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  1. LaurenBay

    Ralph is famous!

    No not really, but he did make it on to Badminton TV in the Dog video. He is the Beagle at around 39 seconds, the Cavapoo Bonnie (in the purple harness) is my cousins Dog.
  2. LaurenBay

    Badminton parking

    Hi all, I am off to the XC on the 8th. The first time I went I was advised on here to park at luckingdon lane/road (I cannot remember) it was super quiet and easy. Then the second time I just followed my satnav and went to what I assume was the main carpark. It was a nightmare and we had to...
  3. LaurenBay

    Anyone looking for a Dog?

    Someone I know is posting on behalf of a friend not on FB. Owner has died and the family do not wish to keep him. 6 year old chocolate lab un neutered. Very friendly and good with Children. Can be dominant over other dogs but not aggressive. Based in Essex.
  4. LaurenBay

    sudden excessive drooling

    So yesterday I drove to Epping Forest for a long walk. We arrived home and my Dog started drooling, really badly. He doesn't really ever drool. Was fine in himself and ate his dinner. It did improve as evening went on and today is normal. What could have caused the drooling?
  5. LaurenBay

    A I love my Dog thread!

    I have had my Beagle almost 4 years. He is well and truly part of the family and we love him to bits. I was unsure about having a Beagle as a first time dog owner, but the risk paid off because he is amazing. The other night he showed me just how amazing he is. We were all in bed and we woke to...
  6. LaurenBay

    Is there a link here?

    Hi all, hope everyone is well. Haven't posted in a while, but need your advice. Just got back from the emfency vet with Ralph my Beagle. He hasn't had anything to drink since 3am and turned his dinner down (unheard of, this dog is completely obsessed with food) so I knew something was up right...
  7. LaurenBay

    When your Dog really lets you down

    So having a Beagle, I always get compliments about how good he is off lead and obedient he is (which he should be considering how much effort I put into training) So after a lovely long walk in the forest on a route we had never done before, we came out into a golf course, now there were other...
  8. LaurenBay

    Dog bite

    So Ralph accidently bit me on my thumb and has pierced the skin. Bleeding has stopped now. It was a complete accident and he looks very sorry for himself. I'm also 20 weeks pregnant. Ralph is up to date with vaccinations. Do I need to get it checked or am I over worrying?
  9. LaurenBay

    Beagle meet

    I belong to a few Beagle pages on FB, once a month they do a meet near me in an enclosed woodland area, it's a few quid a dog and the money goes to charity. So OH and I took Ralph,he was a bit clingy at first, but soon joined in the fun. Videos below
  10. LaurenBay

    Vet or no vet?

    Ok so I'm not sure if this is a silly question, I'm still learning as he is my first dog. But I'm wondering if i need to take Ralph to the vet to empty his anal glands. Over the last couple of months Ralph has been dragging his bum across the carpet. Not daily or anything and usually stops...
  11. LaurenBay

    Funny little ways

    What funny little ways do your Dogs have? Ralph (my 5YO Beagle) has a strange habit. When me and my partner go to work, he loves to sleep on the sofa. But only if he has his lead with him. We have twice come back to a trashed house (nothing broken but things EVERYWHERE!) because I had put the...
  12. LaurenBay

    best kibble

    What is the best kibble to feed? I was on but they kept mucking up my order so I would just prefer to go and get food as and when needed. Just wondering what is the best brand to feed, he is quite a fussy eater. There are so many to choose from I have no idea what I should be looking...
  13. LaurenBay

    Burghley first timer

    Super Duper early I know, but I want to buy tickets for the Burghley XC this year, I have never been before. I have been to Badmington twice now but heard the 2 are very different? Where is best to park? What time is best to get there? Any must do's? Has anyone used the Dog creche there?
  14. LaurenBay

    What the hell is wrong with some people!

