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  1. Sprout

    Letting someone use your arena

    My planning restrictions specify family and friends only. I refuse any offers of payment and make sure they understand it is at their own risk.
  2. Sprout

    Run free Flicka

    I am so sorry for your dreadful loss. The right decision is still such a painful one. Sending hugs. xx
  3. Sprout

    Bernese mountain dog

    I wouldnt say they bark any more than a Goldie, and they are a lovely breed, just such a shame about the cancer rates. I have 2 Great Swiss Mountain dogs, which are the next breed up from the Bernies, in that group, and they just bark at people coming to the door/gate.
  4. Sprout

    Does anyone wear a mask to do their haynets?

    I have to use a mask to make up haynets and muck out stables.
  5. Sprout

    Childhood dreams dashed - Drumnadrochit - CLOSED!

    I had some lovely hacks out from Drumnadrochit when we were on holiday in the area many years ago, such stunning scenery.
  6. Sprout

    Wet Food Recommendations

    I add Forthglade to kibble .... very pleased with it.
  7. Sprout

    Vestibular disease

    I really feel for you. Our elderly Collie got it, and the vet was initially quite optimistic, but after appearing to improve, she had several more episodes, needed a towel sling to support her to go outside etc and we felt she had lost her quality of life. Sending hugs. xx
  8. Sprout

    Calming cookies

    I thought they were most likely a placebo for the rider. So, I gave one to my pony before the farrier arrived ..... normally my pony would fidget and pull back on his rope etc, but he stood absolutely still the entire time. I have tested it since, sometimes giving a cookie sometimes not, and it...
  9. Sprout

    Keeping the cone on

    Mine had to be in a cone for 12 weeks! I threaded a crepe bandage through the loops on the cone, and then tied it to her collar .... that worked for her.
  10. Sprout

    All New Forest peeps

    It's a reflective collar, which some owners put on their ponies .... wish all owners would do this.
  11. Sprout

    Food advice - kibble

    Millieswolfheart range are great, and they are brilliant on their helplines.
  12. Sprout

    Lost a dog today…so very sad 😢

    I am so sorry Catembi, what a terrible shock, and a dreadful loss. Sending hugs. xx
  13. Sprout

    Whoes been out hacking?

    Me! First time in a year ..... CRPS in a hand, then a fractured ankle and torn ligaments, then terrible Sciatica stopped me, but today I DID IT .... can only manage walk at the moment as it's too painful, but it's a start and I am buzzing with happiness. Love my Unicorn.❤🦄
  14. Sprout

    Getting dog to take tablets

    One of my dogs is Epileptic and has to take 16 pills/day. I hide the meds in either some sausage or wrapped in some cheese slice. I hope you find a way that works, it sounds as though constantly changing what you use is the best way.
  15. Sprout

    Sleep tight my best friend

    So sorry for your dreadful loss. xx
  16. Sprout

    How long do you leave your dog?

    I used to leave mine for a max of about 4 hours. Things are different now though, as one has developed Epilepsy and needs emergency meds during a seizure or cluster, so they dont get left. I am sure a lot of dogs snooze, then put us on a guilt trip when we return!😀
  17. Sprout

    Proper pants day😥

    So sorry for your awful day, Laminitis is awful. Sending hugs. xx
  18. Sprout

    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I am so sorry for your devastating loss. xx
  19. Sprout

    For those with b*ggered ankles...

    I thought I had just sprained mine, so hobbled around and just ignored it. Found out too many months later there was a fracture and torn ligaments! So now an out patient at Rehab and also having private physio too. Religiously doing all my exercises, and reluctantly following advice not to ride...
  20. Sprout

    Dismounting trouble!

    I have to mount and dismount using a huge mounting block because of various joint injuries. If occasionally I have to dismount without one .... well it's not pretty, and I usually end up draped over the neck for support and then swear when my knees and ankles feel the shock wave from hitting the...
  21. Sprout

    What do you class as too hot

    I have 2 Swissies and they have a double coat, so they go out early and late, especially as one is Epileptic.
  22. Sprout

    Goodbye Bob

    So sorry for your dreadful loss, it sounds like he has left you with some wonderful memories to treasure.
  23. Sprout

    What do people think about horses living out 24/7 including winter?

    Providing horses are not knee deep in constant mud and have some degree of shelter, I think they are much better physically and mentally if they can stay out.
  24. Sprout

    Riding after a broken ankle!

    I broke my ankle and tore ligaments many months ago, and finally had my first sit on my pony yesterday!😁 When I broke my other ankle previously, I found riding boots with a steel shank (Mountain Horse) helped, and also flexi stirrups. I hope you find a way to ride without too much pain.
  25. Sprout

    Fjords and Haflingers - where can I find either?

    I cant help you with where to look, but just wanted to say I had a HaffieXFjord called Custard who I adored, but oh boy could he be stubborn and strong .... ground work and consistent firmness and boundaries are essential. Good Luck in your search for something suitable.
  26. Sprout

    Millies Wolfheart dog food

    One of my dogs became very fussy, and despite trying different ones from Millies, adding extra bits etc I changed completely .... onto Barking Heads Salmon which she loves. My other dog sadly had to switch onto a Neurocare feed when she developed Epilepsy.
  27. Sprout

    Clipping legs/ clipping phobia

    I am going through the same as you, and desensitization is an ongoing process. Some good progress was made at the last attempt, with an experienced friend clipping while I distracted with a Lickit tub. I need to treat with Frontline asap, so may have to resort to the Demosedan just to get the...
  28. Sprout

    Millies Wolfheart dog food

    I used to use it, but had to change for various reasons. They have an extensive range, which can be a bit mind blowing, but if you ring up/email for advice they are very helpful. Good quality food and customer service.
  29. Sprout

    Breed recommendations.

    I think a Labrador would suit .... very trainable, athletic but dont need to run all day, and not as easily wound up as some breeds.
  30. Sprout

    Saddle recommendation for a fat hard to fit pony

    My pony was wide backed and fat when he arrived, he has a Kent and Masters cob saddle and being adjustable is very helpful as he fitens up.