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  1. alexomahony

    Chatsworth AE

    Has anyone entered? I’m in the 90 on Saturday... last comp was Frickley AE last year 😅 Don’t compete often but when I do I choose an international HT 😂 Has anyone done it before?
  2. alexomahony

    Anyone considering clipping yet?

    As the title really! Grooming my connie tonight and he is becoming quite fluffy quite quickly! Tempted to have him clipped before Frickley 🤦‍♀️ Never had to consider it so early before!
  3. alexomahony

    To go or not to go…. Opinions needed

    I’m booked to go on a pleasure ride tomorrow but my horse’s shoe has slipped a few millimetres. It’s not bothering him, he’s sound and I’ve given it a good prod with a hoof pick and it isn’t bothering him at all. I’m really torn on whether to go or not. I was really looking forward to it and...
  4. alexomahony

    Horsey weight watchers

    I’ve started this thread to share weight loss tips and progress of our equine pals. Many of you will relate when I say it’s hard work to keep a good doer slim at this time of year! Couple that with arthritis so only light work and you get a real headache! My Welsh started the summer off in a...
  5. alexomahony

    Sarcoids, warts or scars that I’ve just never noticed?

    Today I found these funny little things on my gelding’s sheath - I can’t say I’ve never noticed them before and I’m sure I would have if they were there but I’m doubting myself a little. Are these the scars for the entry point of gelding or do you think sarcoids or similar? I’ve taken a photo...
  6. alexomahony

    This week...

    Is anyone else stressing about all this rain plus bright sunshine in between causing crazy grass growth? how are you dealing with it? I plan on getting up extra early in the morning before work to create an even smaller area that I can then strip graze.
  7. alexomahony

    Riders you admire and why

    A nice motivational Monday post on a snowy hard-to-get-motivated day! Which riders do you admire and why? I could watch Laura Collett all day - I love that she lets the horses ‘play’ while they work (helps being able to stick to them like glue when they do!) Some time last year I came across...
  8. alexomahony

    Top Spec Lite

    My horses have been on Top Spec Lite now for about 8 months and one of them, who’s never needs back shoes is now *possibly* needing them - I just have a feeling it’s possibly linked and I’d like to avoid it if I can. They were on Pure Easy before TS, and just Happy Hoof before that (no...
  9. alexomahony

    Waiting for the first frost to worm...

    I’ve got my wormers ready to go, just waiting on the first frost to come... do we still do this? What if it never comes? It’s so mild atm (15degC yest!) I’m reluctant to go ahead but would normally be worming around now. What’s everyone else doing in this odd climate?
  10. alexomahony

    Usual placid horse attacking others

    Bit of an odd one, but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced something like this. My Connie Sky is generally indifferent to other horses, not overly friendly, but generally ignores them if in fields next door or when new to the herd & and is fine to hack out and travel with any other...
  11. alexomahony

    XC clinic report

    Hi guys So after a winter holiday, I've been getting back into the swing of things with Sky with arena hire with and without fences and as it was all going so well I thought I'd be a nice treat for us both to do something a bit more fun so went to a local yard for a XC clinic! We hired a very...
  12. alexomahony

    Flies this year!

    Is it because it’s warm and wet? I’ve never known them as bad as they are this year! My poor boy came in tonight with an awful bite or sting on his face 🥺 is anyone else having extra issues this year?
  13. alexomahony

    Arena hire (show jump course) report - just a bit of a proud post <3

    WHOOP eventually I've jumped a course again! Sky hasn't jumped a full course since going on holiday in November! We've jumped the odd log and barrel and went XC training but haven't actually jumped a SJ'ing course with fillers in a long long time... hired our usual arena on sat morning and...
  14. alexomahony

    Would you put a rug on a wet horse?

    I always like to make sure my horses are dry before I put a turn out rug on them, but I know some people just thrown them on wet, to prevent them getting wetter. As far as I'm aware there's no right or wrong answer these days as TO rugs are breathable, but I always bring mine in to dry first...
  15. alexomahony

    Show me you’re happiest photo! (Pictures)

    This was today whilst riding my Connie Sky - he was fab and so forward and lovely but not spooky and stupid. Had a great ride :D Nothing About my position on this photo is perfect but it doesn’t matter because we are free and happy. Share your silly happy photos :)
  16. alexomahony

    Does anyone recognise this logo?

