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  1. Bri

    Do we in the award for latest and fugliest foal of 2012?!

    My BOGOF finally arrived this weekend... Name suggestions anyone? Also a quick numpty question about rugging. We live on the coast in west wales and to say it rains alot would be an understatement! Do I need to think about rugging him? There's no shelter in the paddock he's in. At the...
  2. Bri

    Help please - do I need to call the vet?

    After a bit of advice on whether I need to get the vet out or not? Still waiting on a BOGOF foal to arrive. Mare has come in this evening with strange swellings on her stomach - I think it may be veins running to her udder. Her udder is hot and harder to the touch then it has been. It's also...
  3. Bri

    How long do you think she has to go?

    Vet confirmed my mare was in foal about 3 weeks ago (BOGOF!) and said she thought about a month or so until she foaled. I've been reading posts on here and info online to as this is all new to me (if anyone can recommend some good websites about foaling would be very greatful?) and from what...
  4. Bri

    First timer - need some advice please

    Hi all, So despite being a lurker on hho for some time, this is the first time I've ventured into the breeding board and would really appreciate some advice please? Have just had a vet confirm a BOGOF on the mare we bought at the end of Nov - estimated that she probably has a month or so...
  5. Bri

    Clipper recommendations? Liveryman Harmony's?

    Could anybody recommend me some clippers please? I currently have Liveryman harmony clippers which I've been less than impressed with. They managed one full clip on a slightly hairy Irish Sport, and then a (very poor) blanket on a Fjord and now they've just given up on me half way through...
  6. Bri

    Field maintenance

    I'm after some advice on field maintenance/management please? We've just bought a place with 8 acres of land after having horses on livery for past 15 years. At the moment the land is immaculate- it looks like a lawn! Just wondering what I need to do to keep it this way & what equipment we'll...
  7. Bri

    Aberystwyth -Horsey community?

    Hi all, We've just had an offer accepted on a property 9 miles outside Aberystwyth in Llanrhystud. I was just wondering if anyone is local to that area and could tell me what the horsey community is like there? Is there a lot going on? Also would be great if anyone is local and fancies...
  8. Bri

    Livery Vs Horses at home?

    Just wondering how many of you have horses at home, and how many on livery? What would you say are the pro's & con's of your situation? And for those who have done both, how different is it having horses at home to keeping them at a livery yard? Thanks all :)
  9. Bri

    Thoughts on selling?

    Just wondering what everyone's opinion was on this... I've got a just turned 5 year old who has been turned away for a year to grow up and find his feet as he was very unbalanced as a 4 year old. Thanks to completely unforeseen circumstances I'm now having to sell him, which I'm gutted about...
  10. Bri

    Full Grass Livery/Recuperation Livery

    Could anyone recommend me somewhere that does full grass livery or retirement/resting livery please? Preferably in the south of england although could go further out if necessary? Thanks very much!
  11. Bri

    How long can you leave brushing boots on for?

    Horse needs to wear them out in the field as he is the clumsiest and most accident prone animal that exists. However he's out over night and I'm worried that 14 or so hours is too long for him to have them on? Am I just being an idiot? :rolleyes:
  12. Bri


    After nerve-blocks and x-rays the vet has discovered significant damage to my 4 year olds navicular bones in both front feet. She commented that it was the sort of wear and tear she expected to see in a teenage/20 something horse. He's off to have an MRI to check for colateral ligament damage...
  13. Bri

    Is anyone from south wales?

    My mum is currently house hunting in south wales and I'm toying of the idea of moving up there as well. Just wondering if anyone can give me any info on what it's like horse-wise up there? Obviously hacking is plentiful, but what about competitions etc? She's looking mainly at places around...
  14. Bri

    Where's the best place to look for a project?

    Looks like my beast is going to be out of action for the foreseeable future so am starting to look for a project to play with in the meantime. I've tried project horses and am absolutely astounded at the prices people are asking. One person who clearly resides on a different planet, wants 5k...
  15. Bri

    Honest opinions - chavvy or not?

