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  1. keri66

    Arabs as Sport Horses

    My Arab is fab. Easiest horse I've ever owned. Ex racer Jumped affiliated Showed Hacks out in company or alone . I wouldn't swap her for anything. As unflappable as it's possible for horse to be. Having lost my bottle this mare gave it back She is worth her weight in gold and is beyond...
  2. keri66

    Tracking down freeze marks

    My sec b has a diamond freeze mark which I had done 24 years ago but for the life of me I can't remember who did it . I still have the paperwork. I will dig it out and look
  3. keri66

    Black rabbit

    We have loads by my home By the yard we had an escapee white bunny who sired a lot of little while bunnies for a few years . Sadly they have gradually died out
  4. keri66

    Very small children on a livery yard - driving me mad.

    I have a clause in our contract saying children must be supervised at all times. I don't think I could now be on a yard with a lot of young children. I moved from one very similar. Nothing was going to be done as they were the yard owners grand kids Everytime the child was by me I would...
  5. keri66

    Mongol bits?

    I think it was the Visigoths who sacked Rome. I think Geughis Khan died before they got there.☺
  6. keri66

    What Annoys you.....

    Everything lol But I'm tired and grumpy
  7. keri66

    if you didnt have a horse (horses) what would you do?

    Have nice manicured nails. No straw in my hair. No mud on my clothes A decent car And money 😆
  8. keri66

    Being a horsey person in a public place

    People might stare but I don't care enough to notice lol. Ive had one or two people sniff I just say it's my perfume au de cheval wee wee and that it costs a fortune ☺
  9. keri66

    round bales...........

    £30 per bale lasts 5 days. 16.1hh 14.2 hh 14 hh youngster 16 hh yongster
  10. keri66

    Rescue horses being sent to UK

    Better to have euthanized and spent the remaining money helping others
  11. keri66

    Rescue horses being sent to UK

    That's the kind of thing I mean Stormox
  12. keri66

    Rescue horses being sent to UK

    It's also the sick and lame which they spend a fortune on with no hope of rehoming. Rescues need to be more objective.
  13. keri66

    I hate having a livery yard :(

    Sack the bloody lot of them
  14. keri66

    I'm so excited...!!!

    😊 happy for you Enjoy
  15. keri66

    Does anyone have an uncomplicated horse?!!

    Yep my Arab. Easiest horse in the world. ☺ Absolutely adore her
  16. keri66

    Freezemarking opinions?

    Always had mine done. Never been makes down showing (county or local ) and it was on the shoulder so very visible Had my filly done as soon as she turned one. I have 2 personal freeze marks cost £75.
  17. keri66

    Charges for electricity while clipping- AIBU?

    Daydreamer I can't stand it when livery yards are so petty when you hand in notice. For heavens sake it's business. If anyone hands me their notice I accept it and wish them well. I do ask if I can know why but if they don't want to say it's fine.
  18. keri66

    More than 20 horses found in Derbyshire

    I've just seen something on Facebook about this . It appears not to be as many as stated. Also people don't change chips over because some companies charge £15 which is excessive for 5 minutes work on a pc. At one tine it cost £5 which is reasonable The same with passports
  19. keri66

    Crossbred names

    Now you have given them names you can ask treble the price lol
  20. keri66

    Allergic to Turmeric?

    My friend's mare was allergic to it Was absolutely fine when taken off it. She contacted the feed company and was told they had never experienced adverse reactions to it before
  21. keri66

    Attempted theft of 3yo coloured cob

    How long does it take the stock spray to come off.? I have a heavy hairy coloured filly. She is freeze marked. Admittedly I'm in Lancashire and they probably couldn't load the little madam lol but better safe than sorry ☺
  22. keri66


    So seriously what does constitute proof of ownership? Passports don't. Freeze mark? Microchip?
  23. keri66

    how much will a three year old grow?

    The dentist was adamant that my horse was a year older than he actually was.. I knew exactly how old he was I got him as a 6 month old. Age by teeth is not always acurate
  24. keri66

    Mice in the tackroom!

    We send the miniature poodle in. He is a demon. Loves murdering things . Sigh
  25. keri66

    Best horse names

    We have a Tango, Neville who is a big wb foal, Joss, Lucy the Arab, Sieben and Chanel. We had dogs called Philip, Harvey, Malteaser, Munchies, Baby, Bagel and Crumpet. Oh and Doughnut lol
  26. keri66

    Verm-X? Is it a wormer?

    My friend uses it in conjunction with worm counts she is very pleased with it
  27. keri66

    Who's got the dirtiest stable competition.

    Me. My filly is vile and disgusting 😢
  28. keri66

    Would the seller put you off buying a horse?

    I don't think I would mind if it wasn't too invasive ☺
  29. keri66

    How the heck

    To those genuinely needing help I'm willing to give and have no issues with this regardless of how much they receive. To the scroungers I would not p**s on them if they were on fire. Like Majors I have worked all my life even when doctors told me not to because I had no choice I had to...