    As the title says really! I’ve bought this girth as it’s the shoulder avoiding shape I’ve been looking for and seemed quite the bargain. Does anyone recognise the brand logo? Thanks!
  17. alexomahony

    Feeding a balancer

    I’ve just moved mine onto TopSpec Joint Balancer. it’s saying to feed 400g for a 400KG horse - this is about a pint a day. Seems a huge amount... is this normal or am I getting it totally wrong?
  18. alexomahony

    Horse doesn't like hi-fi

    My horse is turning into a cat I'm sure! I get them Hi-Fi lite just to have a handful with a vits and mins supplement - Sky doesn't like it. So, I give him the benefit of the doubt, read a few things on here where horses aren't a fan and to try the molasses free instead... so I go get a bag of...
  19. alexomahony

    Anyone watching the Bury Farm Bareback challenge?

    As above^^
  20. alexomahony

    This weather!

    It's warm, but wet and windy, then cold, then warm - fluctuating from 3 deg - 13 deg in the space of two days. It's official - I've picked the worst year ever to turn my horses out 24/7! The heat means, ideally, I'd have one of them in a rain sheet and the other in a 200g, yet because of how...
  21. alexomahony

    Heavyweight turnout rug(standard neck!)

    Hi guys i'm hunting for a heavyweight standard neck turnout rug (or detachable neck) ideally 300g plus so I can put my connie in it and give his mane a chance to grow back after a few months in a neck rug has all but ruined 1/2 of it! If you see any good deals, let me know :) Thanks!
  22. alexomahony

    Olympia last night - Dressage Freestyle

    Just wow - I loved the big grey, Charlotte and Carl were both lovely, Lottie's horse was stunning - and you know what was lovely... most the horses seemed much more relaxed than usual... maybe the other nations are taking note of Carl and Charlotte's turn out and hacking regimes?! A bit of tail...
  23. alexomahony

    Having horses without a car

    Does anyone manage with this? With the horses now turned out for winter, I will now only be going up on a weekend and they'll be getting checked/watered through the week for me. To help save money, I've decided to only going to use my car on a weekend to go to the yard, though my car is being...
  24. alexomahony

    Tips to keep horses happy whilst living out all through winter

    This is going to be my first winter doing this - to help on costs, time and to give them some proper time off barring the grey going for the odd hack on a weekend. Any tips to help keep them as happy as possible? They have plenty space, are together for company and will have grass plus ad lib...
  25. alexomahony

    Billy Stud auction

    Did anyone watch it? I kept popping back to see what prices they were going for and while some were mind-blowing money, others were achievable - which excites me as if I ever find myself in a position where I can buy a horse (rather than be gifted one that no one else wants), The Billy Stud...
  26. alexomahony

    Dressage scoring

    *disclaimer - I'm not competitive, so please don't read this as though i'm a sore loser - i'm just curious to see if this is normal in dressage* Does anyone else wonder where the judges head was at when you see dressage scores? I'm by no means saying my test was world beating - it wasn't, my...
  27. alexomahony

    Badly designed girths

    How many have you been through? I've been dreaming about owning one of those snazzy Mark Todd short leather event girths since I bought my new saddle - though at a pricey £80-90, I thought better of it. I went with a Thorowgood girth for the meantime till I could find my dream MT girth at a...
  28. alexomahony

    Do grey horses always look awful when first clipped?!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else experience issues clipping grey horses? I just can't seem to avoid lines - my chestnut looks fab after being clipped - shiny, line free and smooth. My grey always comes out looking tram liney and unever. Please tell me it's not just me!
  29. alexomahony

    Something a little different - Barrel Racing! *Pictures*

    Last Sunday I decided to do something a little different with Sky to break things up for him and just have a bit of fun, so we went to a clinic run fantastically by Sami at Heartlands Barrel Racing called 'An Introduction to Barrel Racing' at Bishop Burton. Well WHAT A BLAST! Seriously...
  30. alexomahony

    Competition report: Frickley 80cm Arena Eventing

    Last year my friend entered this with her old eventer, and I went along as groom and was so impressed by the course I made a note to enter the next year. Sky has been pretty sticky on recent outings and being a bit naughty and nappy out SJ'ing so I thought he'd enjoy a change and he LOVES...