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  1. Rupert2006

    Horse not helping regain my confidence

    I bought my first horse after a long break of owning my own horse - he is a 14 year old TB. I bought him last May. We have built up a good relationship, he is an angel to handle on the ground, albeit he was a bit nervous in the beginning, as was I - I hacked him out without any problems and...
  2. Rupert2006

    Does Soya oil give TB's lots of energy?

    I have recently started giving my TB soya oil in his feed as I was told at our feed merchants that it is good for joints - he is a bit stiff behind - I was under the impression that Linseed was good for joints as well, but they told me this was not the case (I keep getting conflicting...
  3. Rupert2006

    Moody and rude ned when it comes to food

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice - I have had my ned for about 7 months now - he is a 14 year old TB. He was in poor condition when I got him and lost a lot of weight - he is now in much better condition and has a nice round belly - however, he has developed a really agressive attitude...
  4. Rupert2006

    Field Politics - what would u do?

    I have been at my livery yard for just over 4 months - in that time my horse has been bullied quite a bit, so has moved fields a total of 4 times - the fourth time being to the field he is in now and a result of another livery leaving the yard. (The third time he moved he was in a field on his...
  5. Rupert2006

    Crumbling frogs

    I have recently noticed that my ned's feet, namely the frogs, are crumbling away when I pick out his feet - they smell a bit as well. He got a stone stuck into his frog and it has left a hole, although he isn't lame. This has come on over the last few days as far as I am aware. What is it...