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    Never give up on them ;-)

    bless him, what a little superstar.x
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    Horse Shampoo in the bathroom cabinet

    years ago you used to be able to buy a horse shampoo that treated ringworm, I used it as a shower gel for a few days and ringworm went! sadly you can't get it anymore, bloomin EU!!
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    BOGOF! Where do I stand on this and wwyd?

    heroines of the week = GG and jemima askin :D so glad you have a solution for your problem Doormouse.x
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    Glandular fever and returning to riding - WWYD?

    has your dr given you the all clear to ride? a friends daughter who had GF was not allowed to ride until Dr gave her the say so because of the risk of enlarged spleen and rupture if she fell.
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    Still out at night, is this the right thing to do?

    my 21 yr old Tb was out 24/7 for the last 2 years of her life, she was the most chilled out she had ever been and was a lot less stiff than when she was in the usual routine of being in a night.
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    Barbed wire removal!

    gauntlets rather than gloves to protect your lower arm as you can guarantee that the wire will try and grab you round the wrist at some point!
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    unexpected peeing in the house

    will be interested to hear of any advice on this as our 5 year old JRT has started peeing in the house too, almost daily and frequently it's on his own bed :/
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    Hi Vis in the light - REFLECTIVES in the dark

    you may think it's funny but there is a reason that farmers can and do get charged if their animals escape onto the public highway, it's because it is dangerous and can cause a fatal accident. it's the attitude of , 'i can so i will regardless of how it could affect others' that gives horse...
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    Hi Vis in the light - REFLECTIVES in the dark

    so you know that drivers can't see what you are and you think that is good?! I am quite happy to give my horses an easy winter and only ride on weekends, would rather that than spend 4 weeks or months in hospital because a driver couldn't tell what i was and failed to give me enough room...
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    How important is poo picking to you in winter

    I have no choice!! landlord says poo has to be picked, i have a muck heap in the field but it can still be heavy going when it gets wet. i do admit once it gets boggy and vile i do just leave the poo thats in the worst bits, my reasoning being it will get trodden into the mud and the landlord...
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    Photos of real rolled work, as requested

    seeing those pics, i don't don't think i have ever actually seen an example of proper rolled leather, only the top version!! thanks for pics Oz. :)
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    Talk to me about generators

    i had a petrol one on the farm but rarely used it ! solar lights are much cheaper to buy and don't run out of petrol at awkward times and I got a little single ring camping gas stove for the kettle. all much cheaper, quieter and easier to use than the genny and much less likely to be stolen!
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    Making THAT decision - in bits am I right or wrong!!

    there will always be someone who says you should have done this or that different but if the decision is right for you and your horse then thats all you need to worry about. you are not killing her, you are releasing her from pain, if only we could do the same for humans!
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    i heard him talking on the radio the other week and he said, just because we can doesn't mean we should and he judges each case with that in mind. I don't have a problem with a prosthetic limb for an animal which can lose one to amputation and still walk, ie dog or cat, for big animals like...
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    We have a new addition!!!

    he's gorgeous and Dippy is a fab name!! he can always have a posh name too ;)
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    Non horsey parents think everything a waste of money

    my dad doesn't really 'get' pets but accepts that people have them, but only 1 at a time seems acceptable to him lol, i have 3 dogs and with the 2nd and 3rd it was 'what do you need another dog for' I have 2 horses and daughter has pony and yep i've had the, but you can't ride 2 at once so why...
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    Drooling horse

    white clover is the one which can cause 'slobbers'
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    The coldest winter for over a century?

    did they just copy the same article they printed last year?! good old express do like a bit of weather worry don't they!
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    Feeding horses who are out 24/7

    still got loads of grass here too! when it has gone they won't be out 24/7 so will be getting hay and a feed of fast fibre, balancer and sugarbeet.
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    Why not baby your baby??

    a lightweight rug will flatten the hair and stop it from being a natural insulator, an unrugged horse fluffs up it's coat to trap the warm air from it's body next to it's skin, a lightweight rug offers no warmth itself so in cold wet weather, rain sheets and lightweights are more 'harm' than good.
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    Loanee wants to buy my horse by installment !

    if you feel she is right for your horse and you can afford to wait for the money until July why not go the route of changing the current loan to 'loan with view to buy' , take a sizable non refundable deposit now with the balance due in July. that gives her time to save up and horse stays where...
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    What's your #1 bad riding habit?

    if you asked my horses they would probably say me incessant waffling about what i can see over the hedges (if on the big bird) shapes in clouds and other such nonsense lol, as for my actual riding, ohh eck, all of it from the second my arse touches the saddle it is not a pretty picture!
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    That's it, I am converted to cobs

    oh please don't change her name from Hairy Mary :D
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    That's it, I am converted to cobs

    very smart, but who is who?!
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    Anyone else..?

    I never feed in summer as always have enough grass and they don't work hard enough to need extra , i started drifting away from processed nuts etc when i started to look into the sugar content and realised that a lot of the feeds are rather like mcdonalds for horses!! ie tastes nice, keeps the...
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    My heart is breaking..vibes please

    so very sorry SaharaS , thinking of you .x
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    An update on the baby Luso! Happy post with picture overload!

    lol i think your OH is like mine, pretends he's not bothered about the horses but quite often catch him having a sneaky scratch and cuddle ;) can't believe it's been a month already, i'm sure there's not been a months worth of pictures :p
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    If you ever need any help with your DIY :-)

    the yard cats were giving me help with some fencing this morning, chasing the end of the tape along the field and generally getting tangled up in it the little monkeys!!
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    Loaner causing trouble!

    small claims is usually pretty straight forward, you prove she damaged the tack and the court will either award for you or against you, you said the police were taking it through small claims for compensation for you which struck me as odd as it just doesn't work that way.