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  1. LaurenBay

    Loosing hope with Section D

    Sounds like she just had a bit of a yipee moment! super fun for her (not so much for you) Next time you try, try up a hill if you can, it will make it harder for her to buck as she will need her back end to get up the hill. Also I would be tempted to try her in front. My late mare could be a...
  2. LaurenBay

    Legal advice

    Speak to the YO and find out if there was a contract (of course they could deny this) if there was a contract with the loaner then they would be responsible, if none, then its a hard one but he is your Horse I am afraid. Could you sell him or was this a temp loan till you could take him back...
  3. LaurenBay

    Ralph is famous!

    No not really, but he did make it on to Badminton TV in the Dog video. He is the Beagle at around 39 seconds, the Cavapoo Bonnie (in the purple harness) is my cousins Dog.
  4. LaurenBay

    Badminton parking

    thank you, really appreciate it.
  5. LaurenBay

    Badminton parking

    Do you know what the pub is called? I will put that into the satnav.
  6. LaurenBay

    Badminton parking

    thank you so much :)
  7. LaurenBay

    Very Confuddled

    Scope for ulcers, stop the bute until then (bute can make ulcers worse)
  8. LaurenBay

    Badminton parking

    Driving from Essex
  9. LaurenBay

    Badminton parking

    Hi all, I am off to the XC on the 8th. The first time I went I was advised on here to park at luckingdon lane/road (I cannot remember) it was super quiet and easy. Then the second time I just followed my satnav and went to what I assume was the main carpark. It was a nightmare and we had to...
  10. LaurenBay

    Daisy - Advice Please

    So glad she is ok :) you must be very happy
  11. LaurenBay

    lameness in right a loss

    Great news, thanks for updating :)
  12. LaurenBay

    New Horse Day!

    I really like him! have fun with him :)
  13. LaurenBay

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Someone advertised yesterday wanting a sharer, chores to be included - all sounds good. Horse lives with one other and you will be responsible for doing chores for that Horse too, oh and you have to pay too.
  14. LaurenBay


    I loved mine, but mine didn't pull hay into her bedding. Not sure I would have loved it so much if that is what she did haha
  15. LaurenBay

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    I saw a recent advert recently for a share and it stated that you absolutely cannot have children and cannot be a smoker.
  16. LaurenBay

    Irresponsible Owners

    I took my Dog on a long walk in Epping Forest a few weeks back. Mine was off lead and we came across a Lab (also off lead) Couldn't see the owners but luckily Lab seemed fine. Then saw the owners way back so we kept walking and figured the owners would call their Lab back. The Lab then decided...
  17. LaurenBay

    Horse supposed to go on loan but I am concerned

    Run..... Run away quickly! too many red flags.
  18. LaurenBay

    Feeling like I'm on a capitalist treadmill

    I would start saving now for baby, then went you are on Mat leave you can use these savings to live off. £600 per month got me no where, I also get £56 per month child support. But it doesn't go very far. I would also look for a sharer before you try for a baby. Hard sharers are hard to come...
  19. LaurenBay

    Can I gently persuade friend to PTS elderly horse?

    It's a hard one, but you do need to speak up for the Horses sake. Does she still see the Horse or is he in your care? I think I would arrange to meet up at a time when you know she is up, make a cuppa and then I would mention you have noticed x seems to be struggling with the colder weather...
  20. LaurenBay

    Janet George RIP

    I loved seeing her posts and watching her updates on FB. If we all chipped in then I am sure we could raise quite a bit of money to donate to EMW.
  21. LaurenBay

    Struggling with riding lessons, maybe?

    I'd perhaps speak with your instructor to ask if you can have one of the more forward Horses. Do you ride with a schooling whip on the lazier Horses? If you do have to have the lazier Horses then ask to do exercises which are more fun for you and the Horse. I find direct transitions really...
  22. LaurenBay

    Janet George RIP

    Very sad news :( I wonder if we could give some sort of donation to a charity in her memory? of course with her families approval. I am friends with her on Facebook and she has a pinned charity which she asked people to donate too for her birthday. EMW Sanctuaries UK.
  23. LaurenBay

    Anyone looking for a Dog?

    not sure, that is all the info I have, I can pass a contact number to you though to give to your friend?
  24. LaurenBay

    Anyone looking for a Dog?

    They are dropping him to a kennels this weekend if a home cannot be found.
  25. LaurenBay

    Anyone looking for a Dog?

    Someone I know is posting on behalf of a friend not on FB. Owner has died and the family do not wish to keep him. 6 year old chocolate lab un neutered. Very friendly and good with Children. Can be dominant over other dogs but not aggressive. Based in Essex.
  26. LaurenBay

    PTS or keep going

    thinking of you xxxx It does get easier I promise, take 1 day at a time and be kind to yourself. You did the best by her absolutely.
  27. LaurenBay

    Have we got to the end

    I think I would get vet to do a check, if his behaviour has worsened over the last few days then I would be wondering if its a pain response.
  28. LaurenBay

    What's Your 'I'm Being An Idiot' Moment?

    When I had my first share Horse as a teen, I had been up and done the Pony, and was in my mums car on the way home. When I suddenly realised I hadn't put the pony back in the stable, I rang a friend who was luckily still there. I was so embarrassed to ask her to put the pony back in the stable...
  29. LaurenBay

    Have you ever disliked a horse based purely on 'vibes' when it wasn't doing anything actually wrong (or not worse than a horse you do like)?

    I have had Horses who have been foot perfect but I haven't clicked with. I knew I had found my mare as I just had this feeling the second I sat on her, despite her not going as nice as some of the others I had tried. I just felt at home with her.
  30. LaurenBay

    If you re-homed/rescued a dog, where did you get it from?

    I found my Beagle free to a good home on FB. When I looked at her profile we had a friend in common, I contacted my friend and asked if she knew the dog. Friend spoke to the owner and said she could vouch for me and he would be very well looked after. She was bombarded with messages and I was...