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    Nell is a head shaker and its hard work some days. I have to say simply smearing Vaseline around her nostrils helped a bit, certainly worth a try....
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    horsey dilemma

    As others have suggested I would be inclined to go with option D, re assess in September and see how you feel.
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    Can you wash own turnout rugs?

    I bought a bag which I can put light rugs,fly rugs and fleeces into the machine its fab, I clogged up our old machine with horse hair on more than one occasion much to the dispare of my OH! I thought I better buy a rug washing bag for the new machine :) I have used a reproofer out of a can...
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    Anyone bought a horse from auction

    Hello Yes my late mare whom I owned for 20years was purchased from auction, she was a bargain too! She was a superstar and my horse of a lifetime. We also purchased a dales cross mare from auction who was absolutely wonderful, she was a super mare whom I would have retained if I could have...
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    New Pony is Here!!! (pics)

    He looks very cute, hope you have lots of fun with him.
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    Theft of energiser...they came back :(

    So sorry to read this, just awful, I cannot imagine. It makes me so angry that there are people in this world that think they have the right to steal from others :(
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    OMG New horse in en-route from France as we speak :-o

    Very exciting indeed, and yes pics please :) When you copy the IMG off PB make sure you take everything off either side of the [IMG] hope that helps
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    Went bareback hacking today

    Sounds fantastic and well done you, i wouldn't do it now. I used to ride my late Seren bareback all the time, i used to hoon around and stay on her, must have had excellent core strength! I only wish i was that strong and supple through the core, with my back I simply could do it now, but...
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    Tell me about your Gypsy Vanners / Chunky Cobs!

    I love gypsy cobs. Had my late mare 20 years and she was a super star, she was super at all sorts, though I am a happy hacker so no real interest in doing other things, but Seren was an amazing and honest jumper and was super at cross country (she excelled at this when on loan). She was 14.2 and...
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    Fair weather rider - I've turned into one

    Ha know the feeling, its not so much me but Nell! She took a disliking to fog, rain on the road, anything less than nice weather conditions! The cold weather has since not enticed me out much, nor her new found fright of cars. I am hoping by the time she comes back in two weeks some milder...
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    How wet are your fields

    Yes my paddock is really quite wet with a very muddy gateway. I have actually been bringing Nell in all week which is unusual to rest her field
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    WWYD re previous owner

    Agree completely with this /\ I do not understand your friends are saying no way, as :Landcruiser said, this sounds very touching to me that after all this time she still thinks of your horse and wants a token to remember him by.
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    Does your horse mind bad weather?

    Yes so it seems! Nell has been a spook monster for the last 2-3 months now!!! Spooky when ridden or out grazing in this weather, does not help that she keeps zapping herself on the fence when trying to eat grass! She is tough though but is decidedly more unsettled with all this bad weather out...
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    Roughing off til spring

    Sounds like a great idea! Nell has been doing very little work of late for a few reasons, lack of time, sometimes motivation, and the weather has not been that great, Nell is a bit of a plonker since the weather turned, having a short break is not such a bad idea at all, I like the idea of...
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    New horse!

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your mare, incredibly tragic and sad :( Your new boy looks very handsome and smart indeed, hope you enjoy getting out and about with him :)
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    Introducing the spotty sprog!

    Congrats on the new arrival, he looks lovely, hope you have lots of fun with him :)
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    Should I stay or should I go ?????

    Given what you have described I would move
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    Done to death I know.... but hoof boots....

    I love my cavallos, they are great boots for when I need them, nell has big wide feet and they are super easy to get on and off
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    Clocks going back....

    Haha brilliant, that made me laugh, my cats are exactly the same, once my alarm goes off they expect me up! Some days they expect me up before that! My horse lives out 24/7 and feeding time varies for her anyway, but if I did feed at exactly the same time everyday and I wanted to enjoy the...
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    Colour genetics! Bay TB with silver tail...

    Ah I did not know that they were the same thing, thanks Faracat, the fountain of all knowledge on colours :)
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    What was your most memorable horse or pony?

    I have been very lucky and had some wonderful horses, most were many years ago, but Seren was my most memorable, she was utterly amazing and my horse of a lifetime, I loved everything about her, she was an easy and forgiving mare and I loved her to bits and still miss her terribly, its been 3...
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    Axiom 1800 turnout

    I have purchased a few of these are they are excellent, as toffee said sizing is generous and they never caused any rubbing for me,such good quality, totally recommend them
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    Colour genetics! Bay TB with silver tail...

    Fascinating about the GP Faracat :) Nell has silver colouration through her tail too, it has every colour in it in fact and she is dark bay with what I think you call Blagdon through her coat which shows in her summer coat
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    Anyone's horses clipped and still living out?

    Nell has a sort of blanket clip now, started as an apron and needed a bit more off, not sure the clip has a name :) However she always lives out, as long as they are rugged accordingly i think any clipped horse can live out...
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    Anyone else noticed this?

    I find the majority very good and polite, sadly there are a few who seem to have no control of their dog and on a bridle track which I pay to use and they don't i find this massively annoying, particularly when I had to dismount my horse one dog in particular was out of control and chasing deer...
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    Total change to my horses life!

    What a lovely post, such good news that he is thriving. Our horses were very happy in the herd we had years ago, we had a stallion, mares and geldings all living together as a herd and they were very happy and chilled out, we lived in the middle of nowhere, i dream of that ideal for Nell one day...
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    2nd clip already

    I gave nell a small apron clip 2 weeks ago and yesterday took off a bit more as she has been getting too sweaty and I could not believe how much it had grown back in those two weeks
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    Never give up on them

    Bless him, super post :)
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    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    I have only just seen this post and my thoughts go out to Kits owner/loaner, this is just shocking and I cannot believe what I have read, I cannot bring myself to look at any of the links, I really hope justice is done, debt or not, this is no way to behave, not by any stretch, and frankly it is...
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    Aldi - Riding Gear

    Thanks for the heads up, I love my horsey gear from Aldi, it has been really great stuff, good quality and a bargain