( but anyone needing an alternative place to stay is welcome. Its christmas and our house is available for an alternative christmas.
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    20% discount at ride away

    Hi, any pets at home vip members with horses seem to be getting discount offers. 10% code is PAHT10 and 20% is VIPD20. 20% valid til 29th nov. happy shopping :)
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    Too good to be true?

    This seems too good to be true, but iv found someone selling saddles on good old Facebook. She has a really nice looking Mark Todd saddle in the size that would work, but including postage this saddle is £70! Iv looked online as I didn't realise Nark Todd did saddles, and it looks like a calvari...
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    Fancy a 2012 Pentathlon horse?

    Do you remember the horse Glen Gold? He was being bounced between dealers for various prices. Well, he's up for sale again. I can't paste a link as I'm on my phone, but he's on the Surrey Horse and Pony Facebook sight if anyone fancied a bargain. He was up at £1500 but everyone's saying its too...
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    Who is being unreasonable?

    Hi, As you will see if you look back over my posting history my life has thrown a load at me in the last few years. My mare has been out on loan since the end of summer due to finally getting a job, but one with lots of traveling and hours meaning i only have 2 days free. I decided that it...
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    Just had a visit from the RSPCA door knocker.

    He gave me a lovely speech about the good that they do and how they receive no government help, he showed me pictures of very skinny dogs before and after they seized them and was very polite and chatty about our animals at home. He was somewhat surprised at my instant answer of no and why I...
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    Hickstead ticket deal for non locals :)

    Groupon have a deal on for this hickstead. It's £4 entry for general admission and £8 for members enclosure. Usual £8 carpark fee applies though. Thought It may be of use for those who are not close enough for freebies I'n the Friday ad type papers.
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    What keeps you going?

    My world is inches from going belly up. Life has been difficult for the last couple of years, but it's nearly about to come crashing down. We have debt, more out goings than I'n comings and my husband is now ill. I have always been a positive person and have the mind set that things will get...
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    How much exercise?

    Hi, I'm new to dog ownership and am after some advice. My OH's dog is an 8 month old mastiff x rotweiler who is the softest, daftest thing I'n the world. However, he has recently started to drive us mad. Due to our work schedules both dogs get crated for a maximum of 4 hours until my mum comes...
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    Freebie tickets for Windsor.

    I live very close to Hickstead so get to take advantage of the freebie tickets that appear in local papers :D. My husband has just started working in Slough, so am wondering if there's a similar sort of thing that goes on for Windsor? Does any one know?
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    Barn Owl

    Hi, this is quite random and I'm not expecting an answer really just some ideas. Yesterday while checking on my horse I found a dead barn owl I'n the field. I checked it over and it has no visible injuries but was ringed. I brought it home with me (more evidence to the other half that im not...
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    Short term livery needed in Horsham or Crawley area

    Hi, I need a short term livery space for my mare who's coming back from college over summer (June 17th to end of Aug). I'd love her to be able to go out on grass as this is her summer holiday and finances are somewhat tight! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know.