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    Fractured splint bone and box rest.

    One of my Shetlands has been kicked and has sustained a splint bone fracture on a hind leg. It's a simple break, no external wound, no fragments, vet has recommended 8 weeks box rest then slow rehab. The problem is that the pony has lived out with company her entire life (7 years) and isn't...
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    Dummy foal-and recovery Our Dales mare foaled on Monday 17th May...
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    Saddle chariot

    Good evening. Has anyone used one of these and would you recommend them? I'm looking some months ahead, we have a Dales mare, she is currently pregnant but before she got too big I was long reining her in harness and she was really enjoying it. I would eventually like to have her broken to...
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    Places you've ended up in where you weren't meant to be :)

    The falls thread got me thinking, my fall on there was because we were being naughty and pony became over excited. Another time, same pony, I decided to go on a long hack, somewhere I'd not been before but the kids at the yard went occasionally. The idea being to end up at a very large field...
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    Hammer marks

    The thread about being "bog burnt" made me think of this. Saw a horse advertised on DD saying it had "hammer marks". Can't imagine anyone would own up to hitting their horse with a hammer so assume it meant dapples in a dark coat. Anyone else come across this term?
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    The Shetlands from N.I. Sorry can only post as a link, can anyone turn it into a...
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    Another "what breed is my pony"

    There's no right or wrong answer, just interested what people think. He's about 11 hh,he moves and behaves like a Welshie, but there are no dun Welshies. There's a possibility he might be French, he has a generic BHS passport but first language is French. Dealer handed me about 5 or 6, all new...
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    Black I.D. for sale, Surrey

    No interest to me but I know they have a big fan club on here and looks like a genuine advert. Too sharp for Police work
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    Does this sound like Cushings?

    Pony is a 21 year old Connie gelding who has been owned and ridden by daughter and myself for 13 or 14 years. I mentioned him in the "sharp" post, he has always been forward, fast and can be very strong. Daughter took him out about 3 weeks ago, complained he felt "flat" and pulled himself up...
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    Can horses faint?

    Old pony did something very odd last night and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. She's nearly 23 only field sound but otherwise healthy. Came into the yard for tea, the 3 bigger ones had been on spare field for about an hour while waiting for hay delivery, grass is greening up but not...
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    Finding a new farrier

    Who's changed farrier and how did you go about it? It's like the ruddy Mafia round here, they all know each other, were apprentices together and frequently pair up to share days. I can't ring round to ask if anyone has space on their list because they will likely tell mine. My farrier has been...
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    Dettol as fly repellant

    Anyone have any experience? I saw something on FB so thought I'd try it on our old pony who is miserable most of the summer with sweet itch. Keep it controlled to some extent with benzyl benzoate and yellow Summer Fly cream but by Sept she's a mess. She gets too hot in fly rugs and scratches...
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    Less horses about?

    Are there any recent surveys of recreational horse numbers? I just don't seem to see as many as even 5 years ago. 2 Livery yards have closed near me recently so may just be that but I never see kids out hacking anymore. Any thoughts?
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    Tell me about hoof boots please.

    Hi, thinking of trying them so would value other people's experiences, good or bad. Two ponies in mind, both have been unshod over winter and both coped fine but they've done very little. Pony 1, Connie, 19, mainly hacks but a bit of jumping too. Fit and well, lives out, good hooves, very...
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    Meet Peter

    Please say hello to this little chap. He has come from an ad on Dragon Driving, when I met him he was absolutely terrified so he had to be bought. I hope he will make a pair with the little mare pulling faces, if not he can be her dieting buddy. I was told he is four, he's 2 1/2 max but he's the...
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    ?Puppy farming, WWYD

    My daughter is thinking of buying a "puggle". She and her OH have seen an ad for 9 puppies, 8 weeks old. The address is a local traveller site, apparently the father can be seen but the mother was "run over" when the pups were 2 weeks old and they have been hand reared. Pics of mother show her...
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    Reading Shetland sale.

