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    happy post

    I have been smiling like a cheshire cat all day :D I was very naughty at the weekend and took a horse on lwvtb without telling my OH, resulting in a big row and me agreeing to sell the shetland as well as the cob i already had put up for sale. Not really much to smile about as shettie is a...
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    ebay pony get reporting good people of HHO, get this poor pony taken off ebay.
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    share agreements

    how many of you with sharers have a written agreement and what sort of thing do you have in it? I want to get one written up for the sharer of daughters pony after i found her friend riding yesterday in shorts and trainers, and yes, I probably should have done it before but hey ho, I didn't...
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    child riding out alone, what age?

    I know this has been done before but i can't find it! At what age would you consider letting a child ride out alone? Sharer of daughters pony asked today, well her dad did, and i said no, too young, she is just 13. They were fine about it but it got me thinking , question is bound to be asked...
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    is there a name for this (coat pattern)

    if you look at my cobs belly and neck she looks patchy , like her coat is growing in a different direction. is there a name for it, i'm sure it's come up on here while discussing coat patterns and markings and stuff but I can't remember it!
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    AWOL farrier

    farrier hasn't turned up today and i can't get hold of him by text or calling, waited hour and half for him getting angrier and angrier whilst also hoping that he is ok. now i'm wondering how long do i give him to get in touch before i find myself a new farrier?!
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    would you let a pregnant friend ride your horse?

    a friend has started coming to the yard and helping with the horses in return for rides, she has just found out she is pregnant and asked if she has to stop riding. I'm already 99.9% decided on what i'm going to do but wondered what others opinions/thoughts were. :)
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    transport company and welfare issues

    without going into too much detail does anyone know if anything can be done about a defra registered transport company whose personal horses are under RSPCA investigation ? would Defra even be interested let alone do anything?
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    riding after carpal tunnel surgery

    anyone had the surgery and how long did you wait until you rode again? I'm 3 &half weeks post op with limited grip but i'm itching to start riding again after having the whole winter off! horse is on her last week of box rest and she's been off all winter too so it will be gentle riding for...
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    A WWYD in an injured horse scenario

    I rent a small yard and have a couple who keep their mini shetlands there, because i am one handed at the mo they are currently looking after my 3 horses. this morning myself, OH and the 2 guys were there, my big mare was being a bit of a tit so hubby went to put her back in her stable (we'd...
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    assisted livery, how much?

    as title , how much would you expect to pay for assisted livery? ie; feed and turnout in the morning, hay put in field. mucking out and bringing in owner expected to do.
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    how possesive are you over your horses

    does it bother you if someone else feeds your horse, turns them out if they get to the yard before you, mucks out your stables if they get to the yard and they're not done? i know my friend who keeps her pony with my horses is just trying to be helpful but I keep finding my inner voice saying...
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    Ebay foal can you all report it and get it taken down, x
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    unpaid vet bill, who is liable

    a friend has been loaning her pony to a woman for the last 3 years, it's in the contract that woman is liable for vets bills and friend will cover insurance excess. April this year pony had some problems and vet had to do a few visits, bill was approx £600, turns out it wasn't covered by...
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    best excuse from a farrier..

    think mine may have come up with one of the best for being late this morning :rolleyes: At 7.45am i get a txt to tell me he's on his way but aliens had abducted his truck and hidden it!!:D:D managed to make me smile on a freezing cold morning lol, has to be one of the best excuses yet:D
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    is the horsey world really full of suckers?..

    or is it just the time of year? what with the Clwyd Davies support group full of brainless saps and now a 'dealer' on another FB group who sells scrawny youngsters without passports who half the group jump in to defend of you dare question him:rolleyes: It seems the way to get support and...
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    selling without passport

    who can you report this to if you know of someone selling ponies with no passports:mad: and is it even worth reporting?!
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    wish me luck!

    tomorrow i am moving from the farm where i have been for 7 years to a little private yard, so why the need for luck i hear you ask, well I have to oversee the moving of all 6 equines:eek: Big girl has to go in a lorry so i've hired a man with a lorry, well 2 men actually after i explained she...
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    can horses eat chopped maize?

    Farmer asked me today if horses can eat the chopped maize that he feeds the cattle, i have no idea if they can:confused: Have tried googling but can't seem to find a yay or nay. seems it might be used in the USA but not sure if they mean the same stuff . Just interested if anyone knows.:)
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    those FB 'wanted' ads

    you know the ones on the horsey groups, '6ft rug needed ASAP' or 'over reach boots desperately wanted' is it just me who wants to reply with 'available at 'insert name of local store' go buy some you tight wad:D Everyone seems to expect to only pay £5 to £10 for anything and everything and...
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    haha my cunning plan worked

    remember in the spring when my friends mini had a foal? And remember my recent thread about wanting a shetland.......................... well the little man is due to be weaned so as i am wanting something small and fluffy to play with i said he better come stay with me:D Hubs can't...
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    i feel the need to come out into the open and say 'my name is ibblebibble and i want a shetland':eek: (obviously my name isn't ibblebibble really as that would be a bit strange and my parents would deserve a slap!) i have no idea why i suddenly have this yearning for a shetland, i've always...
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    help me decide

    ok small pony has been up for sale for a couple of months, had some interest but everyone decides he's too young or 'a bit green' well yes he is young and a bit green but he's priced according and i've been perfectly honest about him. Now in a moment of madness i put on one of his ads to say...
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    does riding make you bow legged?!

    as title lol, does riding really make you end up walking like and looking like John Wayne?? i will be the first to admit that not only do i not have a very ladylike walk but i also have at least an inch of fresh air between my knees even with my ankles clamped firmly together:eek:
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    Evil owner

    that would be me according to the big mardy mare today:rolleyes: What did i do i hear you ask............... i spent over an hour brushing caked on mud off all 17hh of her and then (drum roll) put a rug on her:eek: from the amount of teeth grinding, face pulling and foot stomping you'd think i...
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    could bad (loud aggressive) handling cause colic

    a pony who never had colic in his previous home has had 2 incidences of spasmodic colic since moving to his new home. A friend who has witnessed the loud and aggressive handling of said pony wondered if that could cause him enough stress to colic:confused: example of the handling just to give...
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    do you vaccinate?

    now be honest ;) i ask because the last 3 horses/ponies i have bought over the last few years have all had either no vaccs at all (from a riding school) or have had vaccs but are about 3 years overdue. so although everyone always claims to vaccs some obviously don't or perhaps just let it lapse...
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    how long would you leave a youngster in a bridle

    daughters 5 yr old pony has a bit of a bridling issue at the mo, someone who does a lot of breaking advised getting a bridle on him and then leaving it on him all day in the stable, I can see this would get him to accept the bridle being on, but would he think 'sod you you're not leaving me with...
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    proud mummy post

    daughter has had her new pony for 2 weeks, now daughter is a nervous nellie, been riding and had own pony since she was 4(she's now 11) but she has always struggled with her confidence. So many times i have sat her down and asked if she's sure she wants to carry on riding and the answer is...
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    would you advertise on DragonDriving?

    I've seen a few comments on the various threads highlighting the poor unfortunates on DD, it seems it's not a well thought of site but people can't seen to stop looking at it!! every time an ad gets linked to on here you can guarantee that people will then carry on down the page at the very...