    I like these, purely because they are a bit different. But concerned I may look like a complete chav... thoughts?
  16. Bri

    Tripping horse -any ideas?

    This morning my 4 year old tripped whilst being ridden, came down and rolled onto my ankle. 3 hours in A & E and soft tissue and ligament damage later, I'm now feeling a little worse for wear and wondering if anyone could offer some insight. I know it's quite common for youngsters to be a...
  17. Bri

    3.5 tonne horseboxes - anyone had one built to their own specifications?

    Having just sold our 7.5t, we're now on the lookout for a 3.5t. After some helpful advice on here we're looking at one of the renault master/vauxhall movano types. After doing a bit of research online it looks like it may actually be cheaper to get one made from scratch then to buy second hand...
  18. Bri

    Dear wise and knowledgeable members of the CR...

    I thought a bit of flattery would make you want to read more.. ;) I'm in desperate need of some help please, it's going to be a bit of a long one I'm afraid, but please bare with me and I will be eternally grateful! I'm having a whole host of problems with my 4 year old and have come to a...
  19. Bri

    For anyone who has gone travelling - what did you do with your horse?

    I have been offered the most fantastic opportunity to go and work abroad towards the end of the year. I would be working as a guide on horseback safari tours so really would be a dream job :D Really think it's a once in a lifetime sort of offer and would obviously love to take it up, but not...
  20. Bri

    Myler bits

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone can give me an opinion/advice on mylers? My 4yo is currently ridden in a NS training bit which he goes very nicely in. However have had real problems with it causing the skin to break at the corners of his mouth. The vet has said it looks like he will be prone...
  21. Bri

    Opinions on this horsebox?

    What do you think? I know b*gger all about horseboxes (am bad enough with cars) so have no idea if its good or not?
  22. Bri

    Any tips on horsebox hunting?

    We've just sold our 7.5t lorry as my mum could no longer drive it. We're looking to buy a 3.5t, but not really sure where to start! We want something that can be driven on a normal license, and would prefer not to have living if it means a higher payload. Can anyone recommend a particular...
  23. Bri

    If you had a saddle fitted...

    ...And less then 2 weeks later, after riding in it about 4 times your horse had a sore back, what would you do? Put it down to coincidence or assume that the fitter did a not so good job?
  24. Bri

    Horse losing weight & condition..

    Is it normal for a horse to drop off weight & condition if they're having a growth spurt? My 4 year old has suddenly started to look really ropey, and has lost all enthusiasm for being worked. Less than 2 weeks ago he was like a duracell bunny - full of energy & sparkle and always eager to be...
  25. Bri

    Has anyone been successful at coloured showing?

    If so could you post pictures of your horse/pony please? Thinking of doing some coloured classes with my lad, but not sure what judges are looking for? Obviously I know it will vary hugely from judge to judge but would still be nice to see
  26. Bri

    stress Fractures

    Have posted in Vets too but thought I may get more response in here.. After a horrible incident today I now have to spend the next 20 hours waiting to see if horse has stress fracture/s. Anyone have any experience of these? Can anyone put my mind at rest that if the worst happens and he does...
  27. Bri

    Stress Fractures

    After a horrible incident today I now have to spend the next 20 hours waiting to see if horse has stress fracture/s. Anyone have any experience of these? Thanks.
  28. Bri

    Need some help with delinquent dog please!!

    Have never posted in here before so please be nice I was hoping for some advice or ideas on what to do with delinquent puppy who keeps running away. We have a 1 year old JRT and a 6 month old Lab, both bitches and best of friends. When we first had JR had real trouble with her just making a...
  29. Bri

    Exercise Rugs

    About to bid on ebay but confused by sizings? How do they work? Equestrian Clearance says 4"6 is equivalent to cob - but seller says it fits her 16.2hh horse? Would 4"6 fit a 15hh ISH - size 6ft rugs? Don't want to bid for it if it's going to be huge on him! Thanks in advance
  30. Bri

    Anyone else feeling like this..?

    Sorry wrong place!!