    Ongoing post in a Beagle group on FB. Someone has taken on a new job which is far away with long hours, they cannot come home during the day and live alone. They have arranged a dog walker for an hour every day at lunchtime. The Dog will be in a crate the rest of the day and then again at night...
  15. LaurenBay

    Badminton XC

    Is anyone going? I went last year for the first time and loved it so much, we booked to go again. I am going with my cousin only for the XC day and we will bring a picnic with us too. Last year it was such a nice warm day, hoping for the same. Last year I parked in a quiet carpark, I cannot...
  16. LaurenBay

    Strong Dog

    So Ralph is just superb in every way and is very much part of the family now (owned since Dec) he is super well behaved on walks, BUT in a new place and new surroundings he is so so strong, I can hold him, but it isn't enjoyable at all. He is not at all strong in familiar places and plods along...
  17. LaurenBay

    A cute photo I had to share

    How sweet are these photos of OH and Ralph last night?!
  18. LaurenBay

    Do people still leave dogs tied up outside shops?

    I have never done this, with Ralph or any Dog I've looked after. Don't get me wrong there are times when I walk past the shops and think I need to get X,Y,Z but I can't bring myself to tie him up and leave him outside. Firstly because I like him in my eye sight, secondly there is nothing to stop...
  19. LaurenBay

    Do you monitor your Dogs when you are out?

    Does anyone have a camera to monitor their Dogs whilst they are out? I'd love to be able to check in on Ralph when I am not in. Any recommendations?
  20. LaurenBay

    My first Dog thread!

    Hi all, I am not usually found in this part of the forum (although I love Dogs) So the opportunity has arisen for me to get a Dog. I have always always wanted one and have looked after friends and families for the past few years. I never got my own as I would struggle timewise with a Horse and...
  21. LaurenBay

    A tribute to Ruby

    So a week has passed since losing my beautiful Ruby. She was an incredible little Horse with a heart of gold. I wanted to post a little tribute to her and tell you all why she was so very special. In April 2000 I went searching for my very first Horse. I had zero confidence and all I wanted...
  22. LaurenBay

    A very hard decision ahead

    Those of you who follow my threads will know that I have a retired 13YO mare due to bad Hock arthritis. She lives out 24/7 and has enjoyed a year and half of retirement being treated like a queen! For those of you who don't know, Ruby was diagnosed with hock arthritis at 11YO, her behaviour was...
  23. LaurenBay

    Buteless, Bute or Devils Claw/Relief

    Recently I have noticed my arthritic 13YO mare looking a bit stiff in her 2 hinds. I want to start giving her something to make her a bit more comfy. She is only very slightly stiff and still able to easily get up/get down and gallop around when she feels like it. So I don't want to jump to bute...
  24. LaurenBay

    What shall I do?

    Need some advice and wise words from you. The opportunity has arisen for me to take on a full loan. I have been sharing a lovely mare for around 4 months and we have been getting on very well. The owners are just lovely too. The owner has decided she would like to travel and further her...
  25. LaurenBay

    Awful awful day

    I got the call we all dread on Sunday, a call from the lady I share my field with to say our Horses were gone. My heart sunk just sunk and the other lady was hysterical and on her own. My partner drove me to the field as I was to shaken up to drive, plus I used the 15 minute drive to make some...
  26. LaurenBay

    Help me word an ad

    So I am looking for a share Horse, I just gave my current share of 2 months up as he just wasn't right for me. Not really sure how to word the advert as I am after a very specific type of Horse, which I know could be very hard to find. I have owned my own Horse 7 years - she is now retired...
  27. LaurenBay

    question about Badminton

    Just a quick question as I am going to Badminton for the first time this year for the XC. I have pre booked my car ticket, can this be used at any of the carparks? I have read that Luckingdon Lane is the best carpark as very quiet.
  28. LaurenBay

    WYYD - Rugging

    Horse is a non ridden unclipped Horse living out 24/7. No shelter currently. Horse is 13 YO and is currently a good weight, she was rugged over winter as it was her first winter out and I didn't know how she would cope (turns out pretty well!) she has shredded a great deal of her winter coat now...
  29. LaurenBay

    Sweet itch hood accident

    Has anyone ever had any problems with the Sweet Itch Horze hood with the nose net? Friends Horse who I am looking after was turned out on Saturday with her hood on (put on by me) she was grazing and apparently stepped on the nose net, the nose net did not break off which caused the hood to...
  30. LaurenBay

    Poxy Horse!!

    Same routine as every other day, go to field, load the wheelbarrow up with hay and give dominant Horse his pile first, take a big handful for my mare to eat whilst I get the barrow refilled for her pile so she isn't left out. This afternoon I forget my yard coat so have to wear my brand new...