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    Stolen Rug

    Could you please tell me which type of paint you used to mark your rug. I'm looking to do mine which are all Amigo/Rhino stable and turnouts. Thanks
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    Best 100g Turnout for 12.2 Pony

    Hi. I'm a real fan of Horseware rugs, our 11.2 section A has loads and would really recommend the Rhino Wug as it sits further up the neck, doesn't rub and fits really well. They come in summer weight (no fill), medium weight (200g) and, I think, a heavy weight. I don't know of any new...
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    Hi. Just a tip really on peoples hay. We had loads of bales stolen last year from the yard and we now cut one string when we stack them, obviously the stack is then not as secure the higher you stack but the yard was targetted again last week and although they made a real mess in the hay barn...