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  1. Angelbones

    Anyone stabled overnight at Munstead BE?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has done this as we are due to do it in a fortnight and I'm wondering what the facilities are like? We've done Munstead before but not as an overnighter. Things like if we camp there can we be relatively close to the yard? Are there loos etc? Is it walking distance...
  2. Angelbones

    Livery suggestions near Brighton please

    The girl who has my 17.1hh TB on full loan needs to move him nearer to her new job in Brighton town centre. Her current yard is 30 mins away which is proving too far. Does anyone have any suggestions of good livery yards, big or small, closer to Brighton please? He needs good all year...
  3. Angelbones

    So who is it who has a BOSS horsebox?

    I've been searching back through old threads to see who has a BOSS horsebox, but no luck. I've even messaged one suspect only to find I had it all wrong :( I'm off to YHL at Stoneleigh this Sunday to meet the BOSS chap and to see his lorry as I'm finally in a position to go ahead and order...
  4. Angelbones

    A pouty post from me - but I'm so depressed about this...

    Hi everyone, Please indulge my pouty and sulky mood, I know I probably need a good slap but I do feel really down about this. So the story so far: After nursing my last horse through 2 years of lameness workups etc he finally went to horsey heaven on 1 July. I didn't think I had it in my...
  5. Angelbones

    How long until he calms down?

    Ok, couldn't think of how to word the title... I have never had a horse before whose behavior changed when he was fed up/down / put onto something new, and my feed regime for the yard is fibre fibre fibre, low sugar low starch etc. My new horse, who has been with us about 3 weeks, has turned...
  6. Angelbones

    Please help me identify a piece of kit I've seen...

    I've seen a photo several times but now can't find it - it's of a horse wearing some sort of headcollar with a hard plastic half circle shaped flap/guard attached under the chin, presumably to stop chewing or something? I've done the google image search for 'anti chew, anti crib, grazing...
  7. Angelbones

    Vet suggestions around Tonbridge area please

    Hi everyone, Looking at having a horse vetted this week, he's near Wrotham / Tonbridge area. The owners use Bell Equine in Mereworth so I'm looking for an alternative. My own vets are just too far away. Any suggestions welcome! many thanks.
  8. Angelbones

    Horse transport from SW to South East?

    Hi folks, Just asking for a friend... she is about to buy a horse in the South West (Devon I think) and is looking into transport to get the horse back to East Sussex. Can anyone recommend a company who could do this? Some personal experience would be reassuring ;) I'm googling for her...
  9. Angelbones

    Which bit with a Kineton noseband? Please help!

    Hi everyone, In a final and desperate attempt to get some control for my 14 yr old daughter on her 14.3h who is incredibly strong and whizzy when jumping, plus can be quirky and spooky, I have a Kineton arriving this week. But which bit to use with it? Normally pony is ridden in a Myler...
  10. Angelbones

    Before I drive 5 hours to the SW - anyone know these horses for sale?

    Just a long shot but before I head off and drive 5 hours to view these two horses for sale I just wondered if anyone knows anything of them? Or has an opinion? PM please if you prefer. Many thanks :)
  11. Angelbones

    BE - withdrawing before an event - vet cert?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping some of you BE fanatics may be able to help me. I can't find the info on their website and can't find my rule book. I've emailed the entries sec but have yet to hear back. We are entered for Borde Hill next Saturday but the horse is lame and the vet says she'll give us...
  12. Angelbones

    Laminitis webinar - sign up

    Just a heads up that there is a one hour webinar on laminitis on April 10. Here are the details, you can register for a reminder: Just thought it may come in useful :)
  13. Angelbones

    Equiform - anyone used it?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Equiform, for seeing how their saddle fits or how their horse's muscles have changed etc? I'm considering having a go but could do without wasting £45 if it's just a gimmick :confused...
  14. Angelbones

    Full livery - Q about the feed

    If you have a horse on full livery which includes feed (basic chaff and nuts) but you want your horse on a different, more expensive regime (ie Topspec) and have to provide it yourself (fair enough), do you get a discount on the livery price for not using their feed? I ask as I have two...
  15. Angelbones

    Shaped girths - settle argument for me please

    Just a quick question for those of you who know a thing or two: Those shaped / anatomical girths with the wider section that goes centrally under the belly - does the curved piece face forward towards the chest or backwards, if you get what I mean? I don't mean stud girths which, I...
  16. Angelbones

    Searching for horse sale ads on here - am I being thick?

