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  1. Gloi

    Farrier trimming too short.

    You can tell the farrier not to trim so short but I would also be suspicious of an underlying problem with the feet. I would be thinking of doing PPID and EMS tests on him.
  2. Gloi

    Feet improvements and a puzzle.

    I've been using hoof armor this summer and am only using boots in front for long rides. 75% happy with it. If he didn't have wonky action on one leg that wears one side down when going faster than walk on roads I'd get away without boots.
  3. Gloi

    Feet improvements and a puzzle.

    See if a couple of coats of Hoof Armour helps. It will cut down on the abrasion.
  4. Gloi

    Fly bite or something else

    Have you been riding and he's reacted to what you washed your saddle cloth in? Just a thought. I wouldn't put anything on it, it looks like an allergic reaction and you don't want another reaction to what you put on it.
  5. Gloi

    Pony share at stables

    Make sure you see someone else ride the pony before you let your son get on and if you think it will be too much for him don't be afraid to say.
  6. Gloi

    Pony share at stables

    Make sure you get on with the owner and have a good talk about what both your expectations are before you begin the share.
  7. Gloi

    What should I be feeding my cob?

    What is the grazing like when she is out? Does the YO want to reduce the hay because there is more grass?
  8. Gloi

    Vettings and pads on feet

    If you are prepared to try and rehab a crippled horse offer them £5 for it. Otherwise run away.
  9. Gloi

    Laminitis nightmare 😢

    Definitely get the vet to test asap for Cushing's and EMS. If you find a metabolic cause you can treat it. It may be a good idea if you can find another yard that is set up for laminitis horses where they can be together in a bare area eating soaked hay.
  10. Gloi

    Yard dilemma: not again!

    Same here. I had a moped from being 16 to 21. I went everywhere on it, work everyday, stables, even to Scotland once.
  11. Gloi

    Yard dilemma: not again!

    Can you sort out some transport, even a bike so you aren't reliant on public transport.
  12. Gloi

    Water treadmill experiences?

    I saw one on Facebook recently and although the ponies had lost weight they all looked dipped backed afterwards. Glad it's not just me thought it.
  13. Gloi

    Beware old riding hats

    They were quite cute but had chewed up all the padding 🙁
  14. Gloi

    Beware old riding hats

    Amazing structure. I found a nest of mice in one of mine.
  15. Gloi

    Furious with trespassers

    It is never worth falling out with neighbours if it can be avoided.
  16. Gloi

    Pony share at stables

    I was thinking that. Child labour and exploitation. Is the riding school licenced? Who could it be reported to. Pony club? Bhs? Council? Social services? Police?
  17. Gloi

    Offensive plants!

    Hand over your lupins!
  18. Gloi

    Maiden mare

    I get a lump in my throat every time I see the pictures. So good to see the baby being a happy normal foal. 💞💞
  19. Gloi

    Pony share at stables

    Yes it sounds like what my friends and I did. Help out with the ponies on a Saturday in return for a free ride. We were a little older though, about 13 , and we didn't have to pay anything, and did a lot less work than your child, manly lead reining beginners on lessons and catching/tacking up/...
  20. Gloi

    Maiden mare

    So lovely 🥰
  21. Gloi

    Yard drama

    This person isn't a friend, she is a someone you know.
  22. Gloi

    Maiden mare

    So lovely seeing her running along with her new mum 😊
  23. Gloi

    Maiden mare

    Aw ❤️❤️❤️🎈I must have something in my eye.
  24. Gloi

    Maiden mare

    Please post tonight OP, and please let it be good news 🤞
  25. Gloi

    Cushing owners

    Mine never finished moulting until well in July though even in his youth he was still moulting in June.
  26. Gloi

    The fattest pony I've ever seen

    Probably because that is pretty much a cruelty case whose owners should be prosecuted.
  27. Gloi

    The fattest pony I've ever seen

    They must be selling it by the kilo
  28. Gloi

    Horse market

    I think the big drop will come when mortgage rates start increasing with inflation and the people who have been reasonably comfortable will start having to fork out more each month. I remember the 80s when I was buying my house and the rate went up to 15% taking nearly all my wages.
  29. Gloi

    Did I see a pine marten?

    Pine martens have been seen in Shropshire but there are polecats in Cheshire.
  30. Gloi

    Maiden mare

    So good you have found a potential surrogate. I do hope it all works out, you deserve a break. 🤞