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    Where are all the smaller horses?!

    Just beautiful!
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    Where are all the smaller horses?!

    Ooh as a child I used to ride a Anglo Arab chestnut mare- wonderful horse. Never really seen many around as an adult.
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    Where are all the smaller horses?!

    I’m 5’8 not as slim as I was but not overweight (according to the bmi thing anyway but I do need to lose at least a stone). I sold a 15.2hh as she didn’t grow as big as expected and I felt like a giant riding her, both height and weight wise. So I definitely prefer 16.1/2. Lots of smaller...
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    Tell me not to!

    Congratulations on your new addition! JoJo is a great name. Looks like a lovely little horse :)
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    Horse riding holidays U.K.

    Ooh not even my thread but ive had a look and seriously tempted to book!
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    Horse riding holidays U.K.

    Following with interest!
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    Dilemma - haircut or racehorse?

    Racehorse! I too had a tiny share and the one time I went to watch her at the races ...she won!!! Literally my dream come true- got to go into the middle bit as she was walked around before the race, had my photo taken in the winners enclosure and drank fizz in the owners lounge!!! ’owning’ a...
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    Hay bar?

    I have an unused hay bar - bought it and no longer require it, as don’t have a horse at home! They are quite deep and solid and I worried about horse breathing in dust whilst eating out of a confined space - if that makes sense! Share horse has mix of hay net and eating from the floor or...
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    Chicken help

    Thanks for all of the replies. I will keep an eye on her and call on my neighbour when the time is right. Nic Nac - ex batts are just wonderful, IME they are so tame and much less flighty than breeds I’ve had previously. I’ve had them for years but they just don’t seem to last very long. It Is a...
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    Chicken help

    Thank you all for the replies. I’ve given her some banana, cream, bread and sugar mashed up this morning and will try all of the suggestions made. She has been such a character - comes in the house, lies in the dogs bed! I’ll keep my eye on her and get the neighbour round if needs be. The only...
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    Chicken help

    I’ve kept chickens for more years than I care to remember. More recently ex batts but decided to run the flock down (not replace when they died), wanted new coop and then to buy some fancy breeds And another cockerel.Anyway bird flu hit so that plan on hold. Right at the beginning of Defra...
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    I touched a rat!!!!!

    Wow that is bizarre! but I think your cat emptying a barrow would have topped that for me, but perhaps you are used to it!! Sorry couldn’t resist was just the way I read it!
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    I touched a rat!!!!!

    There is a good horror story about a man who is driven crazy by rats. I don’t dislike them but they were too close to the house, cause a lot of damage and the stink is gross, so felt I had to act. The first I drove into the trap I felt awful, first creature I’ve killed, not it’s fault it had...
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    I touched a rat!!!!!

    I feed the birds (and badgers and fox by default) so occasionally get rats. Can’t poison due to my own pets and worries for wildlife. Could smell them in my stables, so cleared out whole thing and found where they were living. To cut long story short saw four, three got killed, knew last one...
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    Are these sycamore seedlings? Pic...

    I’d say they were sycamore seedlings.
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    HHO's "Bear" project pony...

    Fabulous update!
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    EHV 1 Outbreak

    Oh no! Vet seemed to think it worthwhile, we may need to ask some more questions. Sounds horrific doesn’t it- just not confident we’ll stop it entering UK, just look at what’s happened with Covid.
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    EHV 1 Outbreak

    First heard of this today. Fellow livery alerted YO and now arranging for the horses to be vaccinated. We are just an average yard - no international travel for the horses, but owners worried enough would rather horses be vaccinated than risk this.
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    Oh god - Lockdown Ebay accident...

    Oh no! It sounds lovely but a shame you're not keen. Could you find a local boot mender or leatherworker that could cut and re-stitch it so all is not totally lost? Great idea but the clinchers are larger than I anticipated and it really is beautifully made,padded, hand stitched - which forms...
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    Oh god - Lockdown Ebay accident...

    At least you have spent money on stuff you will use. I spent £73 on a bespoke collar for the dog and hate it!! I thought it would be half the width (numbers not my strong point), similar to the Kate Negus collar I have for my collie (brown leather, with brass clinchers - looks like old...
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    barefoot. New hoof boots

    Thank you for the response. Will make a note and google the ones you have suggested.We’ve discussed it a couple of times but not taken the plunge yet. Horse has never needed shoes, so don’t want to go down that route but also wary about riding in boots- odd isn’t it; I’ll easily accept riding a...
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    barefoot. New hoof boots

    I used hoof boots (cavallos) when my old tb retired and needed her shoes off (combination of age, clay, losing shoes and resulting damage, footiness). I used to used plaiting bands to hold Velcro secure. Seemed a silly design flaw for expensive boots! They worked well for turnout. I’ve never...
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    When was the last time you rode?

    Not Friday just gone, one before that! Much too long if you ask me but school is frozen, roads are icy and track to fields too frozen and rutted to risk, plus horses currently in due to the weather and the wind is bitter! The amount of clothing I’m wearing to manage in the cold probably adds...
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    Most ISH are usually part TB

    I remember one lunch break many years ago browsing H&H ads with a friend. She spotted a photo ad for 16.2hh ISH and thought it was funny, because she thought the ish, well ish, so how could they be precise on height and then add ish....! I had to explain what is stood for- stuck with me as we...
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    Lockdown animal selloff?

    Similar experience of rescues as some other posters but this was 12 years ago now. Both worked full time, but I’m off 3 days a week with commutes at either end of the working day. Dog Walker lined up, countryside home. Most rescues turned us down and made us feel cruel for considering a dog...
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    Most memorable competition photo and why, most likes to win

    I’m not a very good judge just liked them all! Great stories,enjoyed reading- I’m definitely from the school of thought that it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts!
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    Not fitting in at livery

    A lot of the time this describes me too! I have a stressful job, currently share a horse so means I get to ride only twice a week- therefore as selfish as it sounds I want to do what I want, ideally when I want. I’m very particular over who I hack with- my horse time is my de-stress time and is...
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    Would you be upset? Renting dilemma

    I’d ring them for a chat and find out what’s going on. Is your contract for sole use? Is it up for review? Are you a good tenant/keep things tidy/responsible for repair?Are you willing to pay more to secure sole use? No need to answer here just worth considering. YO is trying to make a living...
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    Damage on a livery yard

    I would expect to pay. Have you contacted your insurance company? Wondering whether it would be covered under third party liability? Maybe YO has been kind - given you a chance to pay/discuss repairs and didn’t include in December bill, but waited until Jan.
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    Automatic gate openers

    Nothing to add but would be interested in a reply. I’d like the same