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    I will never take my horse for granted again! Very Near Miss at Hartpury tet Champs!

    First things first, can I just say well done to my team as we actually came 7th out of 20 teams from Britain so we are very very pleased with that. Onto what happened to me, well I picked up a cold on the thursday so my swim and run for the weekend were absolutly rubbish! I shot 880 which I was...
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    Something abit different! Area Tetrathlon report *Pics*

    Just thought I would do a report of a different kind! So, Saturday dawned and we had the shooting and swimming elements in the afternoon and got to the leisure centre in plenty of time, went into shoot and it was so noisy in the hall! so my concentration was abit off but I still managed to...
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    XC with the Exracer. *pics*

    Took my TB to a pc rally to get my rallys for area today and dougs was a star, he still likes to prove that he's still got it and at 21 he's not past it, beat all the ponies in a gallop up the hill and then behaved like a silly idiot when he was ment to be calming down and threw his toys out the...
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    Superb Spuglas at Shelford! Pics & vids

    Worst attempt at Alitteration ever. Ah well! Wednesday dawned bright and early at 5am with a slight chill in the air but it was so clear so expected it to warm up later on! Got to the yard and cleaned up the Pony and put him on the lorry with his silly ginger friend and we left on time for...
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    Allerton Park BE100

    I know its not until september but could anyone tell me what the course is like, pictures would be brilliant if possible. And also whether the SJ was built big or not. Thanks!
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    Aston Le Walls Pro Photos

    Some hilarious photos from our ODE at Aston on Saturday: I think Dougal wants the fences larger as he did this, the whole way round: (click next)...
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    Aston le walls report

    Trundled off to Aston of saturday for our first ODE of the season, and to say I was nervous is an understatement and since our recent sj troubles (falling off everytime we so much as looked at a sj) we just wanted a nice gentle start to the season. Anyway got there and walked the course and...
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    Aston-Le-Walls BE100

    Hi Does anyone have any pictures of the course or could tell me what the course is like for the BE100/PN as i'm thinking of doing it but unsure what the course will be like? Also is the SJ up to height? Thank you all!
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    Area 6 Eventing Report *Long with Videos/Pic*

    Second try as computor ate the other one! Got up at 5 yesterday morning to get horse ready to leave at 7 so we would arrive at Rolleston Hall in plenty of time, which we did so we scooted round the sj course and got numbers etc. Warmed up for dressage and was awful, combination of humps and...
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    Help - Vale View Dressage Tests (Combined Training)

    Hi, I'm hoping to do the Combined training this weekend (Late I no) but I was hoping I would be able to look at the tests before choosing the class I would do, but I can't seem to find them any where :/ If anyone could help, the ones I would like to see if possible are Test 12, Test 20 and Test...
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    S.Notts PC ODE Report - Long Sorry!

    Well we went to Shelford Manor today for the S.Notts PC ODE with a very early start, was up at 5(!) to be at the yard for 6 thanks to a nice early dressage at 8.44. We half plaited the night before and so that took us no time at all to get him cleaned up and ready for the Dressage. Toddled off...
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    Isleham PC ODE 9th May

    Hi guys, I don't often post in here, but since this year is my first actually competing I decided to be brave and post in here. So I'm doing my first ODE at Isleham on the 9th, and was wondering if any of you have any course pictures that I could see just to give me a rough idea of what its like...
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    First Report In here!

    Me and the Cob went to a local show today for the first time, just for some fun and experiance. We decided to enter the Novice Working hunter so we warmed up and she was really flying over the jumps and moving nicely, went into the class and I went to pot so we refused the first, although it...
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    What colour Stock for this jacket?

    Okay, I need to get a stock for hunting because I hate hunting in a tie, I don't feel supported enough in the neck will be needing to get a stock soon, but I don't no what colour to get that will match my jacket.. So I came on here to ask you lovely lot. :p...
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    Quick Q - Medical ArmBands

    this may be stupid sorry but i'm confused For BE do you have to have a BE medical armband or can it be any type? Thank you
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    How Old for BE?

    As title really? how old do you need to be before you can do BE..? Thanks in advance
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    how can you find the breeding of your horse?

    as title really but i would like pictures.. i no the horses sire but i don't no her mother. and i don't no the horses registered name but i am trying to find out thanks in advance. x
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    deaf puppy...

    ok my YM has just got a new puppy she is a norfolk terrier X boarder terrier and we are starting to think she is deaf although she jumps when one of the other dogs bark but if we call her she runs in the opposite direction or just sits there... we hope she isn't deaf as we want to get her well...
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    im not great on the stringing in doubles and trebles and things so i was wondering how you all do it i ride a 13.2hh pony and i want to do some doubles on him so could you tell me what i should do please. thank you