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  1. Berpisc

    Pet cameras without Alexa

    Apologies in advance for a brief post, to cut a long story short, I am considering buying a pet camera to watch and communicate with my dog but dont have alexa. The ones on amazon say that they worth with alexa, do any work without?
  2. Berpisc

    Lymphoma and prednisalone, anybody's exepriences?

    As the title, my 20 year old mare Willing has been diagnosed as having lymphoma the vet did a thorough examination and biopsy. She has been on bute while the biopsy came through and we are now transitioning onto 100 tablets of prednisalone daily. The main concern is quality of life, and I will...
  3. Berpisc

    Fly strike

    I am currently nursing a pony with chronic grass sickness (yes the vet is involved) Along with this nightmare I am now fighting off b*stard flies, and would appreciate tips on effective and preferably ointment based fly repellant. Any other tips would be helpful. I am keeping a close eye on...
  4. Berpisc

    Quick ask, how much is a mini heston bale of hay fetching?

    As the title. I have been offered some but as I am using last years round bales of hay up I am not sure how much mini hestons fetch. I am in South Yorkshire. Thanks in advance.
  5. Berpisc

    Hello from the other side...

    The other side of what I don't know but I thought it would make a change. Haven't posted here for a few years, glad to be back. I have two ponies who are field ornaments, one retired pony and a long suffering welsh cob who I hack out. Two friends keep their horses with me. I am the staff of...
  6. Berpisc

    Trailer Stolen South Yorks

    As title, one of my liveries' late morning/lunchtime on Friday. Red Ifor Williams, only a few years old farmkey marked. Usual mo, oxyacetalined the clamps,chains and hitchlock off.:mad: