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  1. ColandMe

    Your Favourtie Rare Breeds....

    Lovely, just looked them up on internet, absolutely gorgeous horses, looks like a fab place.
  2. ColandMe

    Your Favourtie Rare Breeds....

    You're lucky, I don't know of anymore in my locality. They are considered to be at risk by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.
  3. ColandMe

    Your Favourtie Rare Breeds....

    Clydesdales, but I'm biased. My boy. Although not so unusual they are considered to be at risk, but numbers are slowly building.
  4. ColandMe

    Re post yesterday Ebony and me at show

    Brilliant! You both look fab :) xx
  5. ColandMe

    Weights and heights of your heavies

    My Clydesdale is 16.3hh, and not exactly sure of current weight, it's over 600kg though. He's looking perfect just now.
  6. ColandMe

    How much work for a 3yo?

    My just turned 4yr old is doing about 20 mins road work 3/4 times a week. Mostly walk, the odd minute of trot. He's such a good little thing he'd happily do more but I want to take things nice and slow with him.
  7. ColandMe

    Is this horse too young for me- any thoughts

    As someone else said, if the horse is right for you, age isn't an issue. I had my confidence well and truly knocked and then knocked again so was looking for an older, steady horse. I now have a 4 year old little gem, I've had him nearly a year now and he's absolutely brilliant. He's quiet...
  8. ColandMe

    living out for winter 24/7

    Mine have always lived out, a Clydesdale, a Warmblood, an Irish Draught and a little cobby type. Now I just have the Clydey and little cob left :( and we are at a new place, they have their own little wood for shelter, as much haylage and feed as they need and 1 will be naked, 1 will have a rug.
  9. ColandMe

    Good farrier needed Warwickshire/Northamptonshire/Leicestershire boarder

    Aron Tyler, based Warwickshire but travels all over.
  10. ColandMe

    Poo picking with a bad back

    I use a scoop and rake, but having also woken up this morning with a bad back, poo picking's going to have to wait, think pushing the barrow will be too painful. Don't know why it hurts, was busy yesterday but no more than usual, went to bed fine, woke up with painful lower back.
  11. ColandMe

    Amy Winehouse is dead

    Sad for her family, but totally inevitable, she's been on self destruct for too long.
  12. ColandMe

    Would you have been angry?

    Thank you :) x
  13. ColandMe

    Would you have been angry?

    ^^^ this^^^ My mum has just come out of hospital after 6 weeks, and 3 ops and still can't find what's wrong...well they think they know but can't locate ( fistula on spine, fecked up her mobility ) so she's been reffered to a specialist in London. She's been getting worse for 6-7 years, our gp...
  14. ColandMe

    Irish Draught Horses

    My most wonderful, horse of a lifetime was a beautiful ID. I got her from a rescue centre and when I first saw her I thought she was a bit funny looking, but when I rode her I knew she was mine. Got her home and she was a cow, I learnt so much from her, learnt you didn't tell her what to do, you...
  15. ColandMe

    Those with big (heavy horse x) horses

    Don't use them at all. I have a 16.3hh Clydesdale, he's lived out naked all the time i've had him, nearly 11 years.
  16. ColandMe

    Cat, I should be reported :(

    Get the poor cat to a vet! Get some proper flea treatment for all your animals, flea collars are rubbish against a flea infestation, if she has fleas she most certainly has worms too so get wormer for all the pets also. You have to treat them all and get a spray for your carpet. She must see a...
  17. ColandMe

    Do you ever...

    Some people seem to enjoy picking apart posts and being harsh. I think if they really were like this in real life they'd have had a smack in the mouth from someone before now so knowing they're safe behind a computer it gives them free rein to be rude safely. I think you just have to be very...
  18. ColandMe

    Ragwort Removal - General Whinge!

    I did complain to DEFRA, was told it was my landlords job to report surrounding fields not mine so i passed the forms on to him, he did nothing.
  19. ColandMe

    What is the Point of the Animal Welfare Act?

    Yes it does, and i do see what you're saying, however I must be a lot more cynical, maybe less charitable. The role of inspector, in whatever situation owes it to those that rely on them to do their very best, whether it falls on deaf ears or not, otherwise what's the point? Maybe if an...
  20. ColandMe

    Ragwort Removal - General Whinge!

    I have dug it, I have bought expensive sprays, I've dug and sprayed but still it's worse every year. The problem is neighbouring fields which are rife, and no one will do anything about them. Every year it flowers then seeds spread everywhere. I called DEFRA who told me to download forms and ask...
  21. ColandMe

    What is the Point of the Animal Welfare Act?

    Maybe, but don't you think the attitude of the officers plays a large part? If they can't even be bothered to look at a reported cruelty cases or look and dismiss then certain failings are down to them. I work in a school and have banged my head against a wall 1000 times over when I've discussed...
  22. ColandMe

    What is the Point of the Animal Welfare Act?

    Absolutely agree with that, i've met some damn awful, couldn't care less welfare officers, dogs left shut in a house from Friday to Monday every weekend, finally someone attended luckily I was walking past at the right time, officer told me she'd looked through window, dogs looked ok so she'd...
  23. ColandMe

    different sayings from different regions, what do you call things?

    I say a slice of hay, it's a batch, someone in a grump is mardy, we poo pick one phrase I hate is the fad around here to call everyone 'youth', pronounced 'yuth'..., erm I'm much older than you, hardly a youth, or 'kid'.
  24. ColandMe

    Pony Pushed Into Lake

    Scum. How anyone could purposely cause such suffering to any animal is just beyond me. That poor pony must've been terrified. No doubt they'll be not be found.
  25. ColandMe

    My horse sits down!

    Great pics. My Clydesdale does it too, sits down, has a good bum rub which looks rude lol, then sits and contemplates for a while.
  26. ColandMe

    Have I done the right thing? RSPCA

    Yes you did the right thing, Pester, pester, pester RSPCA as it's unlikely they'll be in any rush to come out. Also as others have said, ring WHW Monday if they're not answering phone's over weekend.
  27. ColandMe

    I need to catch the damn horse!

    I thought I was going to have a heart attack lol. I did get to stop and draw breath every now and again and did walk when I couldn't run. It was exhausting. He did get better eventually and started to realise I wasn't evil and would have nice things too if he was caught.
  28. ColandMe

    I need to catch the damn horse!

    Chase him, if you've really tried everything, this might work if field or paddock is small enough. I had a horse that just wouldn't be caught and would rear if I ever got close enough to even touch him. I halved the field with electric tape and spent a few hours bugging him. Wouldn't let him...