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    Leftover Prascend

    After losing my old boy yesterday, I have 95 Prascend pills leftover! My vet won’t take them back..anyone know what I can do with them? Or anyone want them reduced (as long as you’re already getting Prascend for pony/horse)!
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    Stable mats

    Hi all, I’m looking to buy some new rubber stable mats, any recommendations for thickness, heaviness and suppliers without totally breaking the bank please? I have old cow mats down at the moment and they keep lifting at random places, meaning I keep catching them with my fork mucking...
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    How often do you clip your cushings horse?

    As title says really but more so during spring summer months? I seem to be clipping his donkeyship about every 4 weeks at the moment...and it’s warm! Don’t remember doing it this often last year..😳
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    When do horses lose their winter woollies?

    As the title really, just curious as mine has cushings, I’ve forgotten when a woolly mammoth becomes a shiny unicorn! Most round here clip so still don’t get a true picture of when they are rid of their woollies....
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    What has happened to searching old threads?

    I was trying to look up an old thread today (after H&H updated their site on Thursday..) and it comes up with nothing.! Doesn’t matter what I type, no results! What have they upgraded? Am I being thicker than normal? Lol....
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    Physio recommendations

    I’m looking for recommendations for a physio for my lad, Derbyshire/Staffordshire borders that hopefully won’t cost a bomb?! Tia..
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    Horse lifestyle change from flat to 20yr old!

    As the title suggests, moved from flat hacking to some quite steep and long hills, hilly country basically! How long does anyone know, did it take for your horse to get used to going downhill especially and did it dramatically change the fit of your saddle, guessing using differentt muscles...
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    Buying a second hand arena

    Just wondering if anyone on here has ever bought a second hand arena/school, already built and usable but old...and if so, how much did you pay for it?
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    Grazing horses on SSSI land...

    Just in process of buying a house with land (and stables etc), however half the land is sssi, the previous owners said they grazed their horses at certain times of the year on there, it's mostly scrub grass and heather, no nasties thank goodness, but does anyone know the deal on grazing horses...
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    Hacking buddy quarnford/buxton

    Hopefully I'm moving to quarnford in the next few months but have no idea bar going up and down the roof, where the bridleways are! Is there anyone willing to hack out and show me when I eventually move there please?! Thanks
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    Diy/assisted yards in and around Horton staffs

    Are there any nice yards in this area please and what's the hacking like? Shows? Many thanks
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    Livery yards Horton Endon area?

    Are there any small good nice livery yards around these areas anyone? Might relocate to Horton (Staffordshire ) ...many thanks 😁
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    North west showing championship

    Just wondering if anyone has been to this after qualifying at their local riding club? It's held at bridgewater riding club ...I qualified last weekend so I'm entering the veteran showing class, is it on grass out in fields or indoors? Is it usually mega busy? Is there a food canteen?! Water...
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    Ifor Williams servicing?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere that will service my horse trailer please? Cheshire east way? Thanks
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    Nettex VIP balancers..anyone using them?

    As above really, is anyone using them? Hoof builder, in the balance, etc...have you seen an improvement?
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    A bit extra for Cushings/ppid horse

    Looking for something a bit extra to help my horse in muscling up..he's lost a bit over the winter despite still working him...he's ppid/Cushings positive, has been for approx 4/5 years now, on prascend, I'm really strict on his feeds and soaked hay after initially getting low grade laminitis...
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    Equetech show jackets.....

    Does anyone know if their sleeves are long or short (like tagg jackets..too short for my monkey arms!!)
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    Dublin tweed show jacket

    Any good? Looking to get a new showing/working hunter jacket, must be longer than average (longer than tagg jackets anyway) in the arms, and not breaking the bank! Looked at Dublin range, look nice but not able to try before I buy as no shops sell them around here...can anyone recommend a nice...
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    Dublin tweed hacking jackets...sizing?

    Am looking at buying a new hacking jacket..tweed like for working hunte/showing classes, I know I'm a 12/14/36 but have tried a few on and they are too short on the arms or too pinched at the waist!! Looking at a Dublin now, no shops around here sell them so can't try on..I did try a pikeur...
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    Keeping a horse on its own...?

    Quandry...where to move my horse, who is and has been for the whole time I've had him, (12 odd years) quite self contained, not massively interacting with other horses bar his old field companion (with for two years, just the two of them but has now gone).. we have been on diy yards before, he...
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    Shredded cardboard/paper bedding?!

    Does anyone know where I can buy shredded cardboard or paper bedding for my friends horse please?
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    Shredded paper bedding?

    Does anyone in the Cheshire/Manchester area know where I can get hold of shredded paper bedding please? And not ridiculous prices (last one I looked at w £20!) Many thanks
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    Albion saddles...different models..

    Just after a bit of info really... I like big knee rolls or fairly decent ones anyway(!) and a good seat... I've been looking at style, original comfort and the k2 dressage saddles..I already have a k2 vsd, but would love and can just about afford a dressage saddle now... Can't afford slk...
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    Hacking with tendon boots on?

    Does anyone wear boots, tendon or otherwise when hacking to help strengthen the tendons? (Walk mainly, trotting up hill, Tarmac roads, gravel roads?)
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    Clipping now..yes or no?!

    My horse has ppid (cushings) and although he was trace clipped a while back, his clip has grown back to join in with his coat, which is coming out still, but still seems thicker than others on the yard...ok the other two are a Welsh d and a tb, mines a cob X....umming and aahhing whether to...
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    Decent small livery yards Chelford area

    Are there any such things around this area?! Knustford mobberley too
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    Anyone have a mountain horse darlington coat???

    Has anyone on here have the mountain horse darlington coat or the stratford? Any votes for either? Looking for a waterproof coat for riding and dog walking in but must have the elasticated inner cuffs as can't bear wind and rain going up my arms!! Mince pies and mulled wine on offer :)
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    DIY/assisted livery yard

    Hi, I've posted this in the regionals as well...can anyone recommend a lovely diy/assisted livery yard between rawtenstall and burnley please?? For a friends daughter with her gelding, must have either ( or both!) an indoor or outdoor ( floodlit) arena, not so hot on individual turnout but if...
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    DIY/assisted Livery recommendations please....

    Hi, My friends daughter is looking for diy/assisted livery between Burnley and Rawtenstall for her 16.1 gelding...preferably with a indoor/floodlit outdoor arena and a few other 20 somethings girls to ride with, nothing over the top expensive but friendly knowledgable people and yard that is...
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    Grasmeres or Glaciers?

    Have heard rave reviews on the grasmeres but not alot on glaciers boots...but i fancy the leather as have heard the suede can go a bit yukky after a while! Also how long do they last you? I'll only wear mine in the winter as short boots work for me in the summer warmer months...So which wouod...