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  1. Goldenstar

    lame for 2 mnths.....

    Without a nerve block to the foot everyone in including the vet is quessing.
  2. Goldenstar

    lame for 2 mnths.....

    Well it’s behaving like a ligament injury in the foot . TBH I would have wanted a nerve block on the foot before trying toworking a horse through anything . Sore necks often follow sore feet .
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    Cost of Keeping at Home Vs Livery 2022

    I keep four at home we have a nice barn conversation stabling for six a surface a schooling field it’s 25 acres that includes the garden and 8.5 acres of wood land . I don’t it really a saving it costs a lot to maintain in money our Labour and Labour you have to buy in . As an example hedge care...
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    Rider/PL insurance: what's everyone doing?

    BHS gold is very good PL cover what’s your problem with it ?
  5. Goldenstar

    Vetting for under £5k

    This sort of issue is why I always vet .
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    What shall I ask for this horse? Haven't sold a horse for 6 years!

    It would depend for me how good his flat work was and how he felt when tried ,he’s a sought after type and the age would not stop him being sought after a stepping stone to a horse . He could just as likely sell to a small older adult . The foot resection would not trouble me at all . I would...
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    Is this saddle dressage legal?

    Yes you could , you need to ask .
  8. Goldenstar

    Insurance: yes or no?

    I never insure I simply could not tolerate the way it restricts your choices when managing your horses . I think it can led to over treatment , it can control you in severe situations and I think it’s made some vets poor at using judgement in the horses interest when things go wrong . I also...
  9. Goldenstar

    So what has British Eventing done wrong?

    I think they do prefer a surface , it makes the weather less of an issue and it is all round easier . There’s cost saving as well as much infrastructure is already in place at a EC. There’s so much against the park courses now their costs are just so much higher and cancellation is a huge worry...
  10. Goldenstar

    Horse Pulling Prince Beatrice & Husband Carriage "spooks" at Ascot

    It’s easy for them to get a leg over the trace it’s just the timing and bad luck they kick at a fly when the trace is not in draught and the leg goes over .
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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    I think the one that works the best is the phaser spray .
  12. Goldenstar

    Dogs and the heat

    Mine follow me to the yard and wonder about . I have had them out this morning early on and will do something with them tonight . We are lucky our house is wonderfully cool in summer . I am very careful .
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    So what has British Eventing done wrong?

    I personally think the lower levels are a good thing . In the so called good old days unaffiliated courses where frankly often extremely iffy BE gong in at that level has raised standards . I know there many whose riding and preparation is not at the level it needs to be I particularly worry...
  14. Goldenstar

    Vettings and pads on feet

    I hope it won’t pass a vetting .
  15. Goldenstar

    Being dragged into a really iffy situation

    What do I think get your horse out of there it sounds like hell.
  16. Goldenstar

    Is there a way to 'manage' rubber mats to minimise them getting icky underneath?

    She harassing you and inferring with your right to enjoy your home . Have you taken legal advice ? If not I would . I would be looking at sending her a stiff lawyers letter.
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    Is there a way to 'manage' rubber mats to minimise them getting icky underneath?

    Quattro where the company that fitted my sealed mats they are from Penrith but fit all over the country . You would need to empty the stables scrub out with a deodoriser ( like field guard green gloop). The floor would need to be dry before the mats went down .
  18. Goldenstar

    Is there a way to 'manage' rubber mats to minimise them getting icky underneath?

    I have sealed mats glued down they are fantastic that’s what I would do .
  19. Goldenstar

    Picking up contact without giraffe impersonation

    The thing with training a horse is that you have to show the horse the way . The correct way to go is easiest for the horse . A horse who is raising its head and evading the contact does so for a reason if it walks calmly on loose rein then and then puts its head up when you start to take more...
  20. Goldenstar

    Letting someone use your arena

    There is some Personal accident cover with BHS gold but it’s not what I would meaningful I think it’s a max of 10k and difficult to qualify for.
  21. Goldenstar

    Experience of loaning out horse/pony or a bit of a wwyd

    I would look for a sharer . I do have a horse on loan he’s my TB J he’s with a friend doing light hacking living out it’s worked very well for him but you can’t micro manage a horse once it’s on loan .
  22. Goldenstar

    Lower leg/hoof lameness any suggestions on what it is ?

    It sounds like DDFT trouble to me . These injuries have poor prognosis especially if the horse won’t do prolonged box rest calmly. MRI would be the next step depending on the finances and the situation with the individual horse . I have have jumped ship at this stage in some horses in the past .
  23. Goldenstar

    WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO: Mare kills stallion

    That’s awful, a full on car crash of stupidity.
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    What should I do with my horse?

    I think I would sell . You are going to be very very busy and a horse like that is likely to a be something it’s hard to enjoy in that situation and you will end up not enjoying either experience to the full . You could share him with a very committed friend but the risk of it all falling on...
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    Letting someone use your arena

    What’s the wording of your restriction ?
  26. Goldenstar

    Letting someone use your arena

    She needs of course to be insured . If there was a accident she could be held responsible so she needs to think all that through . Where is the leveller ? I keep mine in my school but am never happy with that if others are using the school what do you do with the dogs mine are loose while I ride...
  27. Goldenstar

    Nicola Wilson Update

    I am very very sad to see the lorry for sale on Facebook .
  28. Goldenstar

    Weigh-taping: didn't realise how inaccurate this was!

    I think they are of some use to see if they gaining or losing but I get mine weighted regularly.
  29. Goldenstar

    Water treadmill experiences?

    I have used them . We had great success with one horse who was not straight he was transformed by it . You need to know what you want to achieve because it’s not quite as simple as bung them on it and watch the fun .
  30. Goldenstar

    Post Viewing advice

    Sounds like the standard very green Irish horse who knows to carry a human on his back and not much else . He will be happiest with someone used to developing horses and who enjoys doing it he does not sound by your posts at all the horse you need .