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  1. dreamcometrue

    Face protection from freezing wind

    I have lots of thermal layers for my body but I need something to stop my lower face freezing. All I can find when I search are balaclavas where only your eyes are left showing or actual COVID-type face masks. Has anyone found anything that works well?
  2. dreamcometrue

    Riding in a thunderstorm

    I’ve been looking at the Met Office forecast which gives warnings of localised thunderstorms over the next few days. They give advice about what to do if you are caught in a thunderstorm if you are e.g walking or in your car, but what do you do if you are riding? Do you dismount? Our...
  3. dreamcometrue

    Thicker coat on one side.

    My pony has a thicker coat on one side (left) than on the other side. I notice it most when she is moulting or when I am clipping her. Is this common or is she just strange? She’s a Connemara cross.
  4. dreamcometrue

    EMS and swollen thyroid.

    Has anyone got any experience of an enlarged thyroid in a horse? Especially along with EMS. A bit of background: I have had my Connemara 4 years, she had an episode of laminitis shortly after I bought her and she has never had it since as I manage her weight and diet carefully. She put...
  5. dreamcometrue

    Leaning on right rein

    Hi. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent my pony leaning on the right rein? She favours the left side and so leans on the right rein. I am recovering from surgery on my right shoulder and this leaning is getting painful. I am hacking her in walk six days per week as part of a...
  6. dreamcometrue

    How do I get rid of this?

    Please! Meaning this grey box thing below my posts that used to be a pretty picture of my boy. Thanks in anticipation x
  7. dreamcometrue

    Older riders - did you downsize at a certain age?

    I will be 60 next year and I have quite a forward and sensitive Welsh D mare. I am beginning to wonder whether she is the horse to take me through my next decade. More and more I am just wanting to hack out quietly. So some good advice and experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. dreamcometrue

    First test (daughter para rider)

    Hi all. An update on my daughter (lost left leg 2 years ago) and her new horse. Today they did their first dressage test (Intro B). First dressage test for both of them. First outing for horse and first time ridden on grass. They were brilliant :) Some photos: Warming up Afterwards...
  9. dreamcometrue

    Driver hit ponies ridden by young girls.

    Please share this and let's get him caught. Disgraceful.
  10. dreamcometrue

    Riding boots for prosthetic leg

    Well today me and daughter went to Rideaway shopping for horsey accessories. We had a hard time finding some boots for her prosthetic foot. It doesn't bend and simply will not go into boots with a zip at the side, laces at the front, zip at the back or any other combination of openings...
  11. dreamcometrue

    Update on my (disabled) daughter

    Hi. Several people asked if I would post updates on my daughter who lost a leg in an accident in 2012. I would post the link to the original post but I don't know how! Anyway, in March she had a lesson which was her first time back on a horse since her accident and walked, trotted and...
  12. dreamcometrue

    This bit for a young horse?

    We have just bought a young ISH, recently broken in. He is currently in this bit. Has anyone used one of these before? It isn't one I have come across. Is it okay for a young horse? Thanks
  13. dreamcometrue

    First step towards para dressage

    For those of you who joined the debate about a disabled riders forum. I thought some who pmd me might like to know of my daughter's journey towards para dressage. So today we went to a local RDA for her to be assessed to see which category of disability she would be placed in when competing...
  14. dreamcometrue

    Beware Silsden, Addingham, Keighley areas thefts

    Hi. I am sending out a warning to take great care to secure vehicles and trailers in this area. This week a trailer was stolen from a yard very near mine and last night a Range Rover was taken from the farm next door to us. We are in Silsden.
  15. dreamcometrue

    Mares in season!

