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  1. PaulineW

    Youngstock livery: what is expected of the horse, and provided by the yard?

    Toying with this for my cob x yearling, as I feel like I need a break from horses at the moment. Is there a requirement for potential liveries to be at a certain level in terms of handling? Eg ok to catch, tie up, farrier. What would be provided in terms of care? I’ve not looked for one as...
  2. PaulineW

    Blair Castle Horse Trials

    Keep an eye on their website for ticket sales. I don’t think they were selling at the gate last year.
  3. PaulineW

    Has anyone heard of a dealer named Westwood in Aucterauder?

    Miles and Rowanne post under their names and Whitemoss. View and vet.
  4. PaulineW

    Livery yard issues am just been grumpy or should I say something to the YO

    I used to have a horse on livery at a place in Dundee. One of the livery’s had 10 horses. All stabled and on huge deep beds. Spent her days mucking them out. She could have financed her own yard.. OP, can you ask on the group chat if a general meeting can be held with the YO and all liveries...
  5. PaulineW

    Old Style Plaited Cotton Reins

    I loved them. Nearest I found was soft rope ones from Kramer, but not plaited.
  6. PaulineW

    Anyone else concerned about hay for next winter?

    One local hay producer has just announced he is cutting back, due to cost of everything from fuel to fertiliser. My provider has finished selling all of his hay, with none available until next harvest now. He also said prices will need to go up. I’m worried about affordability and availability...
  7. PaulineW

    Salt licks in Home Bargains!

    Still in the Tain branch for anyone way up North!
  8. PaulineW

    Buying a heavy horse?

    All of the above, although you can get a lot of xfull size now. Poo picking - elephant size 💩😳
  9. PaulineW

    Dunoon: anyone live in this area?

    Thanks both. I visited Dunoon many years ago, and recall it looking tired. OH job would be in Dunoon with unsociable hours, so we may want to avoid anywhere that relies on the ferry. Certainly would consider out of town though.
  10. PaulineW

    Dunoon: anyone live in this area?

    Potentially moving to this area with OH ‘s work, so looking at equestrian options nearby. I only have my little Shetland gelding and donkey mare, so a yard is not essential. Also looking for advice on residential areas to avoid, if any, as initially will be looking at renting a house or flat...
  11. PaulineW

    Be on tv! Riders required

    Steve Dent Stunts hopefully this link works. If not he is on Facebook -
  12. PaulineW

    Salt licks in Home Bargains!

    Not sure why they have these in stock, but they are labelled Himalayan salt horse lick. I bought the same from Harbro recently for £5.
  13. PaulineW

    Stupidest thing you've called the vet for?

  14. PaulineW

    A word to buyers.....

    It’s the comments like “how much” or just “price” that really annoy me. So impolite to not even say please or thanks. How busy is their life that they can’t even compose a polite sentence? Sometimes I want to comment “all details are in the advert!” when I see the same questions repeatedly.
  15. PaulineW

    Wet or dry food better for weight loss?

    some Royal Canin weight control for small dogs.
  16. PaulineW

    Wet or dry food better for weight loss?

    I do the scatter thing in summer, when they spend a lot more time in the garden. I call it their treasure hunt! It’s frustrating only having a small Morrison’s and Lidl nearby, as their pet food section is small. I’ve ordered from Amazon today, so that will be the way forward I think for better...
  17. PaulineW

    Selling horse stuff

    Not sure as Im advertising on Facebook and gumtree, without success.
  18. PaulineW

    Wet or dry food better for weight loss?

    The biscuits are weighed at 50g, which is actually the recommended daily amount for one dog. This is put out in the morning for all four to eat. At around four pm I put the bowl down again with another scoop of biscuits, 100g total per day for four dogs. In individual bowls they get a quarter...
  19. PaulineW

    Wet or dry food better for weight loss?

    L to R: Ed (8), Nacho (daughter’s dog), Perry (3), Bella (4), Frankie (18mths) brother to Nacho.
  20. PaulineW

    Wet or dry food better for weight loss?

    I think the problem has escalated as I’ve been working from home since March 2020. My own weight is an issue as I comfort eat. So exercise is now my planned method of attack, but February up here has been horrible. The older dog has a leg issue, and due to go for surgery once I can get his...
  21. PaulineW

    Wet or dry food better for weight loss?

    I have 4 chihuahuas now, and weight gain has become a real issue. Currently I feed them some dry biscuits in the morning, approx 50g in a shared bowl. And the same again at night, if eaten plus they get a quarter tray of butchers grain free each. I don’t know if they would better on just dry or...
  22. PaulineW

    Scammed 😡

    I had a similar scare just before xmas with a fake muck boot site. It was completely convincing, but within minutes of receiving a confirmation email I started to have some doubts. I phoned my bank, and they suspended the payment as it was still showing as pending, thank goodness. I reported the...
  23. PaulineW

    Livery yards between Dingwall & Tain, Highlands

    It’s too far, being other side of Dingwall, but 🙏 thanks.
  24. PaulineW

    This poor old chap

    Yes there is a 26 year old mare too. Been on a while.
  25. PaulineW

    This poor old chap I wonder how he ended up there at his age. 😞
  26. PaulineW

    thread question.

    I had to test it to see what I got! My cursor landed straight under the quoted text, not in it.
  27. PaulineW

    Pictures of donkey setups

    I did post some on the other thread.
  28. PaulineW

    Yard Security - WWYD

    Is there any space in front of your stables to fence off a tiny yard?
  29. PaulineW


    Still in development as not my own land, but gravel area 5 x 3 m by the water trough to minimise mud, which she hates. Also bought mudcontrol mats which I’ve used to make a path and sun patio around her little shelter. It’s just pallets, but the farmer put a cracking roof on it, as he secretly...
  30. PaulineW


    I took on a small donkey recently, and she is the sweetest thing, but you will soon know if she is not happy! She is quite talkative, especially at feeding time. She is trained to drive, so I’m looking forward to getting her out once the weather improves.