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    First aid kits

    OH took a tumble in the garden coming up some steps. Couple of nasty scrapes on his arm and patched him up but had to bring some more bits from horse first aid box which is better stocked. What about yours?
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    Rescue horses

    Am just asking as two friends have horses from rescue places that have closed. What happens to those animals who in theory owners them now?
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    Lost horse

    Does anyone know if the horse lost on Dartmoor was found?
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    For a joke I asked.........

    My farrier on Wednesday I suppose you won't be affected by Brexit and amazingly he said "your mares front shoes come from The Netherlands and the nails from Columbia,the other mare who has natural balance shoes they come from Malaysia." Amazing isn't it?
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    Old magazines

    For the last couple years OH has given me old mags.Old Riding mags and Horse and Hound.I find them amazing a real window into the past some go back to the 30's,best of all there are old books advertised and some are still around have just got two delivered one by Sommerville and Ross and the...
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    Oh dear!

    Met my husband twice today out riding and spoke to him.When we met up again he mentioned my friend and the other lady.He wasn't kidding after 49 years he didn't recognise me.😁
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    Just to say hello used to be on here awhile ago and then lapsed.Looking forward to joining in again instead of lurking.

    Just to say hello.Used to be on here awhile ago and then lapsed.Looking forward to joining in instead of lurking.
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    Went to Oxfam shop a few weeks ago and found two Horseman's Year books for 1964 and 1966. It really is like looking back into history. Without exception all horses even those doing cross country are in simple snaffles and the occasional martingale not many breastplates about either...
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    Just a thought...

    We have a free mag down here called Pegasus, as it's the Christmas one they have asked celebrity horse people for their wish list, considering the stick the Parelli people have had I thought her wish was a bit rich, I quote "That even more people will discover how to be more natural with horses...
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    Our local paper

    In our local evening paper (front page) there is a report of a horse found dead in its field with very bad injuries. Report says it was found have been repeatedly stabbed etc. Just to warn anyone living in the Alfriston area of Sussex.
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    Hackneys at Hickstead

    Watched some Hackneys at Hickstead yesterday and wondered what the judges look for, I've got friends who drive Welshies but Hackneys are a bit out of my ken. There were only four in the class, they were driving small buggy type vehicles looked a bit American, I always assumed that these horses...
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    Advice please

    Our yard is at the bottom moreorless, of the South Downs no woods. bracken just open grazing on the whole, yesterday I found a tick on my mare's neck, first I thought it was a bad bit as she is a sensitive soul, flicked at it and the dratted thing flicked out. Anyone out there had this happen...
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    Not sure about the spelling! Does anyone have any knowledge of this - a friends horse has been diagnosed with this and I wondered if anyone on here had personal experience. I know there was an article on it in one of the horse mags but can't remember which one.
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    Hi I'm new..

    Although I have lurked on here for a long time have finally gotten round to joining, always had trouble because of AOL. Am a lady of a certain age, live in Sussex under the Downs and have 1 arab mare, three cats and an understanding husband.:)