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    Idiot drivers.

    On our way to the yard this evening, there was a rider on a bay horse, all decked out in pink bright wear. We passed wide and slow, but a stupid idiot in a black car shot past, way too fast, overtaking us as we went passed the rider, really no need for that.
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    Wet Toyota

    We have a different car, took a while but it is here. Toyota land cruiser, and it is lovely.
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    Leaking toyota

    bought car from a dealer in Jan, went back 3 times, could not fix it. Still have not sorted a replacement, the car is now starting to smell of mould. What would you do?
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    Does anyone have a Toyota rav?

    we got ours recently, but has it water in the passenger footwell, does anyone else have this problem?
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    Katie Price.

    Does anyone have open your eyes to cruelty on facebook? Katie price has been a very stupid and thoughtless woman after some of her animals have been killed on the road. Why not just make the fences secure?
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    Changing your horses feed/ forage.

    Was told recently that i was too fussy about taking ages to change horses feed/forage and doing it slowly was old hat and no longer applies. Is this true? Am i just being a fusspot?
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    Kicking youngster problem

    Three year old cob filly who had done very little with her previous owners. She was hand reared. Normally when a horse does something we do not approve of we make ourselves bigger, and send them off to do some work, but that does not work with this one, she ignores it and carries on. It is not...
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    Annoyed with the owners of the field we just left.

    Rent is payed until the 20th and we have somethings still to move, like the trailer we were using for the water and a broken trailer someone was going to fix and use. Went tonight to collect them big pile of sand in the gateway, our trailer is missing a wheel and has been moved. They sent...
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    Moving neds today.

    My cob Sky has only loaded once in her life, so could be fun. We took most of the electric fencing the ,and poles yesterday, as we now have a storage area at new place. Also have water, so no more towing the water trailer. Do not travel often so i hope they load.
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    Grazing needed urgently, field is being sold.

    Prefer Litchfield, Shenson, Wall south Staffs, areas, but would consider anywhere Walsall, Our farrier is near Ltichfield and we do not really want to change
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    Just seen Whispering Willows on facebook

    What is going on at that dump? They had all the animals removed, but now seem to be open again? Something like Whispering willows war on cruelty?
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    Hubby and daughter have just found Nico in the field dead. He was only 11, my best friend, gone.:confused: RIP my very own black beauty.
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    Facebook was useful today!

    .:D Youngest caught a cob youngster, on the road, and called us as she was on her way to her hack. Not being sure who it belonged to she sent a message to the nice gypsy man she went to school with, who keep their horses nearby. It was theirs, so the pony is now safely back in his field, looks...
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    OOOPS, We have an extra pony!

    Last nigh when we went it was in the paddock next door, but now it is in with ours. It was trying to get over the fence, Hubby pushed it back in but it is in with ours. Is anyone in the Litchfield area missing a small piebald mare? The owner of the field has been trying to call his neighbours...
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    Was it hillside that had a bit of a dodgy reputation?

    Or am i getting it mixed up with somewhere else??? A couple of my daughters friends shared the appeal for hay on facebook.
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    Seen it all now!

    Gypsy cob in a cart just went past, fair enough, no problem with that. It was the two teenage yobs being towed by it and riding scooters! I suppose when one or all of the little brats get killed on the main road, the pony will get the blame.
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    Not horses but need advice

    Our very kind next door neighbours are, for the third time in 3 days, burning rubbish in the back garden. Our house stinks of smoke. I have contacted the local council, but they will not see that until tomorrow. Short of getting the hose on it, is there anything else we can do? This can not be...
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    Shetland pony attacked by dogs!!

    A Shetland pony was attacked at Christmas in Burntwood, Staffordshie. The pony was not far from where we keep our own horses. Irresponsible dog owners, should have a lifetime ban on keeping dogs, as well as being locked up. But i suppose they will getaway with it, no justice in this pathetic...
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    Ponies for sale >>>>> over there

    Has anyone read the advert for the £120 Dartmoor hill ponies? Three colts it says make ideal FIRST PONIES! What planet are these people on? Young colts do not make ideal first ponies. Just because a pony is hardy and can live out DOES NOT make it a suitable first pony.
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    Poor Sunny!!

    My youngest daughters horse Sunny had a bad day, thanks to some total IDIOT SHOOTING!! One of her uni friends came to have a ride on him. Hubby had Sunny tied up to groom him, and some **** in the next field fired a gun!! Sunny took off, trod on his rope and broke his leather headcollar. Lucky...
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    Field needed to rent south staffs/west mids

    Due to our current field being cut in half, we need a new field to rent in the Lichfield or Aldridge area. We have 5 horses/ponies so need at least 8 acres. Does anyone know of a place? Thanks.
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    So annoyed

    The owner of the field asked for a word, the field is going to be split in half as he isn't making enough money out of it. That will leave us with only 5 acres for 5 horses who live out 24/7! The grazing is at best poor, with lots of nettles and thistles and not much grass. It was just left to...
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    Anyone in Wolverhampton or surrounding areas, really need you

    Or rather my daughters uni friend does. She has a horse on a livery yard in Telford and she is extremely unhappy about the treatment he is getting. They say they cant catch the horse and are driving him in and out of his stable using whips. They have been filmed doing it. He should wear a rug...
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    Daft horse!

    last night we (hubby and I) went to do the horses, only to find my daughters horse Sunny minus his rug! It was in a heap in the field, still fastened. How on earth did he manage that????? Maybe he didn't like the stars on it. We put it back on, and it was still on this morning. I would love to...
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    Worried! Should we be?

    On Saturday when hubby and one of my daughters went to the horses field, the top rail on the metal gate was sprayed in yellow paint! The owner of the field got it off, but it must have been some kind of marker. We did of course notify the Police. We spent most of the night there with the car...
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    What would you have done?

    Not sure we did the right thing. We have a welsh c out on loan, the pony has a super home, and until recently we thought her loan family were happy. They have had her for several years. A while ago the lady asked to buy her, and we said no, what happens if they are unable to keep her? Once...
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    Not horsey, immorted 4x4

    We have had no bother getting insurance for our imported Toyota hilux until now. most companies wont touch it WHY???????????? Is anyone else having the same problem?
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    What to do??

    Hubby would like a sharer for his nice but cheeky shire x. I don't want anyone apart from us at the field. After a really bad experience sharing our 12.2 a few years ago, im dead against doing it again, although we have had many lovely people share over the years, this last lot really put me...
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    Some peolpe shouldnt have horses!!

    Yesterday morning we went to catch four loose horses, two had been returned to their owner and we caught the other two. Two piebald cob fillies, about 12 months old, maybe a little younger. We took them to where their friend was tethered and put them in someone elses field as there was no where...
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    What a sad day.

    I was working this morning and hubby phoned, "come back quick one of the horses is dead in the field" the field owner (whos also very upset) called him to say Red my eldest daughters horse was dead. He was 6 yrs old. We did think about him being shot, alot of people shoot around there...