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  1. mollichop

    Abscess healed yet or not?

    Horse came in hopping lame last Tuesday so 1 week today. Farrier was fab and was there within half an hour to remove shoe and make a small exit hole. Have been using Animalintex, hot poulticing and keeping it covered but he's been turned out 24/7. Started to weight bear much better after...
  2. mollichop

    For those who use rubber matting

    I don't - but this seems cheap. Not sure about the quality or sizing but it may be of use to someone! :)
  3. mollichop

    Yard duty charges

    Due to a change in circumstances, I may have to get some help with my horses this winter. What would you expect to pay someone for the following jobs? 2 horses, easy to do in all respects. They live out 24/7 but have access to 2 large bedded down barns. so rug check - poss change, top up...
  4. mollichop

    Companion ponies

    Will be moving my mare soon to a field I am renting. Currently she has a gelding in with her and 2 other horses in the filed next to her. The field she will be going to has no other horse fields nearby so I will have to get something to keep her company. I have done a search on here to see...
  5. mollichop

    Ebay ad made me laugh!

    Try before you buy :D
  6. mollichop

    Groomers - will coat grow back as before?

    My friend has just phoned me in tears :( her Malamute is currently at the groomers having a bath and groom as her coat has become matted. The groomer has said he cannot get them out and suggested shaving it. She agreed to her tummy where the matting is but not a close shave as a compromise...
  7. mollichop

    For those who's dogs sleep on the bed...

    ... look familiar? :D I am no stranger to a paw in the chops :mad:
  8. mollichop

    Just had a row with another dog walker!

    In a big field and bloke with a young setter is coming towards me - it's off lead as are my two. As we pass they have a sniff and he grabs his dog by the scruff and literally drags it past with front legs off the floor and hind legs dragging. Proceeds to drag it 20 or so yards so I...
  9. mollichop


    My parents old lab Webster came to stay with me last week while they were on holiday. He had a fab time, playing with my 2, bimbling about in the horses fields and going to the meet up last weekend. He is 13 and has a very quiet life with my parents. His face dropped when Mum came to...
  10. mollichop

    Busybody alert!

    O.k I'm walking the dogs past my local riding schools turnout field where I'm surprised to see nearly all their native Little ones have got medium weight rugs on - some with full necks :-( It is half past 4 and 19 degrees here! The field has little to no shade since they fenced the trees off...
  11. mollichop

    Anyone watching Crufts on more 4?

    Just seen the utility group - Frank the Frenchie was fab! Also thought the Akita and Shar-Pei were really nice examples :-)
  12. mollichop

    Teenagers in my field

    Have been informed by the elderly woman who lives opposite my horses field that 3 girls (approx 16-18) were trying to get on mine and my friends horses yesterday lunchtime. Good luck with mine if you can get on you won't be up there long! My friend's however, is 24 and a very trusting boy who...
  13. mollichop

    Out of date dog food

    I have been given some fish4dogs salmon mousse pouches that have a use by date of March this year - my friend was going to bin them. I plan to freeze them and give as frozen treats when it's hot. As mine are fed raw and used to eating things a bit manky :p do you think this is o.k or can I...
  14. mollichop

    Poor old boy!

    Got chatting to a lovely old man in his 70's a few months ago. He lost his wife a while back and was telling me his mini Shnauzer is his only companion and goes everywhere with him. They used to make me laugh as they both had identicle little grey moustaches and big bushy grey eyebrows :D...
  15. mollichop

    Dressing up dogs

    Does make me laugh (not making them wear it all day) but just for the sake of a pic :) So can I see yours please, who was it last year in the riding hat with spaniel ears tucked in to hairnet? :D Otto? Mine from last Sat: Retro Hector He looks like the singer from 'Curiosity killed...
  16. mollichop

    Dogs and gardens

    On the recent footpath thread, a point was raised re a dog having access to a large garden. When i'm walking my 2 (big) dogs, people often say to me "ooh you must have a big garden for those 2" :confused: Why? they only want to go out there when I put the washing out :D I know plenty of...
  17. mollichop

    Make yourselves at home!

