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    Two things i have learnt about Bassetts in 24hrs of owning one!

    Firstly, they don't do short walks - a 5 min stroll round the block takes 15mins as they sniff EVERYTHING! Secondly - they are such busy dogs - Bob seems on a mission whatever he is doing! Have i got them right or is it just mine??
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    18 months old and 16.1hh

    Think a friends youngster is going to be VERY tall!!
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    Think Joe is due a week off

    Took Joe dressaging today, and as usual, he was good and we were 2nd and 3rd! Whilst i was obviously pleased with the result, Joe was quite hard work and didn't really lite up at all in the show atmosphere. I had a think and realised that since Christmas he has probably only had about 3 weeks...
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    HORSE mag BE day tickets - i got one!!

    So i will be able to post a proper report!! Very excited and been having a look at what event to do. I am think ing trying for MKEC next - before the ground gets too hard! What are the chances of not getting in on a day ticket? Would love to do the pre-novice but think i ought to start with an intro
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    My Moulton BSJA report

    I took Joe up to the BSJA at Moulton yesterday, our first BSJA show, and competed on a ticket. He warmed up quite well, and jumped great, even in that gale that was blowing , so of we went to jump our round (90cm). Well, i think he was a bit overwhelmed by the course, which was up to height and...
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    Thanks to 4faulter we had a good xc session

    I took Joe for our first xc session today at MKEC, 4faulter came along with his lovely horse Ed and we had a great time. Joe was a very willing horse and we jumped loads of different things inc. ditches, steps and a coffin! We had no problems at the water, in fact, Joe thought the little step...
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    Another MKEC xc session

    Planning on taking a trip to MKEC to play around the xc thursday aft - anyone want to join in? I am really cross with myself for not going with the gang yesterday and now i'm itching to get out there!!
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    BSJA Moulton 17th March

    Anyone going?
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    First ride on Ash in 7 months!

    Ash has been off for 7 months due to injury, and today for the first time i took him out!! Well, he was as good as gold - it was like he hadn't been off at all, we had a 20 min stroll around the village. Did think that his girth wasn't going to do up though , all that winter coat and a fat belly!
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    Fun lesson!

    Had a lesson with my riding club tonight - it was indoor xc. Well its the first time i have done anything like this with Joe and i was really pleased with him! When we first went in he did nothing but spook at the fences, esp. a skinny wall - he kept a close eye on that one!! Anyway once i...
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    Thank god for video cameras!!

    Had a jump lesson yesterday and whilst it wasn't disastrous, i came away feeling a bit pathetic and feeling sorry for Joe (the horse) that he had to put up with me!! I kept coming on a bad stride to an oxer and he was having to leap it . After watching the vid back - yes i was wrong at the...
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    William Fox-Pitt at Moulton College

    WFP is doing a lecture/demo there on monday night (19/02/07), anyone else going?
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    RC Novice SJ teams - Keysoe, sunday

    Anyone going? I'm on one of the Rockingham Forest teams.
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    Heritage Bridles

    I've been looking for a bridle for a while now. I wanted Xfull, havana and preferably a comfort headpiece, i had given myself a £100 budget. The only one i really liked was the sabre Cordoba, but a bit out of my price range especially as i don't even own the horse it is for Anyway, after...
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    ebay - grrr!

    Just found some nice boots on ebay, placed a bid then realised they were collection only! Now i really can't justify a trip to Lancs. for a pair of boots!!
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    Todays dressage report

    Off we want to Keysoe today to do some prelims. It has been lovely weather although anyone who has been to Keysoe knows that it is always about 10c lower there than anywhere else! So it was freezing! Joe warmed up well, and off we went to do our first test, and he didn't let me down. I though...
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    Anyone at Keysoe tomorrow?

    I managed to get a late entry in the prelim classes tomorrow as i have the week off work (Yipee!). Anyone else going? I will be on a very tall (17.2) dark bay gelding, that will probably finding things a bit spooky as it is his first time there!
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    My Ollie clinic report!

    I, too, was at Ollie's clinic today although we were in the group after BBS. Well, as i'm sure BBs is, i'm still buzzing! Joe was impeccably behaved,as usual! We warmed up on the flat, using walk/trot transitions, leg yield and then canter work. Ollie was impressed with the leg yield - so was i...
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    Clear round s/j comps - sorry got to rant!!

    Went along to local venue for some clear round jumping - wish i hadn't bothered!! According to the schedule it would start at 60cm and go up by 10cm every hour. The plan was to take my friend for the first class then come back and pick up Joe to do class 3 and possibly 4. Everything was fine...
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    Quick question - stubben bridles

    How big do they come up? They don'y appear to do an X - Full so how generous are the full size? Thnaks!
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    Moulton College to hold BSJA

    Well the rumours are true! - Moulton College are holding an Intro BSJA in March. They have built a lovely new school and us 'locals' have been moaning how things will probably be no different, but their new schedulke looks promising! It even looks like it will be run by someone NOT at the...
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    Dressage report!

    Took Joe to MKEC for his 2nd dressage outing today - and what a little star he is! We were 3rd in Prelim 1 (restricted) with 63.2% and 4th in Prelim 10 (open) with 69%!! He was a bit tense in the 1st class and we very nearly didn't show any left canter! - wrong strike off 3 times and eventually...
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    Lesson with Oli Townend

    Anyone here had 1?? He is doing a clinic at Moulton college and am planning on going along!
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    On the subject of Durbarrys .......

    What are they like to ride in? I am having to replace my yr old Ariat Artics and want something for round the yard and everyday riding. I can't ride in wellies - hate it! I also hate riding in short boots, my Ariats were perfect until they started leaking , not paying that sort of money for...
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    Anyone at MKEC for dressage on Sunday?

    Taking Joe for the prelims, anyone else going?
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    Velvet showjump hats - outdated??

    Been thinking about Olympia shopping list and i quite fancy a new hat. I've got my everyday one but would like a new one for sj and dressage comps. I have a black Pikeur jacket with silver trim so would go for a black velvet hat - but would i look 'out of fashion' in the jumping ring?!!
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    Great dressaging day!

    Took Joe for our first proper dressage comp today - and what a little star! We managed a very respectable 2nd in BOTH classes! It was a very low key affair but we scored 60.45% and 62.? % which i am over the moon with! Has 2 sets of fab comments from the judge including Fabulous horse...
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    First 'comp' outing for Joe and I!!

    Took Joe to Moulton College yesterday for a dressage training show. You do your test then spend 20 mins with the judge going over how to improve it! We had a pleasing test scoring 58%, and some really positive comments from the judge. we are doing the same test next week and hope to put what we...
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    New Arena at Moulton College

    If you get the chance then go! It is beautiful!! 60 x 40m, geltrack, indoors - stunning!! Just hope it will be put to good use!! Tim Stockdale is doing a lecture/demo in March and there is a rumour that William Fox-Pitt will be doing one too!
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    Joe is great!

    Probably no-one is interested in this but i just had to tell 'someone' how happy i am with new ride Joe! I have been riding him for about 10 weeks now and he is the sweetest 'little' horse (at 17.2h he isn't really that little!). We have had a couple of lessons and i have got to learn not just...