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    Cribbing Foal

    A friend has just rung me to ask how much she should sell her foal for. I couldnt put a value on it as it cribs. It's a very correct foal out of a TB mare by a Donnerhall line dressage stallion. As far as I'm aware the foal has cribbed since at least 8 weeks of age - for whatever reason - the...
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    Event Rider Needed

    I am looking for a rider for my young stallion to produce for eventing and would really like recommendations I dont mind him going away to someone else's yard but as I am in Yorkshire I dont want him going to far south. Also the budget is unlimted. Must be used to competing stallions. I have...
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    Cleveland Bay stallion

    Just wanted to say congratulations to my friend Heather whose Cleveland Bay Stallion, Kirkmoor Elderberry Flower, after inspection last month has now been moved from the Basic Register to the Quality Approved register for the breed. Great news for a rare breed.
  4. J

    Event Rider Recommendation

    I am looking for an event rider to take my young stallion on and introduce to eventing this season due to my plan A not working out. I am based in Yorkshire but dont mind him going elsewhere but ideally not to far south.
  5. J

    Stallion Parades in the North?

    I was wondering if there was any need for someone to run a stallion parade in the North. There are some super ones being run in the south - we attended the one at Hartpury last year but not sure how far people will travel to view stallions. What do people think - would stallion owners...
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    I have been on the above website and they look to have feed cheaper than I can buy locally. Has anyone used them as I dont want to place a yard order and then not be happy with it.
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    Our 1st foal of 2010

    At a civilised time of 9.15pm last night (1st April) Anthros, a quarter horse mare gave birth to a lovely coloured colt by a paint stallion, Classy's Starbuck. Just now hoping for weather to improve so they can have some time out but that will come. Anthros is hopefully going to be...
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    Travelling Broodmares

    I am looking at travelling 2 broodmares from Somerset to Yorkshire. 1 of the mares is due in about 5/6 weeks, the other is due mid April. I believe that both mares travel well and live together at the moment so wouldnt be stressed by seperation. What experience has anyone had of transporting...
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    60 day scan and its a boy

    My quarter horse mare has just had a 60 day scan and our vet also sexed it and its a colt. Really pleased as she had a filly this year so would be nice to have a colt next year although we are not too bothered about the sex as long as its healthy. (mare has lost a foal prior to foaling twice...
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    Umenno x Goodtimes x Ulft bloodlines

    I am looking at buying a horse with Umenno x Goodtimes x Ulft bloodlines and would appreciate any comments please from people on this forum.
  11. J

    Anyone hunt with Southdown and Eridge Hunt

    As title says. I am trying to find out some info about someone who hunts with them who is selling a hunter? If anyone does hunt with them please pm me so I can ask you off line Thanks
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    Busk Hill Gunnar

    Does anyone know any offspring by Busk HIll Gunnar and what they are like ridden and to deal with.
  13. J

    Foster Mare Available

    Our mare sadly lost her foal last night. Our vet has suggested that she would be a good candidate as a foster mare. She is 15.2hhs, quarter horse not a maiden mare and does her foals well. We have registered with the national foaling bank but if anyone on this forum is looking please contact...
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    Horse Walker Flooring

    We are looking to replace the pvc granules on our horse walker and are looking into what to use. What does anyone else think? Suggestions made so far are rubber chipping, rubber mats (expensive), sand (quite abrasive) and just had suggested heather. Would like to hear other people's comments
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    Would people use swimming horses?

    I have a successful rehab yard and we are looking to expand and wondered if a swimming "pool" would be the next move. So just wondering how many people would consider swimming as either a preventative measure/alternative exercise form or following injury. Should the "pool" be straight or...