    When I leave the boys to go to work, Hecty is usually on his armchair and Pads on the sofa in the front room. When I get in a few hours later, the armchair is always trashed and collapsed :mad: Every day I ask them if they've had a good party while i've been gone :D So I have just been...
  18. mollichop

    What could cause these lumps? (pics)

    Also in NL. On one of our liveries. Been there for over a week, in her gullet, 2 soft swellings. She is eating, drinking and working normally. Change in humidity? Hormonal? Owner was going to call the vet but I said i'd ask here first.
  19. mollichop

    What has caused these lumps? (pics)

    Also in Veterinary. On one of our liveries. In her gullet, 2 swellings soft to touch and don't bother her. They have been there for over a week now. She is eating, drinking and working normally. Change in humidity? hormonal? Owner was going to call vet out but I said i'd ask on here first.
  20. mollichop

    The boys do agility (pics)

    So to keep them fit and busy until shooting starts, we have been going to agility a couple of times a week. Hector finds it all very dull and prefers to play with his mates but Pads has really taken to it. Appologies for the gurning (me, not them :p) "Oops I broked the tunnel - tis...
  21. mollichop

    RuthnMeg is this your neighbour? :eek: :D
  22. mollichop

    Kennel beds/bedding

    What do you use? My boyfriends dogs will chew most up so I suggested straw but he thinks they'll get mites (yeah cos i'll get the shittiest, mouldiest bales I can find :rolleyes:) Paper would get pulled out and dragged through the water bowls. What do you all use that is pretty vandal proof...
  23. mollichop

    Lycra ear covers?

    Recently bought some cotton Roma ones as they help my mare no end but although they're a good fit headwise - the ear flaps are huge and she has medium sized ears. Think it annoys her as she's constantly twitching them (although it has stopped her head shaking). Have seen better fitting ones...
  24. mollichop

    Butcher not wanting me to feed raw chicken

    Went to my usual supplier, different bloke serving but he knows I go in once a week to get dog bits. I got some lamb scragg and asked if he had any chicken carcasses (sp?) left as they are usually kept back for me. He asked if they were for the dogs and I said yes. He raised his eyes and said...
  25. mollichop

    Veteran competition horses

    Could you please help settle a 'discussion' :D between my mum and a guy she works with. He very much likes the sound of his own voice and thinks he is the oracle on anything and everything. He said to mum that horses retire from competing around 15. Now I know of many horses competing (and...
  26. mollichop

    Annette4 - Seen this?

    You + this many corgis = heaven! :D
  27. mollichop

    My horse on youtube without permission

    Arrived at the horses field with my friend (we share) Saturday afternoon to find a man at the gate with his phone out. Said to her I hope he hasn't been feeding them. The field is at the end of a disused lane that leads to an old railway line. There is nothing but farm buildings and one house...
  28. mollichop

    Built new stables yesterday (pics)

    Converted the stone barn into 2 large stables with rear view aspect and also the adjoining pony barn. Sorry they're not in order but you get the idea. It took 4 and a half hours. Just need to concrete yard once i've saved some pennies :o Dazzle inspecting for food Jim in his finished...
  29. mollichop

    Not that hungry then!

    Over the winter the boys had raw pheasant a few times a month and wolfed it down. Hit one on the road Monday night :( shame, but free brekkie I thought so didn't defrost any chicken for them. Did the usual skinnning and halving of it then lobbed onto patio........ to both dogs disgust. Noses...
  30. mollichop

    On another Crufts note

    What's with the constant treat feeding? I understand it helps hold the dogs attention and carriage, much like picking grass for show horses when in-hand. However, they seemed to constantly have a biscuit/treat shoved half in their mouth :confused: The boxers handler was the worst offender...