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  1. Dopeydapple

    Hoof care on dry tracks

    So my mare has just moved to a track system livery, it's bare earth track with some grass verges and hedging / nettles etc to nibble on but her main food source is the ad lib hay. She's very overweight so this seemed the best option to manage this but I'm wondering about whether I need to add...
  2. Dopeydapple

    Wwyd - moving yards (grazing)

    I've been trying to find grass livery for my mare for a while, she is an extremely good doer and is just far too fat where she is. I want her to still be part of a herd, just a herd with similar diatary requirements ( too much grass currently and lots of as lib hay in the winter so no weight...
  3. Dopeydapple

    WWYD - finding new grazing

    Hi all, need some perspective on this. Last September I had to move my mare as the place she was had been sold to property developers. She had been on individual turnout with horses on each side but happily the new place did herd turnout and she's loving having proper friends. The issue is there...
  4. Dopeydapple

    Opinions on this dogs behaviour please

    I started walking an akita x sharpei last October, he was a very unconfident dog and pretty much shut down when I met him. Turns out he had been attacked by another dog as a puppy and hadn't really been socialised after it as the owners were scared of his unpredictability. His owner moved in...
  5. Dopeydapple

    Has there been an increase in reactive dogs?

    Just musing really, I seem to get more requests from clients these days to walk dogs that have "issues" with other dogs, see more and more Facebook posts about dogs being attacked and an abundance of adverts / tutorials / training shows on how to deal with aggressive dogs and it got me wondering...
  6. Dopeydapple

    Business name suggestions

    A friend is looking to do more work with riders who need help with their confidence and as such is looking to rebrand her Facebook account from the generic livery, training a d schooling page it is to something much more targeted helping people get their confidence back, any clever name suggestions?
  7. Dopeydapple

    Dog not eating

    Last night my boy didn't eat his tea, he was a bit half hearted about his breakfast that day but did eat it, his tummy was making lots of gurgling noises and he was clearly not himself, he did eat his supper and today ate breakfast and had perked up again, but tonight he won't eat his tea again...
  8. Dopeydapple

    Walking a reactive collie

    A few times a week I walk a collie and a lab for a client, I was told the collie is not good with other dogs when on the lead but didn't realise until our first outing quite how bad, he lunges, snarls and makes such a racket when he sees one its seriously embarrassing. Obviously he's not a big...
  9. Dopeydapple

    What would make you choose a particular dog walker

    I quite recently quit my job to become a dog walker. I'm fully insured and DBS checked and my website ranks well on Google. What I was wondering is, if you guys were looking for a dog walker what would make you choose one over another?
  10. Dopeydapple

    Stupid people you encounter on a walk!

    One of the dogs I walk can be unpredictable with other dogs. His owners have been using a trainer who encourages them to get his attention and feed him treats when he has to pass other dogs so he doesn't get focussed on the dog and lose the plot. Obviously as his regular walker I continue this...
  11. Dopeydapple

    What can I do?

    The answer here might very well be nothing but I thought I'd see if anyone had any ideas. I'm a dog walker and was recently contacted by a lady looking for someone to walk her akita cross. Whilst arranging prices she said she was on a limited budget and could only afford 2 x 1 hour walks or 3 x...