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    Breed suggestions please

    After losing 2 dogs last year we feel ready to start looking. I would like a medium height dog as we have a JR already and hubby will be getting another lab at some point. Will be a farm home so lots of walks and outside life. My thoughts at the moment are cocker spaniel or springer spaniel...
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    Feeling sad

    So sad I have now lost another dog within 4 mths. I Posted a while ago that my lab was on borrowed time. Monday he crossed to rainbow bridge. Last weekend I could see in his eyes the time had come. He went very peacefully. Even though you know it’s time it’s so hard. I am feeling so sad and to...
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    Hacking around Tiverton

    Can anyone recommend any off road hacking near/around Tiverton. Friend has seen a house in the area and he wants nice places to hack out. Thanks
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    Lack of control

    We have a 13yr lab who for the last 6mths or so has significantly slowed down in life . He is on Youmove tablets and is moving much better and not struggling to get up now as he was before the tablets. My concerns are he doesn’t always know when he needs the toilet for a number 2. His tail...
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    Can anyone tell me what it is like around this area please. Family member is thinking of relocating from wales and has seen a few houses that way. Mainly they bike ride and walk lots mainly. Have a few horses bit don’t compete so mainly just hacking. Thanks everyone
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    Puppy prices 🙊

    We lost our dog a while ago and have just been lurking at the ads really to get a feel of what type we will get when the time is right and we are ready for a new member to join us. Am I totally out of touch or have prices just totally exploded. Some want £3-4 thousand 🙄
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    Missing riding?

    For those that aren’t riding at the moment for whatever reasons. Are any of you not really missing it ? I only ask because I haven’t been able to ride for 5mths due to a bad fall last year. I have spent more time than usual doing ground work and general care etc with the horses. It really has...
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    Has anyone tried NLP and do they think it helped. After my fall last year I am really struggling to get past that day and feel like it had changed my whole perspective about ever riding again. I feel ridiculous feeling like this, I do think because I couldn’t get straight back on it hasn’t...
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    Any recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good balancer which is high in copper and zinc. Friend is having issues with constant mud fever flaring on her TB mare even in the summer. Grazing has been analysed. Thanks
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    Never ending rain and mud

    We have for the first time ever had to take our horses off the ground completely. Never ending rain since sept is starting to make our usually excellent drained & mud free fields into a depressing bog in some parts. Roll on spring I say
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    Muddy legs

    Just wondering what people prefer Stabled horses Do you wash off when they come in or wait till dry then remove mud.
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    Air jackets

    I think I am going to invest in an air jacket as I find the body protectors a bit too restricting. Had anyone got the gilet type ? I sometimes ride in a western saddle so I don’t think the normal types would be suitable
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    Back / neck protection

    After taking a nasty fall a few weeks ago could do with some recommendations on back/ neck protection. Thanks
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    Back protection best

    After having a pretty horrid fall a few weeks ago I’m looking getting a new back protector. Anyone got any recommendations normal or air thanks
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    Re starting vaccinations

    Friend has just asked me this and I’m just double checking I’m right. Her horse missed a flu jab in 2017 up until then he was vaccinated on time Because she wanted to compete she started again Horse had flu jab in March then flu/tet may. She thinks she now waits for yearly booster but...
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    How much work for oldie

    Just interested in how much work do your oldies do and do you still compete them.
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    Whose rugging already

    I haven’t rugged yet but I have seen so many that have, even in the day. My friend has even had a medium on hers at one point, because she says it was cold! She’s always cold herself so that’s her reasoning! I rolled my eyes at her!
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    Back on track

    Any feedback good or bad My friend has a rug and really rates their products
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    3.5t vans

    Looking for recommendations for 3.5t vans. Previously I had an Equitrek which I bought new approx 10yrs ago and was happy with, fast forward now and I think there are many better makes and wouldn’t buy an Equitrek again. Probably should of kept mine but wasn’t being used as much as it...
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    Trailer insurance

    Renewal is coming up for trailer am currently with south Essex but is £320 inc breakdown. Can anyone recommend any others and roughly how much. Thanks
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    Hay fever injection

    One of my dogs has a problem with pollen allergy and is currently on piriton. Vet has suggested an injection instead, anyone had this and was it successful, any feedback would be great thanks
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    Missing horse

    Horse has been missing since yesterday from an endurance ride at Thetford forest. Grey horse wearing an orange bridle. Can everyone in the area keep an eye out.
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    Apple Watch

    Does anyone use one ? Any reviews Am lookout into maybe getting one instead of using the phone for ViewRanger, will make it easier on wrist instead of keep stopping and getting phone out.
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    Trailer insurance

    Who do people recommend for trailer with breakdown cover? Currently with SEI but am shopping around for other quotes.
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    Kanyon boots

    Wondered if anyone knows if kanyon have stopped trading. Was trying to find some kanyon boots and they don’t seem to have a website now. Shame if they have as they were nice boots.
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    Interested on how many people are not vaccinating for flu anymore and reasons. Personally I don’t do 3 of mine as 2 don’t go off the yard and are just companions, the other 1 always seems to get a bad reaction so we decided to just tetanus. I know if your competing affiliated or go on a...
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    Grass chaff shortage

    Just been to my local feed store for Dodson and horrel grass chaff and was told there is none until next year😧 looks likes this is going to affect other grass chaff feeds also
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    Disaster clipping today

    Hate clipping at the best of times but today was the worst. Coat had started to grow so thought I would wizz over again, clippers went bang half way through!! Oh I will carry on with the trimmers I thought, bad move, horse now in the field rugged up with the worst tram lines ever on one...
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    Best cordless clippers

    Can maybe recommend a good set of cordless clippers for thick hairy coats Currently have some Wolsey swifts that have been ok but would prefer cordless am Thinking heiniger xplorer any other recommendations
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    Le Trec in france

    Can anyone tell me if there is a particular area in France where you can compete at Le Trec or is it quite widespread. Only low level really not international standard. Thanks