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    Olympic tickets on sale NOW

    Got XC tickets :D so happy right now.
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    horses over 20 and still hunting!

    I've hunted 2 horses over 20 and both were incredible. One was a 28 y.o pony who gave me some of my best days ever, right behind the master over some of the biggest hedges in Leicestershire. And my current horse is a 21 y.o ex racer who is awesome out hunting :)
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    What do you wear for cubbing?

    Tweed Jacket, shirt, tie, beige jods and boots is what I normally wear and most people are in the same :) and yes, no plaiting until after OM :)
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    I will never take my horse for granted again! Very Near Miss at Hartpury tet Champs!

    First things first, can I just say well done to my team as we actually came 7th out of 20 teams from Britain so we are very very pleased with that. Onto what happened to me, well I picked up a cold on the thursday so my swim and run for the weekend were absolutly rubbish! I shot 880 which I was...
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    If you could hunt with any hunt?

    I hunt with the Quorn, and I have to say of all the places I have been there is nothing which compares with it! I'm very very spoilt in that I am based in big hedge country and I love it, I don't think I would want to go and hunt with another pack tbh!
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    Pony Club Championships this week - roll call

    Ooh Yes, I am :D Will see you there :)
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    Pony Club Championships this week - roll call

    I know most of you already know but I'll be at the tet champs if anyone is going?! Good luck to all those who are competing :)
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Just seen these replys, I have just bought my tent, very excited now :D QDT - No, unfortunatly not :( FBG - Thank you :)
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Thank you all, I have been well prepped on the sports massages, very much looking forward to it! :D Thanks again everyone :)
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Ponymum- We were offered to be extras in that!! But we decided that were weren't entirely well dressed for that kind of thing :p Thanks :)
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Thank you all! :D Flipflop5 - Yeah I'm doing the novice, you? NR99 - I did the intermediate and yeah so I'm told, you don't happen to have any pictures of the course do you? I'd be really interested to see it. Hope your daughter does well at her qualifier, it would be lovely to meet you :)
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Thank you both, you can expect a massive report from the Champs! Another photo a team members dad took:
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    Which saddle do you use to x country?

    This season I'm using a gfs pro event GP which I adore! Its so comfy and even when dougal trys to jump me off.. The saddle helps me to stay on! Last year I used a GFS pro event jump saddle, which I also loved but the seat was slightly too big for me so I kept slipping in it and never truly...
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Lolo - I'm told its a very nice course! Good luck :) TGM - Thanks! My legs were killing me yesturday! I went down to hartpury two years ago to see what it was like and the courses looked enourmous! I'm really scared for it, but equally very very excited! :D Jen_Cots - I'm not sure, after...
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Thanks! I'm in the Quorn Hunt Branch :) Shooting is my favourite part if I'm honest, it's an easy way to make up points if you can shoot well.
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Thanks! :) I wanted to, but I'm actually on holiday for that and the Cottesmore ODE which is really annoying as I missed the Burghley last year as well! Are you?
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Just thought I would do a report of a different kind! So, Saturday dawned and we had the shooting and swimming elements in the afternoon and got to the leisure centre in plenty of time, went into shoot and it was so noisy in the hall! so my concentration was abit off but I still managed to...
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    Elton Hall, P'boro - Fitzwilliam PC ODE

    The Rolleston that they are talking about is the Leicester one, and it is a very lovely course, I did the area qualifiers there last year and it is lovely, very much looking forward to area this year!
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    Exercise sheets!

    My boy doesn't have his back end/bum clipped out but in winter I always ride him in a fleece exercise sheet or if it's raining a water proof one and he never sweats at all, no matter how hard I work the thing ;)
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    Brought a Tear to my Eye....

    That's a girl who I know through hunting, and she is the sweetest girl ever and the pony is gorgeous too!
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    XC with the Exracer. *pics*

    Thank you both, I'm really proud of how he looks atm, all credit can go to his owner who gives me the best advice one could hope for on looking after him, she has owned him 11 years after all. I really do love my pony and am so lucky to have him, especially after all hes been through in his...
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    XC with the Exracer. *pics*

    MMACT - I think the Frog is about 85-90cm but not sure and the duck maybe 95 ish? as a PC branch we've had the frog in a 2ft9 class and the duck in a 3ft3/3ft6 class so make what you will of that! Janey - Thank you, he really is a cross country machine and I've worked really hard to make sure...
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    XC with the Exracer. *pics*

    Took my TB to a pc rally to get my rallys for area today and dougs was a star, he still likes to prove that he's still got it and at 21 he's not past it, beat all the ponies in a gallop up the hill and then behaved like a silly idiot when he was ment to be calming down and threw his toys out the...
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    The cute beige one goes XC

    Cute!! I love the Cute Beige one, need more pics and vids of him! :)
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    Superb Spuglas at Shelford! Pics & vids

    Thank you both! This time last year I was terrified of him, (he's my first proper horse, have always been on ponies) and have worked really hard this last few months to get properly connected :)
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    Superb Spuglas at Shelford! Pics & vids

    Lolo - Yes that's exactly it! You have to let them think it's there idea to do what you want! OG- Thanks! Yeah was abit miffed but nevermind, we shall just have to come 6th or better next time!! :) FGP- Thank you, I love it too! :)
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    Superb Spuglas at Shelford! Pics & vids

    Worst attempt at Alitteration ever. Ah well! Wednesday dawned bright and early at 5am with a slight chill in the air but it was so clear so expected it to warm up later on! Got to the yard and cleaned up the Pony and put him on the lorry with his silly ginger friend and we left on time for...
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    Return from the dark side?!! Shelford ODE report...

    Well done! I think I saw you as you were walking back from SJ, I was walking to SJ but was too chicken to say Hi incase it wasn't you!!
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    WINNING Pingy Pony Pics from MK 3day

    I can't see them :( Have sent a friend request :) Very Well done to you and jockey, must be an amazing feeling!
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    Shelford ODE- BE or Unaff, anyone going? :)

    Yep, I'm about 12th to go I think, look for the crazy turbo-bred bouncing about! :) Good luck to all there :)