    :confused: I have a few ad refs to look up on HHo horses for sale classified section but can't find a search box, other than the general search criteria bit, and that box doesn't bring up the ads. Is there another way to search via ad refs? Or am I going to have to search through the whole lot...
  17. Angelbones

    Is this rug indoor or outdoor? Help please!

    I've been given a rug - a Rambo which I haven't had before - and I don't know if it is a turnout or stable rug? No tell-tale mud on it and it's been cleaned within an inch of its life. The old owner can't remember so I thought I'd pick the brains of the establishment :D Its a purple check with...
  18. Angelbones

    Overnight stabling nr Cheltenham & B&B - ideas please

    Hi everyone, just hoping I can pick your brains? I have a horse competing at Cheltenham racecourse in a RoR class on Sunday 18th November but due to the length of the journey I really need to go up the day before so need to find stabling for the Saturday night, for the (v big) horse and his...
  19. Angelbones

    Hunting & Facebook - views please

    Hi everyone, Just wondered if you could give me your views on something. What do you think about people putting photos up on their facebook page of their day out hunting? Photos can be of the field or include hunt staff. Sometimes they may be entitled 'cubbing' or 'autumn hunting at xxx'...
  20. Angelbones

    Please help me identify / find a barrow like this one:

    Hi everyone, Just hoping that someone out there knows where I can get a replacement barrow like this one: Sadly after 12 years of excellent daily service in all weathers, and a few homespun repairs along the way, the rust has finally got through the axle and it keeled over today :(...
  21. Angelbones

    Help - at event and panicking...!

    Am at a BE event and realised we don't have passports with us, they are doing spot checks and we are cowering in the trailer in a panic. What will they do? Will we be disqualified? Get a warning? Anybody know? Should we just leave now? Thank you! X
  22. Angelbones

    Selling pics - something not right?! A bad bunch of selling photos really, poor chap looks miserable. Could photo 3 have something to do with it do you think?
  23. Angelbones

    Bromonts again - where do they stretch?

    Hi guys, I've been dreaming of Bromonts for ages but have always found them nigh on impossible to get the right fit for me. However, whilst shelling out for some for my daughter today, and with tears rolling down my face as I pulled out my purse :p I thought I'd have another go at finding a...
  24. Angelbones

    You know the posts about odd things your horse eats? Well.....

    I think I'm going to throw up... I've got a mouse, now where did I put that butter? :eek: :D :confused: :)
  25. Angelbones

    Have you seen this video? FAB ADVERT!

    Apologies if this is old news but I've only just seen it on TV...I just love it :D Watch to the end :)
  26. Angelbones

    Anyone tried Sumo Muscle Builder - Rowen Barbary

    As title, just wondered if anyone has tried Sumo MB? Its meant to add serious condition in a short time. Its not cheap, and someone else suggested I try Blue Chip which is roughly the same price, but they seem to be two completely different things and in the past Blue Chip hasn't done much for...
  27. Angelbones

    Love this: Dressage v Western

    Watch all the way through - best bit is approx half way :D
  28. Angelbones

    Those of you who have ordered Coligone in the past..

    Just wondering how long it took to arrive? I ordered some on 1st May, had order email confirmation etc, but no delivery. Is this normal? For all I know its something that is made up to order but just thought I'd ask. Thanks
  29. Angelbones

    Customer service - a day of two halves

    I seem to be fighting the fight every day at the moment what with one thing and another but c'est la vie...Today I had to sort out two things: 1. My Equilibrium massage pad is not working properly. I emailed them to say it was cutting out and could it be serviced? Their reply was "Sorry it is...
  30. Angelbones

    Does BE refund entry fees due to cancellation?

    Sorry but new to all this. Nurstead was our first cancelled event so what happens to the entry fees? I suspect there is an amount held back to cover costs or similar and that it may be different for each venue, but I can't find mention of it anywhere. Can anyone enlighten me (pref with good...