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  1. Angelbones

    Saddle pad shims

    You can get it on ebay - various thicknesses so you can pick and choose and build up layers etc if you need. Search 5mm foam neoprene.
  2. Angelbones

    Caldene Hunt Coat sizing ebay disaster! WWYD?

    What is the chest measurement? The Caldene jacket I have had before was sold as a 40 as in 40 chest rather than Euro 40. I think the seller is confused? If the chest is actually 40 then go back to the seller as it sounds like they got it wrong.
  3. Angelbones

    Anyone stabled overnight at Munstead BE?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has done this as we are due to do it in a fortnight and I'm wondering what the facilities are like? We've done Munstead before but not as an overnighter. Things like if we camp there can we be relatively close to the yard? Are there loos etc? Is it walking distance...
  4. Angelbones

    Boss horsebox

    Hi, I'm not close (down by the south coast) but you are welcome to come to see mine if you are in the area. I have had a couple of issues which am happy to pm you about if you'd like.
  5. Angelbones

    Superb vid of a pack of 16!

    Wow, that's amazing - can't see it working for my lot! It reminded me of the bloodhounds near my yard - the man exercises them around the lanes on his bike and they are really a swarm around him; watching his every move for instruction. The bit that really impressed (well actually it all did)...
  6. Angelbones

    3.5t conversions running costs.

    My insurance with NFU is about £420 pa (it's a 57 reg, value around £28K, with two other names drivers - one of whom is early 20s), can't remember tax off the top of my head but £450 rings a bell. I also don't know the cost of the annual service/MOT yet as just got mine.. My tank takes £115 of...
  7. Angelbones

    URGENT - Foster mare needed

    It says at the very end of the fb page that they have found a foster mare now, let's hope it all works out for them.
  8. Angelbones

    Spot the difference one year on......

    Wow! You can tell it's the same horse by the eyes but other than that what a complete change!
  9. Angelbones

    Going to the dogs Channel 4 now!

    Is there any valid reason for me watching it on catch-up? Sounds horrific :-( I thought it was going to be about greyhound racing which I find distressing enough.
  10. Angelbones

    RSPCA with out photos

    Where can I find the facebook page with this on please? or anywhere else?
  11. Angelbones

    Can anyone send me a dressage test?

    Like you said, on Dressage Diagrams it says there is Intro A 2008 and Intro B 2009. Apart from an Introductory Freestyle 2012 those are the only BD intros. None of the others (BE, FEI, PC, BRC etc) have any intro tests as such. Suggest a call to the secretary to get confirmation, surely you...
  12. Angelbones

    Here we go - eBay woes. Any advice?

    I a 5'8 and ride in an 18" as it fits my thigh length better. Not all saddles are measured to be an exact size (not explained that very well). I often see Kieffers advertised as 17.5" etc but in reality they don't make that size, they make whole sizes eg 17 or 18" in certain models so it does...
  13. Angelbones

    In The Pink and Open Surgery Are Mutually Exclusive!

    I'll go and look it up - could do with a good laugh! Glad you are 'sorted' and on the mend B, take it easy! x
  14. Angelbones

    Rear facing trailers

    That's ^ the one!
  15. Angelbones

    Rear facing trailers

    There is another manufacturer who does them - one of the big names like Beaufort or Rice, google the names and look through the range, but don't know if they'd come up second hand.
  16. Angelbones

    Guardian face mask for headshaking

    Ours wasn't a guardian face mask but we used one that looked like a normal fly mask with ears which was very fine mesh and made for riding in, by Cashel perhaps?. It did work from the point of view that if flies were a cause it kept them off, and for our pony light was a big trigger so it dulled...
  17. Angelbones

    Loaner unfortunately lost horse but now in tricky situation...

    OP - if you had insured the horse and after 4 months it had died, would you then feel you should benefit from the payout? I think some of the feeling that the OP is due the money is that the loan went on for 5 years, and has therefore paid substantially over time to insure the horse. If the...
  18. Angelbones

    Healing a Laser Wound - Photo Story

    They have excellent service, usually turns up the next day. They've even sent me some before I paid once when I was in a panic, away from the computer and without my purse!
  19. Angelbones

    Healing a Laser Wound - Photo Story

    I keep mine in the fridge - doesn't seem to go off. If it dries up you just add a bit of water and mix it up. It's only a small tub so if you had an accident and needed it, you'd probably not end up with loads hanging around.
  20. Angelbones

    Healing a Laser Wound - Photo Story

    I've been a huge fan of Equaide for ages and have tried to push its charms on here for a while but nobody seemed up for it - and then this!! How did I know you'd be the one eh? Stunning results, so glad it's all worked out, and that Amy will be partying again soon :-) xx
  21. Angelbones

    What is the name of that amazing healing cream?

    Equaide? It's what I'd swear by, and wouldn't be without.
  22. Angelbones

    Where to buy a bridle for Sec A with very small head!

    Dinky Rugs sell tiny tack :-)
  23. Angelbones

    Is there riding after hip replacement

    Not me, but a few friends in their late 40s have had hips replaced and all have come back to riding, hunting etc, no problems at all. Just don't expect to be in the saddle straight away and take the doc's and physio's advice. One chap wasn't meant to do anything for 3 months but went off skiing...
  24. Angelbones

    Girths for forward girth groove?

    Second this ^, or a Stubben string girth.
  25. Angelbones

    Do buyers actually believe an honest seller

    I have never bought a horse who was exactly as described - or rather how I interpreted the description which I think is a key point - I see what I like, then I must selectively hear what I like to hear. For me one of the most important points is personality and on that score they have all be...
  26. Angelbones

    3.5 Ton Horsebox - Reviews

    Finally worked out how to post pics, but sorry they are so big!
  27. Angelbones

    3.5 Ton Horsebox - Reviews

    Like Romany I too have a Boss box. Mine is on a Vauxhall Movano chassis. It is the shorter one though, although horse space is the same. It has a 3 seater cab, no rear bench, two stalls rear facing, removable/positionable partition, a door through from horses to small living with sink and hob...
  28. Angelbones

    Dressage Instructor East Sussex

    I think Marion Goggin is over Ticehurst way. We've used her and rate her highly. She was a great help in sorting out a huge uncoordinated ex racer who we ended up winning dressage with. She's a List 2 judge too. Her tel is: 07982 126604, email
  29. Angelbones

    Stable door barriers - Help me please

    This will stop the door kicking - also works for my cribber: You could try it yourself first by hiding where he really can't see you, and use a plant water spray bottle to squirt water sideways across in front of his face or just into the stable doorway when he kicks...
  30. Angelbones

    Herstmonceux Livery Yard

    I'd be interested in having more details when you have them. Thanks.