    Did anyone else go? I thought prices overall looked good, especially for fillies. I could only look, currently very poor but the mare I would have gone for, (chestnut standard) sold for £945. Some lovely ponies there, majority minis.
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    Why do horses have full tails?

    As title really. I have just been musing and can't think of another grazing animal that has a full tail, even the other equines get by with a just a tuft at the end. So what is the evolutionary purpose of a full tail?
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    Can a too tight saddle appear as a tendon injury?

    Pony is 18yr old connie, usually very forward going but does have occasional lazy days, especially if ridden when he thinks it's tea time. About 2 months ago hacked out when ground hard, reluctant to go forward (but see first sentence), sounded uneven coming home. Very subtle and he didn't feel...
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    Improving grazing but just a bit, advice please.

    Hi, I have 5 acres of paddock and 1 small horse and 3 ponies (10.3hh to 15.1hh). In theory this should be enough for them to live out, in practice I am lucky to get 2 months without topping up with hay. This year has been extra difficult with the lack of rain. The paddocks are light, well...
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    :mad: How do you get rid of the blighters? They have invaded the stable/feed room roof and are trashing it. Shredding the hardboard liner, wreaking havoc on shelves, stealing food. The last straw was a blocked drainage pipe from the sink, they had stashed about a mugful of corn (stolen from...
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    Dumped pigs

    After advice please. A friend of a friend has come home from work to find 3 friendly black pigs dumped on the plot they keep 3 goats. This person has a holding number for the goats but not pigs. They have no tags or identification. RSPCA and Police not interested as secure. They wondered if I...
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    Driving pony in the dark

    Has anyone driven a pony/horse in the dark on roads? Really struggling atm, as well as the usual winter short days, poor weather, long shifts restrictions there is a nursing home being built at the end of my road and there is construction traffic parked for about 1/3 mile during daylight hours...
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    No rats

    Just musing really. I've been on my yard for nearly 8 years and in all that time have never had a confirmed rat population. Every Autumn I find a few droppings and they chewed under the doors one year but then they vanish. I've never seen a live one but I take no measures to keep them away. Yard...
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    Does anyone else hate towing?

    I would describe myself as a competent and confidant driver, I've been driving for 30 years and towing for the last 8 or 9. I can tow well enough, can park and reverse etc but I hate it as much now as when I started. I spend the entire journey convinced I'll get a flat tyre, horse will fall...
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    Plastic visor needed

    Small pony has a problem with one of her eyes, vet has seen her twice and is confident that it is not uveitis and is best managed with maxitrol when she has a flare up and a good mask would help a lot. It seems to be the wind and flies that cause the flare ups, recent sunshine was fine. He...
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    Would you risk breeding from this mare?

    Mare in question is an Eriskay, on RBST critical list so reasonable to want to have a foal. Have the space and knowledge to start a youngster properly. If a filly would probably keep. The mare is 20, in good health and has had 3 foals before we bought her. But, and it's a big but, she retained...
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    Dressage on longreins

    Is there such a thing? I'm looking for something, preferably a bit competitive, that I could do with my 10.3hh pony to give her an interest outside driving. Horse agility looks fun but few opportunities in my area and expensive to set up. Thanks in advance
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    Metal detecting request

    Did anyone see the post asking for permission to detect on land in Surrey? I decided to answer. Poster said he was a Geologist, so there's me expecting Sheldon's "Mud People" with beard and sandals when a sleek, black soft top Jag rolls up and I'm praying the dog doesn't jump up at it! He found...
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    WWYD with this pony?

    41" Standard Shetland gelding, good quality, well bred, nearly 6 and built like the proverbial outhouse. Bought unbroken a year ago as driving prospect. Got him home and discovered he's been seriously spoilt and a bargy, rude git given any hint of a chance to be so. He kicked me hard enough to...