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  1. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    Sorry PS, at least you'll get to see it though. :-) I'm gutted I've only been able to listen this year, can't wait to be there watching live next year.
  2. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    Gotta give Wendy Schaeffer plenty of credit for being the only one to leave all the showjumps up. Wish I could of seen her round but it sounded like that horse really jumps.
  3. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    What a shame for Paul Tapner but I'm so pleased to see Harry Meade in the top 3. Fantastic for Harry.
  4. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    mypegasus, thanks for the stats. Interesting to see. I hope they've fixed the website by the time the showjumping starts. I can't find any other way to listen to Radio Badminton. Can't wait to be back in the UK next year & be able to actually go & watch.
  5. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    Sounds like Izzy Taylor's having a good day.
  6. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    ******! Poor Pippa. Am lol at the commentary of Toddy off for a swim.
  7. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    Gutted to hear Mary's retired but better safe than sorry.
  8. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    C'mon Mary! Fingers crossed for a safe clear round.
  9. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    Really pleased to hear Andrew Heffernan come home safely. Well done Andrew!
  10. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    Sounds like it'll be a massive achievment if anyone gets a clear inside the time.
  11. Befney3

    Badminton thread!

    Another one listening to Radio Badminton here. Am in Australia so can't watch on BBC online so this is the next best thing.
  12. Befney3

    A novice's experiences of buying a horse, an ongoing report...

    Small world indeed! He's loves those flicky toes. Lol. I'm just hoping whatever I buy next has as good an extended trot as him. :-)
  13. Befney3

    A novice's experiences of buying a horse, an ongoing report...

    I usually only lurk here but have just read your update & felt I had to post. I've been following this post with interest as I'm currently horseless myself & will be looking to buy a new horse in a few months. When you posted about horse 3 I thought he sounded lovely as I'm a big TB fan & have...
  14. Befney3

    What glasses do you wear competing

    There are a couple of options you could look into. Do you know what your prescription is as this will make it easier to advise you? As people have suggested, titanium frames are great from a weight & strength point of view. High index (thinner & lighter weight) lenses may be a good idea as they...
  15. Befney3

    Do any of you live in Queensland, Australia?

    Hi everyone. I'm moving out to Brisbane in a couple of weeks & will be there for a year. I've put my horse over here on loan & he seems happy & his loan home is great but I'm wondering if I'll find anything to ride in or around Brisbane. Is there anyone on here who lives in Brisbane? Can...
  16. Befney3

    Am I crazy to buy another Discovery??

    I loved my Disco 2. It had over 156k on the clock & still towed amazingly. It did have various bits done to keep it going but I wouldn't really say it had reliability issues. I loved that car (only sold it as I wasn't towing anymore). Go for it, get another one! :-)
  17. Befney3

    How thick is an Anky pad? Other strapless pad recommendations

    I have a dressage cut & a jumping cut Anky pad. They're a nice thickness & mine never moved under either saddle. I love my yellow jumping pad.
  18. Befney3

    Find me a feed

    My TB has always been a pain to feed & really hard to keep weight on. He was changed onto Havens Slobbermash about 5months ago & loves it! He has Slobbermash & Balieys No4 & is looking better than he's looked in the 5years I've had him. Everyone who sees him comments on how well he's looking &...
  19. Befney3

    Anyone have any feedback for Barnsby Liberte, Extreem, and Albion Kontact and Kontrol

    I have a Kontrol & I love it! I'm only short but my legs are fairly well proportioned & the knee rolls are great. I don't jump to any great standard (90cm on a good day) but like it for hacking & the odd bit of schooling too. Mine was also 2nd hand & has always been really comfy.
  20. Befney3

    Bright colours - would you? Do you??

    I have a few bright sets. I'm lucky, Chilli's grey so he suits most colours. My fave' set-Anky yellow. I love this one! Doesn't really show how bright this set is. It's the USG apple pad & HKM pistaccio bandages.
  21. Befney3

    So... Where is everyone from?

    I live just outside Chorley & my horse is in Brindle.
  22. Befney3

    keeping horse warm enough when ridden

    I've found my TB is unhappy if he gets cold when ridden in this weather so I've been really careful to keep his rugs on as long as possible when tacking up. I put his bridle & boots/bandages on first then strip him to put his saddle & a fleece exercise sheet on. I do this as fast as I can then...
  23. Befney3

    Jump saddles what are your favourite ??

    I love, love, love my Albion Kontrol. I do about 50% of my schooling in it as well as jumping & hacking.
  24. Befney3

    What do you want to do this year with your horse?

    I'd love to actually compete once or twice in the next couple of months 'cos I didn't manage a single outing last year due to a yard move & lack of transport. It's looking like I might manage a couple of Dressage tests on Feb 3rd. Hopefully an unaffiliated Novice & Elementary. Then I'll be...
  25. Befney3

    Double Trouble @ ROR Championships Report

    Fantastic!! Well done to both of you (& the bay boys too). :-) You've worked so hard with both boys & really deserve this. Are you spending your winnings on anything exciting?
  26. Befney3

    They did it! Edward & Sven's Grand Prix Debut (warning: proud wife post!)

    What a lovely post. Well done to both of them. The odd socks must be lucky, he'll have to wear them every time out now. :-)
  27. Befney3

    Comp Report - BD Debut - bleurgh

    Sounds like you haven't had the best of times in the run up to your debut but well done for getting out there. It's a shame your friends couldn't go but it's always nice to have your trainer there tho. My BD debut was a Prelim & I was so nervous that my trainer actually plaited Chilli up for me...
  28. Befney3

    Not to be upstaged...CS also off to Hartpury!

    Well done!! It's great news that both of you & both boys are going. The pictures are lovely.
  29. Befney3

    Show me your ex-racers in their new jobs

    Fairy looks lovely. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with her. I love seeing everyones ex-racers. Here's mine... Chilli was a 9yo when I got him & had always been on racing yards although he'd only raced 6 times (& was rubbish). He's now 14yo & we've done a bit of everything. Out best...
  30. Befney3

    BD Area Festival report - Hartpury here we come!!!

    Well done!! That's such a fab report. Love the white overreach boots. Fig looks really well, he seems to have got into his dressage really quickly. I love how quick a TB learns.