    Anybody else got this going on? Both mares at our yard are in season. We are wondering if it is because people arrive at 6am and put lights on and then others arrive at 4pm and put lights on so the "daylight hours" have been artificially extended.
  16. dreamcometrue

    Ariat Derwent H2O - opinions please

    Hi My Toggi Canyon boots have finally had it after 2 years of constant wear. I loved them but am looking for a replacement and I although I would happily get another pair I would be interested to read opinions on Ariat Derwent H2O boots as I have heard such good things about Ariat boots...
  17. dreamcometrue

    Recommend a good book/DVD to help me ride better

    I am one of those riders who had a lesson at the age of 11 to make sure I could stay on at walk and trot and then spent the next 40 years happily riding. Now I have a green horse (sec D) who my trainer and I are bringing on. She has been lunged fortnightly by my trainer since January and I have...
  18. dreamcometrue

    Flies on mares

    Has anyone got any good methods of keeping the flies off a mare's teats? I am hesitant to spray fly spray on them because it is bare skin and might irritate. Thanks
  19. dreamcometrue

    Dog whistles!

    Great to have a whistle for your dog that no human ear can hear. However my horse most certainly can hear it! Why do they have to blow them incessantly?
  20. dreamcometrue

    Bay horse - what colour tack?

    I am in the process of buying a new saddle for my bay mare (sec D). She is medium bay, quite dark in winter. I am a bit of a traditionalist and veer towards havanna but there seems to be a lot of black about these days so I am thinking about it. I am after a VSD type saddle and we...
  21. dreamcometrue

    People hiding when you hack

    Why do they do it? Especially people with dogs. They see you coming and ensconce themselves in the hedgerow, in a gateway or behind a tree so your horse then thinks they are waiting there to catch and eat them. I had to ask several to come out and show themselves please because my horse...
  22. dreamcometrue

    Me and my girl

    I lost my beloved horse in September and bought this young mare soon after. Bought with my head rather than my heart. I knew she would be good for me but had no love in my body because of the grief of losing him. 9 months on and finally we have clicked. This is the first picture in which...
  23. dreamcometrue

    Wrong canter lead on lunge

    Friday afternoon is lunging time for Teg my Welsh D and very much enjoyed by both of us. I have noticed that when she is on the right rein she always gets the correct leg in canter but on the left rein she invariably sets off on the wrong leg so I bring her back to trot and ask for canter...
  24. dreamcometrue

    Stroppy mare when belly brushed - how to tackle

    My mare objects very strongly to having her belly brushed. Ears back, stomps around and will threaten to bite. If she is tied up she moves her back end around to get away. She will let me touch her belly and doesn't mind the girth or rug being done up. As so as I approach with a brush of...
  25. dreamcometrue

    Rearing in stable

    I got a sec D mare a few months ago. She is delightful. However, in the last week she has reared a couple of times in the stable when I was in there with her. Not very high and she din't strike out, it was more like playfulness or being a bit tetchy. She is 7 years old but spent the...
  26. dreamcometrue

    What makes a good livery?

    As in a person with a horse at a livery yard. And are you one?
  27. dreamcometrue

    running martingale - with or without hunter breastplate

    Hi Could anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of a running martingale with a hunter breastplate compared to an ordinary running martingale. Thanks :)
  28. dreamcometrue

    Lame horse not bearing weight on heels - any suggestions

    Help please! Both vet and farrier nonplussed. My horse has become lame in his hinds after years of being totally sound. He rests each hind leg in turn when standing and was also scraping his toes along the ground when walked. He also seems to be standing on his toes and not bearing weight...
  29. dreamcometrue

    Stanley's Guide to Equitation Volume 1

    Much is written to aid riders in the Art of Equitation but does anyone ever offer such advice to the horse itself? No! Therefore, through our deep level of communication, Stan has proffered these pointers to pass on to his fellow equines. Accepting the bit. All part of bridling up and, of...
  30. dreamcometrue

    Phantom pregnancies and seasons

    Hi. Our English Springer bitch is on a cycle of seasons followed by phantom pregnancies and we are unable to get her neutered as the cycle is continuous from one to the other without a break. The vet told us that until she is in a "normal" phase they cannot perform the surgery. Any ideas...