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  1. silv

    How to get dog to exercise on walks

    3 months ago I took on a lovely dog, NZ huntaway/farm dog x type, he is a year old and had not had much time spent with him, prior to me taking him on. He was on a free dog local FB page, (I know I shouldn't look). Anyway, he has adapted well to living in a house, gets on well with all my other...
  2. silv

    The best Christmas Fancy Dress

    This came up on my FB feed, could not resist sharing it, absolutely best fancy dress I have seen for a while, what a good pony to put up with it!
  3. silv

    Hilarious Advert

    Ex racehorse anyone? this is the best I have seen for years, hope the link works. PW Thoroughbreds – Posts | Facebook
  4. silv

    If dressage judges used emojis

    I thought this was absolutely hilarious, especially number 1. Not sure if this is the best place to post it
  5. silv

    Queen Anne Legs, lets see them

    Following on from the other post, it seems that there are plenty around, just for fun lets see your dogs. I will start off with Wallace, he was a rescue 14 years ago, I have no idea of his breeding, some corgi and possibly pomeranian perhaps, but could be plenty of others he is quite unique...
  6. silv

    Bridle Recommendation

    I am looking for a bridle just for use at home, as already have a fancy show one. Just want something reasonably cheap, have been looking at the following makes, Shires, John Whittaker and Mark Todd. Has anyone seen or used these makes? They seem well priced but I don't want Indian leather so...
  7. silv

    new horse, after loosing horse of a lifetime.

    Sorry if this is a sad, waffley post, The week before Christmas I lost my wonderful mare, I found her dead in the field, a post mortem was required for the insurance company and it showed she had an aneurysm in one of her abdominal arteries and it had ruptured. The only consolation was that...
  8. silv

    Spalding Dressage Saddle

    Hi, just wondered what people's thoughts were on these saddles. I had a ride on a potential new horse last weekend and it was in a Spalding Dressage saddle. I really liked it, not sure what model it was though. It seemed to have a really narrow twist which I found really comfortable. The...
  9. silv

    Cat on Cage Rest

    My little cat had surgery for a fractured kneecap on Friday, he needs to be on cage rest for the next 6 weeks. I feel terrible as the cage the vet is leasing us is tiny. Poor pussy cat must be bored stiff. Any ideas of what I can do to make things more bearable for him. I move the cage...
  10. silv

    Stirrup Iron Material

    Hi, have just decided to do a bit of jumping so have purchased a secondhand Wintec jump saddle as not that keen to jump using my dressage saddle. So now have to buy mounts for it. Not wanting to spend too much as it will be very much a second saddle. I was wondering about stirrups, quite...