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    Why are vets still consulting car parks

    I do agree. Our farm vet has clean overalls and disinfects himself pre, during and post covid. However, this post was specifically about equine consultations.. I think if the farm vets said to farmers, OK, we can PD your cows/treat your sheep/operate on your pig, but you’re not allowed to be...
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    Why are vets still consulting car parks

    Having worked in vet practice for 10+ years previous, I have to agree that there’s no reason why vets shouldn’t be seeing clients as per normal. If they insist on wearing a mask to walk into reception/collect drugs, I’d be ok with that. However, all clinical workups, visits etc should be treated...
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    Itching / Acid Ease

    Hi All, Ive recently started my Welsh on Protexin Acid Ease for some gut lining support. He’s probably been on it for about a week now - just on a maintenance dose. I’ve gone out to him this afternoon, and he seems very itchy! Am I right in thinking this could be the Alfalfa in the Acid Ease...
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    Farrier prices??

    I just found a new farrier (Cheshire) - stupidly didn’t ask for prices before getting them out.. £80 for a Shetland trim and pony trim:eek: Won’t be rebooking with them anytime soon
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    Second weekend in December plans.....

    I’m going to the Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass at Myerscough on Saturday and then Xmas fun planned for Sunday. A non horsey weekend for me! Apart from trampling through the mud to turn them out and bring in 🤣
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    Worming for Red Encysted advice please

    This is the combination I’m going to use. Out of interest - do you leave any days apart between the two doses? Do you give Equimax/Eqvalan and then Equest a few days later?
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    I should be able to help. It depends what business you have in mind? Are you creating an online retail shop? Buying a product and reselling?
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    eBay rant

    Exactly this! It’s frustrating that you can’t leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers. I didn’t know you could report them, so I’ll look into this!
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    eBay rant

    Are there any ‘avid’ eBay users on here? I’m selling brand new horsey items on there at the moment, all at very reasonably prices and open to offers with fast postage etc. I’ve had so many people make an offer, I’ve accepted or they’ve won the auction but then they just don’t pay. I then go...
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    Anyone going to Your Horse Live?

    Good luck with the performance! I’d be happy to buy these tickets off you.
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    Allergic to horses

    Yes everything you have said is very relatable. The more I’m around my own, the better it tends to be. I do have asthma and hay fever too. I’m on very strong antihistamines that only just touch the allergy symptoms! I just absolutely hate the constant sneezing and itchy eyes!! 😂
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    Allergic to horses

    Is anybody else genuinely allergic to horses? Has your allergy ever put you off wanting to do things with them? Any miracle fixes apart from the usual antihistamines? :oops:
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    Bicton 5*.

    I can’t help but feel totally gutted for Piggy. I just find her absolutely fantastic with her horses and as a person in general. Great work by Gemma though, well deserved.
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    What do you do with your Shetland’s?

    Interested to know if anybody ‘does’ anything with their companion Shetlands? I bought mine recently to keep my Section D company, he’s only young therefore not suitable to be backed just yet, or do anything too strenuous. I just wondered if anybody ever takes theirs into the arena to do some...
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    Chillington Horse Trials

    Does anybody know if spectators are allowed? I’m pretty sure they are, however I wondered if somebody had some clarification? Thanks
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    What bedding do you all use?

    ProBed - chopped rape straw. Better than anything else out there. Smells nice, very clean and absorbent
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    Where do you carry your phone?

    Strange question, ha! Where do you carry your phone when riding? In particular on a hack/in the summer. I don’t like riding tights or leggings so the down the leg, deep pocket isn’t an option. It’s too big to stick down by bra! I’m thinking a running belt around the waist could be a good option...
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    Poll issues

    My horse also does exactly this. Again, isn’t seasonal at all - never does it as soon as I get on but will do it twenty minutes or so into a session whether that is hacking or schooling. I’ve got him in a Micklem, but question whether this is making any difference. My friend who is a...
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    Early morning riders

    A quick question for all those that are on board bright and early.. what do you do when it comes to feeding your horse? Does your horse have a hay net over night, which lasts until morning? Do you delay riding and feed some forage in the morning before getting on?
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    Has Derby House

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    Livery Tattenhall, Chester Area

    I live in Tattenhall, please feel free to PM me!
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    Has Derby House

    Yes, they’re both owned by the same company - Internet Fusion
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    How many of you have to box up to hack?

    I’m thinking my only option to keep mine going this Winter is to box up, park up and hack in a quieter area. Our road is getting increasingly busier and with a fairly nervous Section D, I’m wondering whether not to even risk hacking down our roads and boxing up to go somewhere different...
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    Chopped rape straw bedding

    I use ProBed on all of mine including my wet gelding. Dust free, absorbent and smells good too!
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    So who is going to work tomorrow?

    What is it you do if you don’t mind me asking? 😊
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    Anybody riding on grass yet?!

    Hi All, As title, has anybody managed to ride on grass yet?! I’m hoping with a few more dry days ahead it will become fit to use!! It needs to continue though.. which is the hardest part 🤦🏼‍♀️
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    Working from Home

    Thank you for this - what industry is this in if you don’t mind me asking? How long have you been Working from Home?
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    Working from Home

    Who does it and what are the pros and cons? What does your typical day look like and what industry are you in? I’m currently in a high pressured job as a manager in a mixed vet practice but am thinking of a change to include more flexibility due to various reasons. Would love to hear...
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    Transition from 1 to 2 horses

    Hi all, After some advise.. I currently just have the one Section D pony. He’s kept at home with me, we live on a large herd dairy farm. I’m thinking of getting another horse, as although he is very settled on his own I think it would be nice for him to have some company. How much time...
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    Blair XC Streaming

    Does anybody know if Blair XC is still available to watch online anywhere as I have missed it over the past few days? Thanks