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    Those who Jump in glasses - advice needed

    Well, I've known for a while I have been having problems focusing on the take off spot when jumping. So, tonight I jumped in my driving glasses. Well what a difference. I could actually see the jump and it made a big difference allround. Now I need some glasses to jump in. Do I just...
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    Does anyone go to Markfield BS?

    As title, have just joined BS and Markfield run every week, so handy to pop along. Have you got any top tips, likes or dislikes. And will I be able to take the dog? Most important question really. :D:D
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    My BS adventures at Field House!!

    After a bit of a 'no year' last year due to ill horses, broken dogs, and a dislocated finger, this year I decided to give myself a challenge. So, I have been dabbling in a bit of BS. First couple of times out I did 80cm, once went double clear and the second time he just messed about as...
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    BS rule (A7) RULE: 318 90cm Amateurs question.

    So, I'm off to Field House Sunday for my 3rd attempt at BS. This time I'm not doing the 80cm, last time out he was just messing about over them and I didn't ride him forward enough. So, I'm going in at BN then doing the 90cm Amateur. But as I'm still on a ticket until after my holidays, I...
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    Veteran insurance - help needed

    Help, I need veteran horse insurance for our 24year old. He just hacks and does riding club. Need liability insurance and vets fees. Please don't suggest Petplan or NFU. x
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    Need to practice long arena dressage test in short arena. Ideas

    As title really. My next Arena ODE dressage test is in a long arena but we have a 60x40 at the yard. How do you practice? Have thought about squashing all the movents into our arena, or do I just practice some of he movements and not ride the full test? I don't want to ride it over and...
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    17.5" saddle or 17" help needed

    I know the difference is obvious, but I have a 17.5" saddle at the moment, and have been after a new one. I can only find 17" though in the style and make I want. I am 5'6" tall. Do any of you this height or more ride on 17" saddles or do you think its too small?
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    Are there any Barnsby saddles out there!!

    Im looking for a second hand barnsby GP 17.5 Wide in brown. I have looked on ebay and preloved and they are all medium. Getting really fed up of trying now. Sorry for the moan. will go back in my shell now. :(
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    Ashbourne, Derbys. People..

    Have you got snow? We are planning on coming over on Tuesday shopping. :D:D
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    Help, Can't do girth up, Mick blowing out

    I don't know why I have never asked you lot this question before - but here goes. When I do Micks girth up he blows his belly out, so much that I can only use an Aerborn Humane girth and do one buckle up at a time. I have no problem with this, but I would like to use other girths. I bought...
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    Clip, Lesson and Vale View

    Hi, I thought I would tell you about my weekend. Saturday morning the boys were clipped, Shiney had from withers to belly - where his sweaty bits are and Mick had a hunter clip with the saddle patch off. ;) Lesson - Got back to the yard at 1pm for my lesson, realised I only had a cotton...
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    What bit do you show jump & xc in?

    I have always used a waterford and Mick has been really happy, but he went lame over the summer which has resulted in me not jumping for 11 weeks. I have been doing lots of flatwork in an Eldonian snaffle and he is going lovely, have gone from 60% average dressage to 68.7% last time out. On...
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    Another Dressage Report

    We had entered OH and Shiney in todays dressage at Eland, but as Shiney has been out a lot recently we decided to give him a break, so I took Mickey. Well, I don't often take Mick to dressage as we tend to jump when we go out. Dressage has always been my weakest phase even though we try...
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    Shiney's ODE Pics from Eland. (also in CR)

    I just had to share these pics with you all in New Lounge. Shiney is 23 years young. We gave him a run out at Eland last week and came 7th. Hope you like him. x
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    Shiney's ODE outing at Eland PICs..

    We are so proud of our old boy I just had to share him with you. Not bad for 23 years old is he. xx Thanks for looking.
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    Eland Lodge ODE report

    OH kindly entered me in the Eland ODE on his 23 year old cob Shiney aka The Wise One. This seemed like a good idea when we had talked about it.. I suppose the large glass of wine I was drinking at the time helped.. :rolleyes: Until I realised earlier this week that I had to do the dressage on...
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    SFAS Pics of Shiney

    Hi, got some pics of mates camera from my 'nearly qualification' to Hoys. Hope you can see them and like. x
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    SFAS, an amazing afternoon.

    Took the husbands 23 year old cob to Vale View for the hoys qualifier. Everything was scrubbed and sparkling to within an inch of its life.. Then I had major panic attacks that we weren't going to be good enough and would get pulled in last.. so, my trusty mate Karen who groomed for me calmed...
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    Dressage report, We're off to the National Finals!

    Last year I qualified for UK chasers regionals on OH's 23 year old cob, getting 70% on our last outing.:) So, we went yesterday to the Regional final at Eland Lodge. Was rather worried I wouldn't even make it as there was a wide load on the A50 and it meant we were crawling along at 35mph...
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    Another 'ask the experts' question, do I use studs on hard ground?

    As the title really, OH says I can't put studs in Mick if the ground is hard? I haven't used studs for 30 years, so what do you all do? Ps. I do appreciate that a lot of you may answer that you don't run, which is a decision I may have to make.
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    What do you use on legs after running xc?

    After running at Eland in May, Micks legs were puffy for a few days after. I'm not running him now until Stafford, but already I'm worrying about what to use after running xc. I have been looking at Aerborn Cool boots, which you only get 2, so do you buy 2 sets, and how do you use them...
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    OH's lesson today at Vale View

    OH's lesson today at Vale View. I think they both did really well. John has never jumped in an arena with a course of jumps up, its the first time they have jumped away from home. Onwards and upwards now, looking for some small classes to gain experience. Rather a personal post really...
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    Lesson at Vale View Friday, Eland OD Sunday

    Well, my weekend started Friday with a lesson with John Steels at Vale View. I started with my homework on the flat which he had given me from last time.. stop tapping with my leg, and work on my canter to halt. So I showed off my handywork, and John was impressed. then I jumped a x pole a few...
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    MandyMoo, where are you, you won!

    Don't think you knew as you weren't at the presentation.. 5.45pm! But you came first in your section at Eland. Well done xx
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    I did it..But I was nearly sick after

    I found the 'bean' I was wiping Mick down tonight with a damp cloth after riding him and it must have felt nice for him as he flopped his mate out (penis).. So, I grabbed it, washed it, and went in search of the bean. Well, I moved the flap of skin as instructed on a post I read earlier in...
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    Showing - Reins question. Opinions welcome

    Hi, My husband is 62 and in the past broke both wrists which weren't set correctly, hence gets a lot of pain in them. He is showing his cob this year and we are starting out in a snaffle. But, would like to show in a pelham over the summer but we don't think he will be able to use 2 reins. To...
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    Where to buy mans hacking jacket

    We are looking for a hacking jacket for my OH and are struggling to find a decent choice. He is a size 40. Any ideas?
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    Looks like the snow's going

    Have just seen the weather forecast and the weekend is looking good. So, am planning on riding Saturday and Sunday. But beware - Sunday is forecast to be 7 degrees, so I will make sure I get on before the flood!
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    Do you like my new avatar?

    I know its not competition chat.. but who's even getting on their horses!! So, Do you like the westie watching his doggie programme?
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    Do you like my new avatar?

    The westie was actually behaving himself, watching a doggie programme. Bless him, he is so cute.