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    I'm afraid so. Any idea where to buy them cheaper without p**sing off the vet?
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    Euro 3.40 Ireland per tablet 😱 Only his 2nd month on it and thankfully a mini so only half tablet per day.
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    Adopting stable cats

    I did similar last year. One charity was reluctant until I agreed to keep her indoors for a few weeks. I also was looking for feral cats which might be a better bet. Word of warning though my stable cat sleeps outside because she wants to and is indoors most of the day. The "feral" yard cat now...
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    What’s the cheekiest thing your horse does?

    I am fostering 2 young small mares. While the farrier was busy trimming one of them the other spotted the tag on his boxer shorts, grabbed it with her teeth and gave him a wedgie😱 Morto.
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    Feeding underweight horse.

    I've used Bluegrass Turmash with success in the past.
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    Chestnut Roan / Red Roan / Strawberry Roan.

    I think it's the same just different people call it different things. I have the loveliest ISH strawberry roan. Handsome and sweet.
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    DNA testing for dogs (to discover what breeds make up a mongrel)

    I got a DNA test on 2 terrier sibling pups we got from a rescue. Came back 80-90% parson Jack Russell and 10-20% chihuahua. I'm happy it is accurate. We didn't supply a photo so no guess work.They are the shape and hair type of parson but 1 is black and the other black and tan so looks like the...
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    Did i pts too soon?

    No. You did the right thing. It was selfless not selfish. It sounds like things were starting to go wrong for him. He was a lucky boy staying healthy and happy to that age and to be loved and cared for. Take care of yourself. It is a tough time but it will get better.
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    Looking for shares / loans on FB. No response, think I might know why?

    I think it would be unlikely that you would find a horse for fun hacking that doesn't need the sharer to school it for zero contribution. I would find the okay to contribute comment very off putting. An owner might be happy for someone to ride for free but only if it was a perfect person which...
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    Bladder stones and acidifying urine

    I bought TRM Vitamin C 10%. Its an Irish brand but might be available in the UK.
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    Bladder stones and acidifying urine

    My gelding had them the 1st Spring that I had him. I did give him Vitamin C and it seemed to work but not in doses anything like 1KG. A couple of scoops a day I think.
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    Eazigrazer, haycube or something else?

    I have a Haylo and I love it. I don't secure it to the wall and my horse likes to knock it over and straighten it up again so it amuses him as well as feeds him. It has a bung so can be used for soaking too
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    What do you feed your oldies to help with stiffness?

    I used to give my old mare NAFs Devil's relief and I think it helped her generally. It's always hard to know if she would have been the same without it
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    Mounted Branch and trimming whiskers

    If you are watching that program... I am in episode 10 (the last one)! I was the visiting assessor, assessing their new recruits. Many years and a figurative lifetime ago. Thanks for your reply Red. I'll keep an eye out for you. I stumbled across it last week only. It is so interesting. I...
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    Mounted Branch and trimming whiskers

    I'm just watching Mounted Branch on Together channel. It is really interesting but I was surprised they completely trimmed off their whiskers. I was always told that was an awful thing to do. Thoughts?
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    WWYD? Share gone sour...

    The main advantage of a share is that you can walk away if it isn't working out. Speak to her in person and explain your reasons. The commute alone would be a reason to leave. Don't be made feel guilty. If she can't afford to keep him without a share it is her problem. The share has lasted a...
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    Colic? Is there anything we could have done?

    I also lost my beloved 25 year mare who I had for 20 years 3 weeks ago to colic. Similar situation to yours. I also was with her and have asked myself a million questions whether there is something else I could have done and I've come to the conclusion that there wasn't and your situation is the...
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    Do cats think they're funny?

    I got my cat who is now 15 as a yard cat when she was 2. Shortly after I got her I came home followed by my dog to discover the cat had got in a window and was sleeping on the couch. There was a kerfuffle and the dog chased her upstairs. I rescued her but the next morning there was a cat poop...
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    Cat with Broken pelvis

    My cat fractured her pelvis in 2 places 13 years ago. I kept her confined in a stable for a month and she was perfectly healthy and fit when I let her out. She is currently curled up on my knee purring as I type.
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    Maybe a strange question ...

    Definitely. My old mare is so dramatic when she is sick or sore. I can tell something is up from 2 fields away. It's great because I can nip things in the bud early. Down side being I think she was retired earlier that another horse would have been as she was showing slight lameness despite vets...
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    Saddle problems! Wwyd

    I recently got my Albion adjusted by local reputable saddler as horse shape had changed. I'm in Ireland but cost €175 for 2 call outs - initial call out and re-visit with adjusted saddle and check fitting. Horse is happy again and I always feel secure and comfortable in it.
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    Horse health / first aid book

    I have Veterinary Care of the horse by Sue Devereux and Liz Morrison. It has an easy to follow lay out - Clinical Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis
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    Where will Rio Jumping be Shown?

    The problem is that BBC have deactivated the red button for Ireland but if you follow the instructions below you can add as extra channels to SKY. You can do similar for other TV services but you would have to figure out how to do that I have Sky so only found out about that. It gives you an...
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    Can anyone please help me word a message?

    I think that conversation needs to be face to face or at worst over the phone. You have to speak at some point about it and by putting it in writing you have escalated it into a problem and she may be happy to pay now as the pony has exceeded expectations but she hasn't been asked for money and...
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    BBC...keep switching equestrian Chanel !! Grrrrrr.

    If you have sky or similar you can tune in BBC Olympic channels under services other channels. To see how to look on under satellite and free to air. It gives you the frequency to tune to and instructions on how to. I'm watching cross country at the moment in Dublin Should have been...
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    Cough remedies

    Yes I have but not sure if it did any good. I have also used Net tex Air power and Folans Honey+C at different times. Air power has liquorice and menthol etc. Hard to know but I think they helped
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    Suggestions for cheeky pony!

    Could you get a small adult to ride once a week for a few months? If he isn't getting away with messing he will forget to try it on when your son is riding. Your son will enjoy riding more and his confidence will improve. After a few months he will be able to deal with naughtiness himself and...
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    Muck heap maintenance

    Straw is much better. Shavings dung can't be used as garden manure for at least 6 months as release a toxin. Don't stack it close to ventilation of the stables as spores can go in. Keep it tidy from the start or it gets out of hand. Dad has a great old fashioned technique of making sides and...
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    Best Arena Surface for General Purpose

    The quality of the drainage will determine whether water will lie on it rather than the surface type. I think sand and fibre is best for general purpose although it will freeze when frosty.